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The Beer Store my Dad works at is wanting to hire a new person. A dolled-up, fancy-dressed woman comes into the store and says, “I see that you’re hiring. Does the job include lifting?”

My Dad just can’t help but think, “Ma’am, it’s a Beer Store… Of course there’ll be heavy lifting.” Of course, all’s he says to her, is, “Yes, Ma’am. That’s about all we do here.”

Her reply is, “Oh, OK, then. I guess this job isn’t for me…”

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It was my Dad’s Birthday, and he was dealing with a problem customer. Of course, on all days, the debit machine had to be down. The customer started throwing a fit to my Dad, on his Birthday, making his day terrible. All’s Dad could really say, was it wasn’t his fault that the machine was down. The a** also yelled it was embarrassing that his card was declined. My Dad said that it’s even more embarrassing, throwing a fit over a debit machine.

Another story to top that off, was my Dad’s coworker was outside, helping a customer load their beer into their car. Like (another) bad customer would, they accused my Dad’s coworker skipping out on the rush hour, having a cigarette break. That was certainly not true, and it wasn’t overly busy. There was even camera evidence to prove it. Some people!