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Kids Will Be Kids, And That’s Okay

, , , , , | Working | October 20, 2021

My daughter was about two and a half years old. We were in Bavaria on holiday and I took her to a nearby town for a bit of a stroll and window-shopping. We came across one of those very expensive dolly shops for collectors. Everything was just beautiful, a paradise for children, but none of the items were for children. Ridiculous as it sounds, all those wonderful dolls, clothes, little dollhouses, and carriages were for the adults to buy and stare at while dusting them.

The shop assistant was watching with horror as the only child in a toy shop was squealing with delight, pointing at various pieces she loved. I didn’t let her touch them. I didn’t want her to break any of them, but surely she was allowed to admire them?

Suddenly, she threw herself on the ground and started crawling forward on her belly.

Me: “What are you doing there, sweetie?”

Daughter: “I’m a snail, Mum, and I’m trying to get around the shop!”

The shop assistant was apoplectic while people were watching her with a smile. I just put down the two little figures I wanted to buy her as a memory and we left. The shop assistant probably fainted with relief when we were gone, leaving him with his distinguished clientele.