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(I work in the fragrance section of a popular department store)
A lady comes up to me at the till with a perfume in hand. I reach for it to scan, but she pulls it back.
Lady: Before you scan it, i just want to ask you a question.
Me: Sure, what do you want to know?
Lady: Do you have one without a price on it? Its a present.
Me: All of our perfumes should have prices on the back.
Lady: Yes but its a present, i dont want it to have the price on it…and besides, this one has a sticker underneath it too!
Me: Its a security tag sticker. All out perfumes have one, with the price on top.
Lady: Yes, but its a present. I think ill leave it for now and find another one somehwere else with no price on it!

Grabbing Themselves A Swift Exit

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I used to work in a nightclub, and when going round collecting glasses I would occasionally get my a**e grabbed. I would immediately turn round and give the offending bloke a hard kick in the a**e back. My manager — the best boss ever, also a bloke — used to send all the new girls to me to train knowing I would tell them to do this. The bouncers also backed me up every time. One time the guy that grabbed me even apologised!

One occasion sticks in my mind — this was about 15 years ago — on a mid-week night when only three bouncers were working. There were five members of a well-known local sports team in the club. One of them grabbed my a**e, so I turned round and demanded to know which one of them had done it because I couldn’t be sure given that I was facing the other way. All five of them just laughed in my face.

I told the bouncers who then demanded they all leave, and they refused. The bouncers were outnumbered, so the police were called. All five got thrown out, despite these five degenerates repeatedly calling me a liar.  

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to work with awesome people, where the good guys outnumber the bad.

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Needs More Blue On De Ting

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(I work at a budget hotel chain. We’re a very small branch, so on evenings and nights, there’s only a single employee staffing the whole thing. As this one employee frequently needs to be working around the hotel, we have a blue button at reception with instructions to press it to call the receptionist if they’re not behind the desk. One evening, I come back to reception to find an indignant-looking man at the desk.)

Me: “Oh, good evening. Can I help you?”

Customer: “I hope you can. I’ve been waiting here twenty minutes now.”

Me: “Oh, gosh! I’m sorry about that, sir. Did you press the blue button?”

Customer: “No. I couldn’t find it.”

Me: “Oh. Well, in future, if there’s anything you need, just press here. I can’t know you’re here if you don’t press the button.”

(I indicate the blue button. Note that this button is right in the middle of the reception desk. It is right next to a sign instructing customers to press it for assistance. There are a second set of instructions above the button, in case customers missed the first set. This button is the only button on the desk. It is also labelled, “BLUE BUTTON,” in large letters.)

Customer: *looks at the button for a second* “Oh… Well, I couldn’t find it. It isn’t blue enough.”

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