Behaving Badly In Any Language

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Right | July 17, 2017

(A customer walks up to me asking for a deposit slip, which are in English and Spanish. When I hand her one she looks at it and immediately starts huffing and puffing.)

Customer: “I don’t read Spanish!”

Me: “The slip is in English and Spanish.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t know what you want me to put. This is Spanish!”

(The first line says account title which just means customer name.)

Me: “You just put you first and last name.”

Customer: *who is clearly angry at this point* “You need to give me an English one!”

Me: “It’s okay, just fill in your first and last name.”

(After going back and forth with the customer for 30 seconds about the slip she gets fed up and proceeds to tell me my customer service is horrible, and storms over to my manager standing across the room. I am still in earshot.)

Customer: “Your employee refuses to give me an English slip. You need to tell your employees that this is horrible service! If I want an English slip you should give me one!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I’m very sorry! Unfortunately we can not do anything about the slips as they are the only kind we have.”

Customer: “Well, your employee over there was rude. I can’t read Spanish! I wanted a new form and she refused to give me one!”

(After the manager explained once again what I had just said she continues to grow infuriated.)

Customer: “I work in customer service and this is not how you should treat customers!”

Manager: *who is taken aback* “So since you work in customer service how would you react to coming into your place of business in the manner that you are? Shouldn’t you be understanding to someone who is trying to service you?”

(The customer was shocked and realized she wasn’t going anywhere with her arguing, bowed her head down, and quickly walked out, shooting a glance my way that definitely looked like she realized she lost.)

Has A Report Retort

| Singapore | Right | July 7, 2017

(I am a receptionist in a corporate bank and I have to screen every calls that I received.)

Me: “Good morning, [Bank].”

Caller: “Hi, may I speak to your IT manager?”

Me: “May I know which company you are calling from, sir?”

Caller: “[Company].”

Me: “May I know the purpose of the call?”

Caller: “I would like to send a report.”

Me: “May I know what type of report, sir?”

Caller: “Look, mate, you are just the receptionist. Why are you asking 25 questions? Are you transferring my call or not?”

Me: “I’m afraid not, sir. Goodbye!” *hangs up*

(With that kind of attitude, especially when speaking in a demeaning way, may never get you through any call when you don’t even know who you would like to speak to. I’m just doing my job right, mate!)

They Don’t GET It

| WI, USA | Right | July 7, 2017

(I work at a small bank and I know most of our customers. We are located inside of a Walmart. A man I don’t recognize walks up to the counter and throws some coins at me.)

Man: “What can I get for this?”

Me: “I’m not really sure what you mean, sir.”

Man: “With this… what can I get?”

Me: “Do you want to exchange that for dollar bills?”

Man: “No! What can I get?”

Me: “Well, sir, we’re a bank. I could exchange your coins for larger bills, if you’d like.”

Man: “Why would I give you money for money? What can I GET?”

Me: “Well, you can’t get anything here unless you have an account and want to make a withdrawal. We’re a bank.”

Man: “Why don’t you get your manager and I can ask him what I can get?”

Me: “We don’t have a manager on staff today; I’m the senior teller here. Sir, there’s really nothing I can do for you unless you want me to exchange your coin for dollar bills.”

Man: “Oh, for Christ’s sake, I just want to know what the h*** I can GET!”

(He walked away grumbling angrily to himself. I still have no idea what he wanted.)

A Demented Way Of Doing It

| West Yorkshire, England, UK | Working | July 4, 2017

(My mother applies for power of attorney over my grandmother’s finances because she is senile. This is so she can sort out all of my grandmother’s bills, shopping, etc. while she is still in her own home. My mother rings various places, asking them to contact her about this stuff, since it’s causing problems with them only contacting my nan. All are fine with it, except for the bank.)

Mother: *ringing the bank* “Hi, I just wanted to call about this letter you’ve sent my mother.”

Agent: “I’m sorry, we can only speak with the account holder.”

Mother: “I’ve got power of attorney, so I’m acting on her behalf.”

Agent: “We can only speak to the account holder. Is she there? Can you put her on the line?”

Mother: “She is here, but she can’t talk to you. She has severe dementia, so she’s not really aware of her surroundings and can’t communicate.”

Agent: “I can only speak to the account holder. Please put her on if she needs to make a request.”

Mother: “But I have power of attorney! I’ve notified the bank about this before. Is there some kind of evidence I need to provide you with now to sort this over the phone?”

Agent: “Please put the account holder on the line to deal with the request.”

Mother: *frustrated* “All right, then. One moment.” *takes the phone over to my nan, who is playing with some stuffed toys. She puts the phone between them so they can both hear*

Agent: “Hello? Hello, is that Mrs. [Grandmother]?”

Nan: “…” *still playing with toys*

Agent: “Hello? Your daughter said you would like to speak with us about changing your contact address over to her? Would you like to do that, Mrs. [Grandmother]?”

Nan: *incoherent mumbling* The… one is… gone… few…”

Agent: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that. Would you like us to change your contact details today, Mrs. [Grandmother]? Also, would you be able to talk to us today about your [savings account]?”

Nan: “…” *oblivious, playing with toys*

(This went on for some time, until the agent finally asked if there was “anything else I can help you with today” and the call was ended. Despite contacting them many times, it never did get sorted. They were still contacting my nan when she was in the dementia unit of a nursing home, cared for by a team of nurses and mostly comatose from the dementia.)

ATMs Are Not Always Working

, , , , , , | Working | July 1, 2017

(There are only a few businesses open 24 hours in Japan, but there is one thing that really surprised me my first year there and still boggles my mind. It came up in my second year when I and some other teachers were answering some questions to some of the local residents in our area.)

Question: “What surprised you most when you came to Japan?”

Me: “Oh, that’s easy: ATMs close.”

(I proceeded to explain that ATMs in the States operate 24 hours a day, which they found strange. When I first got here, most ATMs closed at six pm; three pm on Sundays. Now they mostly stay open to nine pm except at the post office where they close at seven pm or so. On New Year’s the ATMs and banks are closed for about three days so you have be ready for it. Still confuses me as to why.)

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