A Typ000

| NJ, USA | Working | February 21, 2017

I work as a check processor for a bank. My job is to look at a picture of a check that someone has taken for mobile deposit, and input the amount to make sure it is correct. You have to input the amount without a decimal, so a $200.00 check is input as 20000. This is all I do, all day, and I am pressured all the time to go faster and faster.

The president of the bank, who usually stays up on the “executive floor,” will sometimes grace us with his presence and pretend to talk to us. He always calls you “buddy” or “friend,” before asking how your day is and immediately walking away while you answer.

One day, I miss-type a check for $200,000.00 and type 20,000,000.00. Luckily the client called and let us know he suddenly had all this money, and the president came down angrily yelling for “Dale” – not my name. Upon hearing that we didn’t have a Dale he just looked at us all and said, “Don’t let it happen again.” I’ve never been so happy to have a boss not even think enough of me to remember my name…

The Bank That Doesn’t Go The Distance

| USA | Working | January 26, 2017

(I recently moved to a city within the same state as my hometown. I had banked with a local credit union my entire life, but the closest branch to my new apartment is over an hour drive away, so I find a new credit union to bank with. It doesn’t go as planned.)

Employee: “Can I ask why you’re switching banks? Are you dissatisfied with our service?”

Me: “No, no, of course not. I’ve been beyond pleased with your services. I’ve even dragged my feet for months to do this because I love banking with you.”

Employee: “Then why the change?”

Me: “I’ve moved a considerable distance. Your closest branch is an hour drive from my home.”

Employee: “Why not make the drive if you like us so much?”

Me: “Well, for starters, I don’t own a car.”

Employee: “Can’t you borrow someone’s?”

Me: “I’m sorry; you seem to not be understanding me. I’m switching banks. Please stop questioning me like this.”

Employee: “I just don’t understand why you’re leaving!”

Me: *completely frustrated* “Because I’m not wasting two hours of my life and a large sum of money to rent a car to do my banking!”

(I eventually got someone else to help me, but I’m still baffled the first employee didn’t understand something as simple as moving!)

Gets The Chest Signal

| Rochester, NY, USA | Right | January 24, 2017

(I am working as a bank teller at the drive-up window. A lady pulls up and I greet her through the speaker.)

Lady: “Can I ask a favor? I can’t find my phone in the car. If I give you my number, will you please call it?”

(I agree, and dial the number. Once it begins to ring, the lady jerks her head up with a shock, eyes wide. She proceeds to reach down her shirt and pull her phone out of her bra.)

Lady: “Found it!”

They’re Out For The Count(y)

, | TX, USA | Right | January 19, 2017

(I work for a call center for a well know bank. Due to concerns about fraud, for any transaction that the bank deems ‘high risk’ we have to verify our customers further before we do a transaction. One of the ways to do it is to ask questions that are pulled from their credit report.)

Customer: “I need to change my address; I am moving Tuesday.”

Me: “Ok, sir, I can understand why that would be important to you. I will need to verify you more fully before we proceed. I will ask you a couple of public record questions, followed by a ‘none of the above’ or ‘does not apply’. Please select which opens fits you best, okay?”

Customer: “Go ahead.”

Me: “What county is on record with [Bank] for your residential address?” *I read the options*

Customer: “I don’t have a county. I live in a city.”

Me: “Yes, sir, I understand that. Do you live in the United States?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Then you do live in a county; what county do you live in?”

Customer: “OH! I heard you wrong. You said country! I live in the United States.”

Me: “No, sir. That is not a county. You know, like, Orange County in California?”

Customer: “Wait, the color or the food?”

(Needless to say the customer didn’t pass the authentication and ended up needing to go to the branch. I wonder if that guy ever found out what a county was…)

New Year’s Pay

| NM, USA | Right | December 31, 2016

(It’s New Year’s Eve and we close at noon. It’s fifteen after when a lady walks up to the locked doors and tries to pry them open.)

Customer: “I need to make a deposit! Let me in!”

Me: *pointing to hours posted on the door* “Ma’am, we are closed. You can make a deposit at our ATM and it will be processed on Monday, or you can come in on Monday to make the deposit in person.”

Customer: “It’s just one deposit! Let me in!” *frantically pulling at the door*

Me: “Ma’am, our teller drawers are closed for the day and locked up. We can not possibly make a deposit at this point. The calendars in our system are set for Monday, so it won’t accept any transactions.”

Customer: “Take it! TAKE IT!” *now trying to shove the deposit through the crack in the door*

(At that point, I just rolled my eyes and walked away. I feel bad for people whose account might get overdrawn, but if we can’t do anything, we can’t do anything!)

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