Knows No Better Than Letter

| OH, USA | Working | July 1, 2014

(I work correspondence for a department in a call center. I do both emails and letters, but I do them at different parts of the day. When an employee sends a letter or email request to the wrong place, it slows both me and their mail down. After several in the same day, I send a communication to my coworker to remind him of the procedure.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], please remember to send all letters to [letter inbox location].”

Coworker: “Some of them automatically go to [email inbox].”

Me: “Okay, which? I can get that fixed.”

Coworker: “All of the emails.”

Me: “But which letters?”

Coworker: “All of the emails. It’s just the way emails go.”

Me: “But which letters automatically go to [email inbox]?”

Coworker: “All of the emails.”

Me: “… I am not talking about emails. I am talking about letters. You know: print them out, fold them up, put them in envelopes?”

Coworker: “When I send an email letter, it goes to [email inbox].”

(At this point, I grabbed a letter off my desk, got up, and walked over to his desk to explain the difference between emails and letters. I wish it was the first time I had to explain something that simple to a coworker.)

Transcending Bigotry

| Yorkshire, England, UK | Right | June 24, 2014

(I am in a bank after losing my purse, looking visibly distressed, in the queue after dealing with a customer service agent that was no help.)

Bank Teller: “May I help you, sir?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not a ‘sir.'”

Bank Teller: “Oh. Do you mind if… I… uh…”

Me: “Ask if I’m transgender?”

Bank Teller: “Yes.”

Me: “Yes, I am. I have just lost all my cards, and I can’t get replacements issued, because they’re saying I’m not who I say I am.”

Bank Teller: “That’s fine. Someone I’m close to faces similar issues to you. If you can just confirm some security details, I can get you some new cards and give you some money from your account.”

Me: “Brilliant, thank you.”

(After confirming my details:)

Bank Teller: “I have an idea; I could place a note on your account. It may not help, but next time you could mention that if they look in the customer notes that you are a transgender person. Here:” *shows me some text on the screen*

Me: “That’s perfect. Thank you.”

Bank Teller: “No worries. You shouldn’t be faced with more problems when you’re already having a bad day.”

(Thank you, anonymous bank teller. You restored my faith in humanity!)

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First Place And Out Of Place

| USA | Working | June 17, 2014

(I have a new coworker who has to turn everything into a competition. He also has a condescending attitude towards me because I’m a girl. This is starting to get on my nerves, as we are on the same level and are supposed to be working as a team. We are having a meeting with our boss to go over results from the previous couple weeks.)

Boss: “…and [My Name], your average sales per customer was the highest in [State] market over the last two weeks.”

Me: “It was?”

Boss: “Congratulations!”

Me: “Thank you! ”

Boss: “And-”

Coworker: “—WAIT A MINUTE! Why is mine so low?”

Boss: “Yours was above the average for our market. That’s great!”

Coworker: “When I worked at [Previous Bank] I was always first! How is this calculated?! I don’t understand.”

Me: “But you’re still above the average. That’s good.”

Boss: “Both of your efforts are appreciated!”


(At this point, I’ve had enough.)

Me: “Are you just mad because I beat you?”

Coworker: “No, I’m just used to being first! I should be first!”

Me: “You’re mad because a girl beat you.”

Boss: “OKAY! Let’s move on. [Coworker], if you’re that concerned, go back and see how many sales you had over the last couple weeks and see if you come up with the same number [Sales Manager] did.”

Coworker: *muttering* “I should still be first…”

Removed The Wool From Their Eyes

| VA, USA | Working | May 30, 2014

(I am at a bank to open an account for my business.)

Banker: “What type of business is this?”

Me: “Sheep shearing.”

Banker: “What?”

Me: “I shear sheep. You know: cut the wool off… of sheep…? The white fuzzy things that go ‘baaa?'”

Banker: *incredulous* “And then what do they do with it?!”

Me: “Do you have any clothing made out of wool?”

Banker: “Yes…”

Me: “That. That’s what they do with it.”

Banker: “Oh! I never thought about where wool came from before.”

(Fortunately I was still able to open an account.)

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Taking Your Sweet Time

| Boston, MA, USA | Working | May 28, 2014

(I am in a temp job. I am asked to run to the bank to deposit some checks. I am second in line at the bank.)

Rep: “Don’t worry, ma’am. Just a few more minutes.”

Me: “No problem. Not in a rush to go back to the office.”

Rep: “Oh? So, you are being paid for running to the bank?”

Me: “Yup.”

Rep: *all this said with a smile* “Very good. Please help yourself to the candy. We have water over there if you need a few more minutes.”

Me: “Thanks!”

(Nice when people can just go with the flow.)

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