A Tour Of The Mind Of An Angry Customer

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(A customer is upset because her child isn’t able to participate in a program because of an age restriction. She is mad and feels that she was given incorrect information, and she is yelling at me about it as I try to figure out the situation.)

Me: “Okay, we can go ahead and issue a refund since it sounds like there was some confusion when you purchased your tickets.”

Customer: *yelling* “And I suppose it will take several days for the refund to go through? How long will it be until I get my money?”

Me: “It can take three to five business days for the refund to process.”

Customer: *still yelling* “So, they can’t go on the tour and now I can’t get my money for three to five days. So, I’m just out that money for the next three days?!”

Me: *in my head* “Weren’t you going to be out that money forever if they went on the tour?”

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Not What Is Meant By Giving A Voice To Minorities

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(I am a white male working at a well-known fast food franchise in a predominately-black area. I am working the drive-thru order and payment window. A car pulls up to the speaker box and I talk into my headset.)

Me: “Welcome to [Store]. Can I take your order?”

Customer: “I’ll take a [order].”

Me: “That will be [price]. First window, please.”

(So far, it seems like a standard order. The customer drives around. The customer is a black woman. Before I can even repeat the price, she looks up with a shocked expression.)

Customer: “YOU’RE NOT BLACK!”

(I am speechless.)

Customer: “You sound black on the box! WHY DO YOU SOUND BLACK?!”

(I do not know what else to say except:)

Me: “That will be [price].”

(The customer pays and then drives off to pick up her food. Then, she starts talking to herself.)

Customer: “Shouldn’t be making himself sound black like that. He’s not black.”

(My coworkers at the food window told me later that she told them to tell me to stop pretending to be black.)

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I am at my table dealing blackjack when a customer comes up to my table. Players in this city are notorious for being cutthroat and ruthless.

Me: How’s it going tonight sir?
Player: Shi**y that’s how.
(He then slams a single 25$ green chip in the betting circle and I deal him a fourteen.)
Player: Best you could fuc**ng do huh? Hit me!
(Lost the first hand. It’s important that this time he put another SINGLE chip up. I dealt him a 13 turned to do a check in with my supervisor and out of the corner of my eye saw him add money to his bet. As I have been dealing here awhile and have become accustomed to players trying to cheat I simply flick the chip back)
Me: You can’t add money to your bet after the cards are out sir.
Player: hit me
Me: Bust
Player: The fuck is wrong with you? I didn’t ask for a hit I want my 100$ back.
Me: You did, and you only had 25$ up.
Player: No way call the floor.
(I called my supervisor over and told her of what happened, she decides to call surveillance. I normally let it go but because this time this guy was being a pain I leaned back and let her know he capped his bet, the industry term for adding money after the cards are out. Meanwhile I have another player in the table who doubled for a large amount of money waiting.)
Me: I’m so sorry about all this sir.
Other player: Don’t worry it’s quite all right.
(Meanwhile while waiting he goes to the table next to me and within 2.5 seconds)
Other Dealer: Floor!!
(My pit boss a separate supervisor comes up behind me.)
Me: What’s this guy doing?
Pit boss: Sit tight somethings happening.
(Never having heard that before I was nervous, within a minute security was surrounding my table asking the guy to step off the table. They pull him away and begin arguing. He suddenly breaks away comes back to the table slams his hands down and yells at me.)
Player: Did I add money to my bet?
Me: Yes I pushed the chip back to you and tried to forget it.
(He was then escorted out yelling the whole time how he wants his 100 dollars back. I never saw him again.)

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( I am dealing blackjack in the no midshoe entry pit. This is sort of like low level high limit)
Me: How are you sir?

Player: Fan-fuck**g tastic
(He slams down his money, I give him his chips and the game begins. He loses the first few hands visibly angry and increasing his bet each time. Finally he plops down a large one. He gets a jack and a four)
Player: Not even a fuck**g chance.
(He raises his hand like he was about to hit me, he then brought it down on the table and got another jack)
Player: This place is fuck**g rigged.
(He smacks the bet off the table sending chips flying down the pit onto other tables and into other players. We pick them up count it get them back in my rack and my supervisor asked me what happened)
Supervisor: What was that about?
Me: Couldn’t handle his game.

It’s Not As White As You Think It Is

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(I’m teaching a lesson on how Latin has influenced English, so the students all have lists of English words with their Latin equivalents. The students need to think about which words from Latin are directly related to English, indirectly related, or not related at all.)

Me: “Okay, what word did you choose?”

Class: “White.”

Me: “What is the Latin word?”

Class: “Albus, alba, album.”

Me: “Does that sound like the English word ‘white’?”

Class: “NO!”

Me: “Does it sound like another English word that is similar to white?”

Boy: *sitting in the back corner of the room* “Yes!”

Me: “Okay, what word is it related to?” *expecting “albino”*


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