A Buffet Of Casual Racism

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(My husband and I go to a Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch. It’s the weekend and my husband, who is Japanese, is wearing cargo shorts and a nerdy t-shirt, while the staff is dressed in black slacks and white shirts. We are the only people at the buffet at the time and we are chatting as we fill our plates. A customer comes up on the other side of the buffet line. After a moment she comes over to our side and stops in front of my husband.)

Customer: “What’s that?” *she points to a dish on the buffet*

(My husband isn’t paying any attention to her.)

Customer: *louder* “Hey! I said, ‘What’s that?'”

(My husband looks up at the labels for the food on the buffet, but there isn’t one for that dish.)

Husband: “I don’t know.”

Customer: *condescending* “What do you mean, you don’t know?!”

Husband: “I don’t work here, obviously.” *he gestures to his clothes*

Customer: *stymied for a moment, then charges on* “Well, you should still know because you’re Chinese!”

Husband: “I’m not Chinese, and even if I was, I wouldn’t know every dish on a buffet.”

Customer: *glares at him as he stares back at her*

Me: *gesturing toward an employee not ten feet away* “Ask someone who works here!”

Customer: *hmphs at us then starts to walk away*

Husband: *murmurs under his breath* “I don’t know kung-fu, either.”

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Today I was assigned to watch over self scans and a customer asked me for assistance.

Me: Hi! What can I do for you?

Customer: Where do I put these groceries. The machine won’t let me put it in the bagging area. Do I put them on the floor?

Me: You can but for now just keep them in the bagging area.

Customer: But it says unexpected item in the bagging area.

Me: Don’t worry. These machines tend to do that a lot.

(I fix the machine for him and he asked me this next)

Customer: What do I do now?

Me: Just keep scanning the items and place them on the scale.

Customer: What scale?

Me: The bagging area has a scale built into it.

Customer: Where is the scale?

Me: Under the bagging area.

Customer: But that is the bagging area.

(At this point I am getting face palming in my head)

Me: Sir. Just scan the items and place them in the bagging area.

Customer: OK.

(My employee looks over and starts laughing after he leaves and says)

Employee: What did he not understand?

Me: How the machine checks items in the bagging area.

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(I was selling my hand-made (by me) bead jewelry at a craft show recently. A woman asked the price of a pair of earrings.)

Me: “These are $10.”

Woman: “But those are just regular costume, right?”

Me, in my head: No, lady, for $10, they’re solid gold.

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So, it’s Christmas Eve and we go to the 4:00 mass. That was the Children’s mass, where the children reenactment the birth of Jesus. Everything went smooth that night. Well, almost everything.

So, we’re getting ready to read the Gospel and while we were singing the “Alleluia,” I hear these ladies a few rows behind where we were sitting. After we finish singing, they were going back and forth. And then one lady said, and I quote:

“What kind of Catholic are you?”

The other lady replies:
“I’m more of a Catholic than you will *ever* be.”

The First Lady then walks out in anger and slams the door. We were all in shock. I’m just thinking to myself:
“And this happens at a Children’s Mass of all masses. Now I’ve seen it all after 3 years.”

They Should Make An App For That

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(An elderly woman walks in.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I want to read the Bible from my phone and my grandson told me to get it from the app store. Can you give me directions?”

Me: “Directions to what?”

Customer: “The app store. He didn’t tell me where it is, and I don’t know how to use my GPS.”

(I explained to her what the app store was. She walked away, embarrassed.)

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