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Customer: I’d like to return this angel food cake. It’s all moldy.
Me: Sir, the tag says you bought this six months ago. Of course it’s moldy.
Customer: Oh well, it was worth a shot.

Some People Are So Bitter That No Chocolate Will Help

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(I’m a barista at a bakery. I have a coworker who is always complimented on the drinks he makes and usually takes the time to make them all perfectly. For him to mess up a drink is really rare. A customer comes in and orders a large hot chocolate, which he makes. She then literally SPITS IT OUT onto the counter and starts ranting.)

Customer: “This is disgusting! It’s cold!

Coworker: “I’m sorry. I could remake it extra hot for you if you want?”

(The customer tosses the cup at him.)

Customer: “You’d better. This is ridiculous. Do I look like a d*** child to you?! This is child’s temperature!”

(I happen to look at the thermometer and it says my coworker made the hot chocolate at 140, degrees which is standard, but some people do like it hotter. He remakes the drink, but gets a bit flustered and accidentally makes it a small. Again, the customer freaks out.)

Customer:This is what you call a large?!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. You did originally get large, didn’t you? I’ll have him make it again. I’m sorry about that.”

(I give my coworker the cup again and he makes the drink a third time, this time the right size and extra hot. I watch him do everything and see that he does it right. AGAIN, she spits it all over the counter.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. It just tastes like milk. There’s no chocolate. Get me a manager.”

(I’m happy to grab a manager — anything to get rid of this lady. I call a manager and they apologize to her and tell her they’ll make the drink yet again. I watch the manager do it exactly how my coworker just did it — in fact, they make it slightly colder at 138 degrees — and put in the exact same amount of chocolate that my coworker did. They give it to the customer.)

Customer: “FINALLY! This is a proper hot chocolate. Was that so f****** hard?”

(And once again, I think to myself, “I’m too old for this.”)

Doesn’t “Mean” As Much To Them

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(I am going to the bakery to get my two-year-old a little treat. As I approach, I hear the two employees there talking and giggling.)

Employee #1: “What? How do you not know that one? How do you not know every Mean Girls quote ever?”

Employee #2: “I haven’t seen it.”

Employee #1: “Watch it! It’s the best movie ever!” *turns to me* “Hi, what can I get for you today?”

Me: “Can I please get him—“ *gestures to my son* “—a Fun Bun?” *puts on fake American accent* “Because I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

Employee #1: *stares at me, blankly* “What?”

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For about a year, I worked at a mall-chain cookie store, and while customers would form more of a mob than a line (our store had a glass display of all the cookies and some cakes wrapping around the front of the store) my coworkers and I can keep tabs on who came up first.

On one of the busy mob days, my coworker and I were both dealing with a customer (which will sometimes cause us to pass other costumers to grab a cookie they want.) when I pass an older lady and her husband.

Old Lady: “Hello! We would like to order something please!”

I glance up at her and she has a ‘you should be serving me right now, but I’ll forgive you.’ while her husband shakes a fist with money in it.

Me: *trying to stay patient as possible* “I know ma’am, but as you can see, there are people in front of you. When my coworker and I get done with them, we’ll get to you.”

I overhear her say something along the lines of, “I don’t understand the wait since we’re paying costumers,” and I lose it. I look at her from behind a sign on the counter and give her a ‘are you serious?!’ face, before ignoring her and going back to my current customer and ringing her out.

Once I’m done, I turn around to see that the older lady and her husband are gone.

Me to my coworker: “Where’d she go?”

I found out that when he skipped a costumer in front of her to serve her she said she wouldn’t be eating her since she didn’t like my attitude.

I’m all for respecting your elders, but I have absolutely NO patience for rude, entitled people like that lady. Good riddance!

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(I am the customer here and the bakery restaurant is a famous company that serves ‘French’ style products in over 50 countries.)

Me: I’ll have one espresso, table 3.

Server: Are you sure you want that? Espresso can taste bitter if you are not used to it.

Me: Yeap I’m fine with it I drink it at home too.

*Server repeats question to double check my choice.

Server: Sorry for asking, but some customers don’t really know how an espresso can taste like, and given that we are not exactly a top notch coffee gourmet cafe… it’s imperative that we ask several times.

Me: I understand. Do you get customers raging when they drink their espressos?

Server: Oh, plenty.

*As if on cue, a customer rushes in with her cup of coffee.

Customer: What is this sh*t? I f***ing paid 4 bucks for this and I got this bitter sh*t? Refund me now!

Server: Mdm, I do remember I had asked you twice whether you are sure you want an espresso, and also explained espressos can taste bitter depending on the beans we get. I also did mention that we have free sugar and creamers for you to add if you find it too bitter. As you have drank it already and do not have the receipt, I am unable to refund you.

Customer: I’ll complain! Just you watch.

*Being a regular, I heard from the server that the customer did indeed complained to head office. To quote – “Espressos are express coffees which should come with sugar and cream and whatnot in it pre-made. What’s so hard about it?”. Head office gave the server a 50 bucks gift card on top of her employee card.

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