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Earning That Smile

, , , | Right | August 9, 2017

(I’m giving out sample cups of French onion dip and carrots in a grocery store. I’m mixing more dip in a bowl on my table when I hear a woman’s voice say “You aren’t smiling enough!” and she flicks the brim of my hat.)

Me: *unsure I heard her correctly* “What?”

Cranky Lady: “I said you don’t smile enough.” *grabs and yanks my hat down over my face* “Are you gonna smile now?”

Me: *I adjust my hat and say in a cheery tone* “Smiles are for people who take samples.” *attempts to give her one*

Cranky Lady: “I don’t want any of that bull-s***.” *walks away*

Me: “…”

Throwing Change Brings About Change

, , , , , | Right | August 8, 2017

(I work morning shifts at a very popular fast food restaurant. As usual, our drive-thru is pretty backed up, and it takes a couple minutes for cars to reach the first window. This exchange happens during our rush, at about eight am.)

Me: “Ok, so your total will be [amount].”

Driver: “Well, here you go.” *hands me three handfuls of change* “You have your work cut out for you!”

Me: “No worries!”

(I start counting the change. He tries to pull forward.)

Me: “Excuse me, but I have to keep you here until I finish counting, to make sure that it’s all here.”

Driver: *condescendingly* “Good luck stopping me.”

(He tries to “poke fun” by pretending to start pulling forward. This happens so often, I don’t even react, because the minute they pull away I can radio the front and tell them not to give him his food until I’m done.)

Me: “So, it looks like you’re actually missing a dollar.”

Driver: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes.” *I then make a point of counting his payment again, out loud, showing that he’s a dollar short*

(He mutters a bit and digs around again, with some help from his passenger.)

Driver: “Here. Here’s your f****** money!”

(He then proceeds to throw about $1.16 at me, all in change. Most of it hits m in my face, shoulder, and chest. Luckily I am wearing glasses, so none hits me in the eyes. As it falls to the ground around me, he speeds to the next window.)

Me: “…and you have a nice day, sir.”

(Luckily, a coworker was there and saw the whole thing, so she went and told my manager. My manager parked him, saying that they were waiting on his food. She came out to his car five minutes later with his total payment refunded onto a gift card, and told him that he wouldn’t be getting his food there that day, or ever again.)

Obviously… That Teacher Just Sucks

, , , , | Learning | August 6, 2017

(My high school math teacher is sour and never smiles. Her classroom is on the top floor of the building, and art classes are on the bottom floor. After school one day, I see her waiting outside my art classroom. I think that she dislikes me quite a bit more than her other students, so I try to make a better impression on her with pleasant small talk.)

Me: *smiling* “Hi, Mrs. [Teacher]. Are you waiting for [Teacher’s daughter]? She’s still in there?”

Teacher: *with venom* “Of course! Why else would I be down here?!”

(She never reproached me like that in the classroom, so I clam up in shock. Luckily, her daughter comes out at that moment, and the teacher grumbles at her for making her wait. I watch them walk away.)

Teacher’s Daughter: “Why are we going back upstairs?”

Teacher: *with the same venom* “I left my purse in the classroom! Isn’t it obvious?!”

(I realized then that I wasn’t a special case!)

Coming To (Mid)Terms With A Bad Teacher

, , , , | Learning | August 4, 2017

(I had the same teacher for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 while I was in high school. This teacher often picked favorites and treated me as if I was stupid because I was quiet and too afraid to participate, since he always mocked me when I got the answer wrong in class. On the first day of class, my teacher had said that no one had to be afraid to go to him for help because he would be more than glad to tutor us one on one with any problems we were having trouble with. I have never been good with math and I was struggling a lot. When my grade started to slip I went to him for help and he refused to tutor me saying I needed to figure it out on my own. During my sophomore year, I get really sick and miss all of my midterm exams due to being hospitalized for a week. The principal has given all of my teachers instructions to let me take my midterms in an empty, quiet classroom on my first day back and all of my teachers, with the exception of my algebra teacher, are really understanding. After my algebra class has ended, I go to my teacher’s desk to talk to him about making up my exam, when this exchange occurs.)

Teacher: “Hello, [My Name]! I see you are back; how was your week of ditching school to miss your midterms?”

(Thinking he’s joking, I smile but when I see he’s not smiling back, I know he is being serious.)

Me: “Oh, I wasn’t ditching. I was really sick and hospitalized all week. If you don’t believe me you can ask Mr. [Principal] as he has all of the medical forms I brought in today. And you can talk to Mrs. [Other Teacher]; she is a close family friend and visited me while I was sick to bring my school work to me.”

Teacher: “And you picked an excellent week to be ‘hospitalized’ during the week of your important math midterm. I am not an idiot, [My Name]. You purposely skipped school because you weren’t prepared for your math midterm and you were afraid you were going to fail as usual so you took a week off so you can have more study time for your midterms. If you think you are going to come back and be able to take your exam you are wrong. You can take a zero.”

(Instead of going to my next class, I immediately go to the office and complain about the teacher. They take his side and say there is nothing they can do because it’s my math teacher’s decision on whether or not I can make it up. Not knowing what to do, I call my dad during free period and tell him what is going on and he is livid. Within five minutes, he calls me on my phone to tell me he is in the parking lot and to meet him by the office so we can talk to the principal.)

Dad: “This is completely unacceptable! My daughter comes back from being hospitalized all week just for her teacher to accuse her of ditching and giving her a zero? This excuse of a teacher does nothing but preach how his students shouldn’t be afraid to come to him for help but has been treating my daughter differently ever since she had him last year because she is quiet and doesn’t like to participate in class, because he mocks her for being wrong. If it says in the syllabus that no student should be afraid to come to him for extra help or tutoring then why is he telling [My Name] he can’t help or to figure it on her own when she needs help?!”

(After a couple of moments of silence, my principal finally looks up at us apologetically.)

Principal: “You are absolutely right, [Dad], and I am so sorry this happened to you, [My Name]. I will talk to Mr. [Teacher] and tell him to let you take your exam in a quiet room and I will talk to him about helping you with tutoring as well. No student should feel like they are being treating differently. I can assure you, I will take care of it.”

(The next day I go to my algebra class and my teacher calls me over to his desk. Without saying anything, he hands me the midterm and a calculator, and when I ask him what classroom I should go to take it, he says I’m not going anywhere and tells me to go take it at my desk. When the bell rings, he goes to the front of the room and says they are going to be doing something different today.)

Teacher: “Everyone sit on your desk. We are going to be playing Math Speedball to review for your upcoming exam.”

(Speedball is a game where the students sit on the top of their desks and the teacher will throw a bouncy ball at them and ask a question. They will answer it and throw it to the next person. The whole time while I am trying to take this exam, I am unable to concentrate because the class has gotten so loud and excited and sometimes the students sitting next to me will miss and the ball slams on my desk. Knowing I am for sure going to fail this exam, I still manage to do the best I can and turn it in at the end of the class.)

Teacher: *smugly* “How was it?”

Me: “Well, with everyone playing that game, it was so loud I couldn’t even concentrate on what I was doing.”

Teacher: *coldly* “Well, you should’ve thought of that before you missed midterm week. I’m not going out of my way to change my lesson plans for you.”

(I did end up failing the midterm exam. When I explained what happened to my dad, he made another trip to the school to complain about my teacher again. The principal was furious at my teacher, and told him not to include my midterm score into my final grade for the semester and that I would be exempt from the midterm all together. My teacher was written up for not letting me take it in an empty and quiet classroom like the principal told him to do, but he didn’t get fired. After that incident, I went to my counselor and was able to switch to a different teacher, who was actually willing to help me and it has improved my math grade tremendously. At the end of my sophomore year I heard from another classmate that he was told by the superintendent he wouldn’t be returning for the upcoming school year due to getting many other complaints from other students and their parents.)

Teacher Behavior Scores A Zero

, , , , , | Learning | August 3, 2017

(We have a fun Hispanic teacher for geometry that is known for making sassy remarks or off-color jokes. They were sometimes borderline racist, but since she was another minority, it never seemed like a big deal. Then, there was the day we got our final projects back. Essentially, we had to use shapes drawn with protractors and compasses to create a picture of some sort. She is going around with a clipboard with our final grades on it.)

Teacher: *to another student, serious tone* “You failed.” *smiling* “Just kidding, you got a 100.”

(The teacher does this routine to one or two more students in the class. There is some idle chatter, but most of us are somewhat listening in out of curiosity. The teacher eventually reaches me.)

Teacher: *serious* “You failed.”

Me: *forced laugh, waiting for real grade*

Teacher: *still serious* “No, I’m not joking. Your project looked exactly like someone else’s. Cheating is not okay.”

(I know there is no way this could be the case and that she may still be joking, but I start to get worried.)

Teacher: “You failed this assignment. This is serious. You got a zero.”

(At this point, I’m convinced I did something wrong and start crying because I think I just failed the final.)

Teacher: “Just kidding. You did fine.”

(I start hyperventilating when I cry, so I am just gone at this point. I am not loud, but cannot say a single word without gasping. The class is watching by this point because she had spent so much time on me. The teacher continues giving other people their grades and I try to calm down. But then my Spanish teacher and her friend comes by to say ‘hi’. My Spanish teacher is super nice and I have never had any problem with her. She can see me crying.)

Teacher: “Oh, hey!” *they chat for a little bit before the Spanish teacher asks what happened with me* “Oh, yeah, look at the little Asian girl crying over her grade.”

Both Teachers: *laughing*

(I wish I was joking. At this point, I ran out of the classroom. I don’t remember if someone else got my stuff for me or if I walked back in, but I never trusted that teacher again. Last time I heard, she got fired for making inappropriate comments. Looking back, I think it was the betrayal of trust by teachers I respected than anything else that set me off.)