Dry Wall Is Meant To Stay… Well… Dry?

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(In a previous story submission, Seeing A Dangerous Pattern Emerging Here, I talked about a bathroom installation guy who blamed ME for his bringing the wrong shower liner to install in my master bathroom, but then relented after I changed tactics and told him my husband had actually noticed the issue. The install was so shoddy that afterward, water was pouring into the downstairs walls below my shower. This happens when we call the install company back.)

Husband: “Water is actually puddling on the floor downstairs, the drywall is soggy and crumbling, and the ceiling is saggy! You need to come and fix this now!

(They send a supervisor out to see what the issue is. I happen to be home for that.)

Me: “The guy who did the install was made aware of the fact that the faucet was leaking before he left. When my husband pointed it out, all your guy did was slap some sealant over the bottom of the faucet and say it was fixed!”

Supervisor: “He what? That part is supposed to stay open, because if the water has nowhere to drain to, it floods back into the walls! I’ll get him in here right away.”

(We schedule an appointment for 3:30 pm the following day. Five rolls around, and no one has called or shown up. My husband calls the number provided, and it’s the same guy who installed our shower in the first place!)

Husband: “You said you were going to be here at 3:30 pm. It’s 5:00 pm now. Where are you?

Construction Guy: “Oh. I’m running late. I’ll be there soon! Don’t worry!”

(We wait. And wait. And wait. 7:00 pm rolls around. My husband calls again.)

Husband: “What is going on? We’ve been waiting for you since 3:30 today. We have things we need to do and haven’t been able to because we’ve had to wait for you. We can’t just sit in the house and wait for you all night!”

Construction Guy: “Ohhh. Well, okay, I’ll be right over!”

Husband: “Right over? As in you’re heading over here right now? You’ll be here within fifteen minutes? Because this is crazy!”

Construction Guy: “Well… no. Not fifteen minutes, but maybe later.”

Husband: “‘Maybe later.’ You know what? I’m calling your boss and asking them to send someone else. Never mind coming here at all. Thanks, anyway.”

(He hangs up and calls the boss. But since it’s after hours, he leaves a voicemail. Apparently, the boss still hears it, because shortly after that we get a call from [Construction Guy].)

Construction Guy: “I can be at your house tomorrow. Maybe like in the evening or something.”

Husband: “So I have to wait all day long for you again? No. You need to make an appointment with me and then stick to it. Can you be here in the morning?”

Construction Guy: “Well… no.”

Husband: “Why not? What time can you be here?”

Construction Guy: “Well, I’m tired! And I had to drive all over the city today, and my boss makes me work too hard and I don’t even want to keep this job anymore!”

(He’s putting on the most pitiful, “poor me” voice he can muster. Bear in mind that when he screwed up the initial install, he did the same thing to me! He told me he was being laid off immediately after our bathroom was done and that he’d be unemployed, and asked if we would just take pity on him and not blame him for his screw-ups. My husband is having none of it.)

Husband: “Listen, your shoddy install job is causing water to leak downstairs and damage my house. Either you tell me what time you can be here tomorrow to fix this, or I’m going to have to call your boss again and let him know you’re refusing to come out. There is water pouring into my walls. This is not a minor issue!”

(I hate the “let me talk to your manager” threat, but this guy was being so ridiculous, I was at a loss for words. Lo and behold, the employee made the appointment, showed up on time, and fixed the issue… but then blamed us for “picking the wrong faucet” for the earlier install. When we asked him why he didn’t TELL us it was wrong for the job instead of just installing it, he had nothing to say. But he DID spend fifteen minutes telling my husband a completely different story about why he hadn’t come out the day before. We would have been perfectly fine rescheduling the appointment if the guy had just called and asked in the first place! So unprofessional.)

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Sweet, Sweet Karma

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(I’m at the local mall and I decide to poke my head into the candy shop to see if there are any interesting specials. As part of the displays, the store in question sets up chocolate boxes that have cellophane in them so you can see inside and admire the designs on the candy. As I look over them, I notice that one pack clearly has a chocolate missing.)

Me: *calling over the young woman working the floor* “Miss? I think one of your display chocolates got pinched.”

Employee: *coming over and looking at the box* “Yeah, I noticed that, but I’m not worried.”

Me: “Okay, as long as someone knows about it… How do you mean, not worried?”

Employee: “We’ve had that particular box on display for months now; if that chocolate did get stolen, the thief is probably gonna get sick, and if the thief gets sick, it’s not like they can come back on us about it, because they won’t have a receipt!”

(I couldn’t deny her logic!)

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Dealing With Customers Comes With A Price  

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(I work in a well-known high-fashion brand shop, in the accessories department. My job is to help customers find what accessory they want, whether it be a fancy bag, scarf, hat, jewellery, etc. We also get a commission for this and have to acquire a certain amount in the tills. A well-to-do, uppity woman comes stalking in and makes a beeline for me.) 

Customer: “You there! I’m looking for a burgundy bag to match my shoes! And I want you to help me!” *snaps fingers at me* 

Me: *trying not to be insulted by the gesture* “Of course. First of all, what style and size would you like? And any particular material? And also, do you have a certain price range you are wanting to spend today?”

Customer: “Price doesn’t matter, and I don’t care what style or size. I just want a bag to match my—” *talks slowly to me like a baby* “—buuuurgunnddyyyyy shoes!”

(I proceed to pick up and show her every single burgundy bag in stock, which she turns down for either being “the wrong size,” “not the right colour,” or “too floppy or stiff.” I finally find a bag in a very expensive well-known brand, which she starts ogling at.) 

Customer: *in utter excitement* “Oh, my goodness! This is the exact bag I want! It’s perfect! Oooh, I’ll take it!”

(We proceed to the tills, but not before she asks the price. The next thing I know, her tone completely changes as soon as she sees the price tag.) 

Customer: *throws hands in the air* “UGH! Why on Earth would you make me try to buy this?! It’s far too expensive! I am not buying this!”

(She proceeded to curse at me and storm out of the shop, leaving me in utter disbelief. It made me wonder why I wasted half an hour of my time on her. She even said she wasn’t bothered about the price range. Some people.)

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Shut The Front Door!

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(I am on the bus on my way to school. The bus is extremely crowded and we have to refuse people to get on the bus for safety reasons. At one stop, someone has to get out but there are a ton of people waiting. A man quickly forces his way into the bus.)

Bus Driver: “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m going to ask you to get out. I didn’t open the front door so nobody could get in. Someone had to get out. The bus is full.”

Man: “No! I have to get on the bus!”

Bus Driver: “Sir, many people have to get on the bus. I’m terribly sorry, but it just isn’t safe.”

Man: “Bulls***! I’m a paying customer! You have to let me ride! You have to!”

Bus Driver: “If I let you, it would be unfair towards the other people outside, who also have to wait. Please get off the bus.”

(The man starts cursing and screaming at the bus driver. Everyone is both shocked and annoyed, because he is severely delaying the bus.)


Passenger #1: “Dude, just get off!”

Passenger #2: “The bus is full!”

Man: “No! You have to let me ride! I paid for this!”

(The bus driver gave up and the man had a sly grin on his face. The bus was ten minutes late and everybody was mad at the man for it.)

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Work In Retail, Lose The Will To React

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(My friend and I are driving from Florida to New York when we stop for gas and snacks. We gather our goodies and wait for our turn. The woman in front of us walks up to the register and dumps an armful of candy, soda, and chips on the counter. The cashier scans her items.)

Cashier: “Okay, your total comes to [total].”

Customer: “You didn’t ask if that was all I wanted.”

Cashier: “Oh, I’m sorry. Would you like anything else?”

Customer: “I want cigarettes. [Brand].”

Cashier: “Sure thing. I just need to see your ID.”

Customer: “No.”

Cashier: *momentarily confused* “Uh, I’m sorry?”

Customer: “You don’t need my ID.”

Cashier: *gestures to a sign* “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I do. You see, the system is set up so we have to ID for all tobacco sales. There’s no way around it.”

Customer: “Don’t I look eighteen?! Are you seriously going to say I can’t have my cigarettes?”

Cashier: “I’m just following protocol, ma’am.”

Customer: “F*** your protocol, you ugly-a** b****. Do I look like I’m under eighteen?”

Cashier: *calmly* “Clearly not.”

Customer: “So? Give me my f****** cigarettes before I really get mad.”

Cashier: “I need to see your ID before giving you these cigarettes. I apologize for the inconvenience but that’s how the system is set up.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t have it, so now what?”

Cashier: “If you don’t have it, I can’t sell them to you. Your total is [total]. Will that be cash or card?”

Customer: “I’m not buying s*** from this f****** store. You can go f*** yourself!”

(The cashier picks up the woman’s purchases and puts them behind the register. The two stare at each other in silence for what seems like forever — probably only about ten seconds — before the woman leans over the register and screams right in the cashier’s face. She barely reacts, only sighs and waves us forward. The woman storms out.)

Me: “How did you not smack that woman stupid?”

Cashier: “It would seem someone else has already done it for me.”

Me: “You do not get paid enough for that.”

Cashier: “Nope. I stopped getting mad a long time ago.” *shrugs* “It’s not worth the stress.”

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