The Caramel Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Salty

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I take a customer’s order, she pays, and as I go to hand her the change, she walks away. My coworker makes her drink and sets it down on the pickup counter.

Coworker: “Salted caramel hot chocolate!”

Customer: “Um, excuse me. What are you doing?”

Coworker: “I… I just called out your drink, ma’am.”

Customer: “Oh, so first, your b**** of a coworker doesn’t give me my change and also doesn’t tell me to have a good day, and now, you won’t personally hand me my drink or call out my name? What is wrong with you people? It’s no wonder no colleges will take you.”

My coworker, who is very new to the job, starts tearing up and I’m biting my tongue. Luckily, my manager hears the commotion and comes out from the back.

Manager: “What seems to be the issue, miss?”

The customer repeats the story to the manager with quite a few more expletives.

Manager: “First of all, all of my employees are the most respectful I have ever met. Second, this ain’t [Major Coffee Chain] and we do not take the customer’s name, and third, you absolutely will not speak to me or my employees with that filthy mouth.”

He proceeds to take her drink from her.

Manager: “Now get out of my store.”

She stormed out. Unfortunately, my manager left a few weeks later, but I was so grateful that he stood up for us.

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Someone Needs To Learn To Look Things Up Online

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It’s a weekday during autumn, and the theater doesn’t open until noon because it’s just too slow to open any earlier, and we lose money like crazy. We’re talking at most six or seven people a day before 5:00 pm. I arrive early at 11:00 am to do some paperwork and then open the theater.

As soon as I arrive, I see a frustrated woman trying every door. This is despite the fact that there’s a clear sign on the front door saying when we open. I approach a side door and wait for a manager to let me in when she literally stomps over.

Customer: “Do you work here?!”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Your sign says you open at noon! Why can’t I come in now?!”

Me: “Um… because we don’t open until noon?”

Customer: “Ugh! Well, you’d better open at noon on the dot! I have important business at this theater, and it’s just ridiculous that you’re not open!”

The woman walks away and gets into her car, slamming the door behind her. She sits there, literally glaring at me as I’m let in. I get my paperwork done, and at around 11:30, I begin to prepare the box office and concession stand to open for the day. Suddenly, I get a call at the box office.

Me: *Answering the phone* “Hello, you’ve reached [Theater]. How may I help you?”

It’s the woman from before.

Customer: “I want to come in. Now!”

Me: “I apologize, but we don’t open for about another half-hour.”

Customer: “Hmph! I have very important business at the theater!”

She hangs up and I continue to try and open. I see a coworker approaching the side door. Before I can go over to let them in, the woman gets out of her car, storms up to them, and begins to scream at them. My coworker looks completely shocked. The woman then turns and storms back to her car again. I let my coworker in. As I continue to work, the phone rings again.

Me: “Hello, you’ve reached [Theater]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “I’m still waiting! I want you to know that you’re completely ruining my day! I have very important business at the theater, and you’re disrupting my entire week not letting me in, you brat!”

She hangs up before I can even respond. As I continue to work, she calls the theater no less than a dozen times. After being screamed at over the phone a third time, I stop answering. I can see her outside of the window becoming more and more furious in her car with each call.

Finally, noon rolls around, and my manager, who I’ve made aware of the situation, goes to unlock the front doors. The woman is now standing right outside and literally shoves my manager to get inside the second he unlocks the door. She storms directly up to me.

Customer: “This is f****** insane! I have important business! I don’t care when you open! You should open when your customers want you to!”

I put on my best fake smile.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Theater]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “I need to know if you’ll have [Obscure Movie I’ve never even heard of] in two weeks!”

I’m about ready to burst out laughing:

Me: “Well, ma’am, unfortunately, our schedule is made week-to-week, so I won’t know until closer to the release date.”

The woman glares at me.

Me: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: *Glances at my nametag* “No. But I will have you know that I will complain to your corporate office and have you fired for not opening earlier, [My Name]!”

Me: “Oh, okay. I hope you have a great day.”

She stormed away. My manager saw the whole situation and phoned up corporate to inform them that a woman had been harassing us while trying to open, had shoved him, and had threatened to have me fired. I wasn’t fired, and we subsequently placed a temporary ban on the customer and were allowed to refuse service if she came back in.

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Wish You Could Scrub Away This Customer

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I work at an upscale deli and restaurant. I am bubbly and cheery to every customer. I like most of my regulars but there is this one that is always a jerk.

He comes in pretty often around lunch. He’s probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He always wears scrubs. He’s aggressive and demands free food because “we messed up his order last time,” even though I know we didn’t. He tries to pull this with every employee.

He answered his phone once when I was in the middle of taking his order and, presumably, he was talking to someone else in the medical field, because he angrily sighed and said:

Customer: “Just give her fat a** [specific quantity of medicine]—”

He continued to chat on the phone while also trying to whisper his order with me. He got frustrated juggling the conversations when I had to ask standard questions like, “Here or to go?” and, “What kind of bread?”

He once wanted to try our avocado and jicama salad, except he couldn’t pronounce “jicama.”

Customer: “I’ll have that avocado and whatever salad.”

I tried to be helpful and educational as quite a few customers can’t pronounce it.

Me: “The jicama?”

Customer: “Yeah, the avocado and s*** salad.” 

The icing on the cake is when I am on the counter by myself. It’s a slow day and one of my managers is in the back. She’s new also and was hired at the same time as I was.

I haven’t seen this customer for a month, thank goodness, but in he comes, swaggering up to the counter. I greet him as I greet all my customers and get his order ready. As I’m packing up his salad, he asks:

Customer: “I haven’t been in in a while. Did you miss me?”

I don’t like the look he’s giving me, basically leering, and I feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to answer “yes” and give him ideas. I answer with a safe:

Me: “I miss all my customers!”

Customer: “You’re full of s***. You know that, right? So full of s***.”

I stop what I am doing and glare at him. I am so stunned that I don’t know what to say, except:

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Customer: “Oh. I was just kidding.”

He spoke in a flat tone, obviously not meaning it. I rang him up with a chilly disposition and complained to my boss later.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t heard him say that and we couldn’t ban him. He still came in from time to time, but I wasn’t as cheery talking to him. I low-key wanted him to complain to my managers so they could tell him, “What do you expect from telling people they are full of s***?” He never did and I left the job a while later. I saw him once at the grocery store I started working at, but he didn’t have scrubs and was wearing faded and worn-looking clothing. Maybe he got fired for having no bed-side manner?

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It Would Be Breast For You To Leave

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The bar where I work is open to all ages until 5:30 pm when we become an eighteen-plus venue. This occurs at 6:30 pm after all the signs have been put out stating that no minors are allowed access. A customer walks in carrying a small baby and her husband is pushing a pram. I am the manager of the bar. I’m twenty-two and female but I’m quite short and often get mistaken for being much younger.

Me: “Sorry, but you can’t have a child in here after 5:30.”

Customer: “I’m breastfeeding.”

Me: “That’s lovely, but unfortunately, club policy is that no minors are allowed in this area after 5:30 pm.”

Customer: *Suddenly irate* “You can’t discriminate against a breastfeeding mother. It’s against the law.”

Me: “I’m not discriminating against you. It’s also against the law to allow a minor in this area after 5:30 pm.”

Customer: “I demand to speak to the manager! This is discrimination! I’ll have your job!”

Me: “I am the manager, and unfortunately, you still can’t have a minor in here.”

Customer: “I want to speak to a real manager, not a little girl.”

Me: “You can talk to the general manager of the other sections of the club. He will tell you that for this area, you need to speak to me but that the 5:30 pm rule still applies.”

Customer: *Finally leaving, still screaming* “I’ll have your job! You can’t discriminate against breastfeeding mothers! I’m calling the police and leaving a terrible review of this place! I hope you enjoy your fines for breaking the law!”

She screamed at other entering customers that we were all breaking the law and discriminating against her all the way out. She never called the police or left a review, but I told all the other staff about this incident and now it’s a little inside joke between us all that breastfeeding babies don’t count as minors.

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Making A Point

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I’m thirty years old but my mother raised me to be an old-fashioned lady; no elbows on the table, no pointing, no swearing, always use manners, etc. As a result, I never got in the habit of pointing. I always gesture with my full hand unless the item is super close.

I’m shopping for clothes for a funeral with my sister, who is thirty-four, in a large department store. A lady in her fifties or sixties approaches me and taps me on the arm. I’m very surprised because, due to the current health crisis, no one where I live gets close enough to touch strangers.

Customer: “Girl! Where are your children’s shoes?”

I start walking backward straight away until we’re six feet apart.

Me: “I don’t work here, but I think over there.”

I gesture to the children’s clothes area. The lady looks me up and down, steps halfway between us, scrunches up her face, and starts shouting.

Customer: “F****** rude! It’s rude to point! It’s rude to tell me you don’t work here! It’s rude to back away from me! I’m not infected with anything! You are! B****!”

Other customers nearby turn and start to stare. I’m shocked and embarrassed but anger quickly takes over. I back up a few feet and raise my voice, pointing at her with my index finger.

Me: “Get away from me right now! We are shopping for a funeral and have been isolating together to be able to attend. I’m not risking my family’s safety for some crazy old b****!”

The woman’s face turns red as some of the store’s employees start to approach to deescalate the situation. She looks from them to me before throwing her items on the floor and stomping off.

My sister, who has been silent this whole time, turns to me, half-laughing.

Sister: *With a sing-song voice* “Ooh, Mom’s going to kill you when I tell her about this!”

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