Hopefully A Hot Slice Of Karma Gets Back To Them

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(There’s a knock at the door. I answer and am surprised to see a pizza guy standing there.)

Me: “Uh, I’m sorry, but we didn’t order any pizza.”

Pizza Guy: “You didn’t?”

Me: “No. Sorry.”

Pizza Guy: “Do you know where [My Address] is?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s here, but we didn’t order anything.”

Pizza Guy: “Okay, well, sorry for disturbing you.”

(I close the door and assume that’s the end of it, but five minutes later there’s another knock. The pizza guy is there and he looks furious.)

Pizza Guy: “We just figured out it was a ‘prank’ from an ex-employee. He ordered about twenty pizzas to be delivered to random addresses. Here, have a free one.”

(He gave us a free, extra cheese pizza and turned around to walk back to his car. We felt so badly that my dad chased him down to the driveway and gave him a tip for his trouble. Dear ex-employee: You are a jerk for doing that to your former coworkers and thinking it’s funny. Dear delivery guy: Thanks for the free pizza. Hope your day got better!)

About To Have A Coronary

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(I walk into the break room one morning to fill my coffee cup. Coworker is preparing a fresh pot of coffee. She empties a bag of regular coffee grounds into the basket, then puts an orange decaf pot under it. The regular pot is sitting a foot further away. Coworker just grabbed the closest one.)

Me: “Hey, that’s regular coffee. You need to use a regular black pot.”

Coworker: *laughing* “Oh, it doesn’t matter! Do those wimpy decaf drinkers good to wake ’em up a little!”

Me: *swapping in the correct pot, then dumping and washing out the decaf pot* “How do you know that none of our coworkers has coronary issues and isn’t allowed to have caffeine? Or whether it could trigger a migraine for someone? Would you like to be responsible for someone ending up in the hospital or dead from drinking that?”

Coworker: *alternating between shocked and huffy* “What? Well, but… but… nobody told me!”

Me: “Nobody should have to, because other people’s health issues are no one else’s business. The orange isn’t a fashion statement; it’s a warning. Messing with people’s food and drink isn’t a joke.”

(I finished getting my (caffeinated) coffee and went back to my desk, while Coworker kept repeating “Nobody told me!” Note that I’m not in HR, nor do I have food allergies. I just really have a problem with people risking someone else’s health and well-being because they’re lazy or because they think it’s funny.)

A (Star)Burst Of Decent Parenting

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I nearly got hit by a candy container by a kid not happy about not getting sweets.

Hats off to the mother who took the situation by the horns. She paid for her purchase, without sweets, and talked at her son so much in the car that the boy actually came back into the store and apologized.

The world needs more mothers like that.

Smells Like Teenage Dispirit

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(I am a customer in a supermarket. There’s a group of five obnoxious teenagers — three girls and two boys — with a middle-aged woman at the checkout. They are being rowdy, and while staying somewhat close to the woman, they’re wandering around the aisle that connects all the checkouts, getting in people’s way, and shooting superior glares and smirks at the people they’re blocking. Most other customers aren’t even TRYING to get past the teenagers, and instead, are going all the way down an aisle and coming up another aisle that takes them closer to a checkout that’s away from the teenagers. The woman the teenagers are with isn’t scolding them, but she looks as though she’s been trying to make them behave but finally decided to stop wasting her breath. She looks very annoyed and VERY embarrassed by their behavior. I place my items on the conveyor belt, then bend down to place my hand-basket in the stack under the overhang of the conveyor belt. Someone had dropped a basket on the floor earlier on, so while I’m putting my basket away, I pick up the other basket, upright it, fold the handles down, then add it to the stack of baskets, as well. One of the teenage girls addresses me.)

Teenage Girl: “Why’d you do that?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Teenage Girl: “Why’d you put it away? It wasn’t your basket.”

Me: “Because I did?”

Teenage Girl: “But why?”

Me: “Because it didn’t take any effort and it was the right thing to do.”

Mother: *loudly*That is how I raised you to be! I don’t know what the f*** happened!” *she waves her hands in exasperation*

Cashiers: *giggling*

(All of the teenagers suddenly looked mortified, shut up, stopped meandering into other people’s way, and stood calmly around the woman they were with.)

Can’t Vouch For That Scam

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(I’m a two-month employee at a popular sandwich store in an outlet mall’s food court. I am the only one in the entire store during the lunch rush. A middle-aged woman in a unicorn shirt and tattered jeans comes up to the line for her meal. She orders a half a ham sandwich, and the process goes through as normal. I’m very stressed, but trying my best to be as polite as I can.)

Me: “That’ll be [total], ma’am. Cash or card?”

Customer: “I have this coupon.”

(The coupon is clearly fake. It’s some Google images put together in Paint, with plain text on the front that says “ONE FREE SANDWITCH.”)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; I don’t think I can accept this.”

Customer: “Why the h*** not?”

Me: “I would need my manager’s approval for a coupon of this type, and she’s not in right now.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s bulls***. The management for the mall gave me that coupon because I am a bus driver and I drove 100 people here. That’s a lot of business!”

(The woman begins to yell obscenities at me, including telling the line of now over 30 people to leave because the service isn’t worth it. I am flustered, embarrassed, and on the verge of tears. The mall does give bus drivers of 500 or more people food vouchers for the food court, but they look completely different, and they include the mall’s official seal. They also require the manager’s approval.)

Customer: “I cannot believe this. My daughter would have your head! Who the hell do you think you are, refusing this?”

Me: “I-I’m sorry, ma’am. I don’t—”

(The woman suddenly lunges over the counter and takes a swing at me, trying to punch me in the face. I’m skittish and timid by nature and quickly dodge under her fist. She grabs her sandwich and sprints away. I am completely in tears at this point, but people have been patiently waiting. I void the transaction, then run to the next customer in line to begin his order, drying my eyes with my shirt. A few orders go through as normal and nobody says anything about my tears or the violent lady. One of the last customers in the long line asks my favorite type of cookie, orders three, pays for his meal, and then hands me the cookie bag.)

Customer: “These are for you. I think you’re very brave, and I’ve never seen someone tough through service in tears after something like that.”

(Those were the most delicious cookies I’d ever tasted, especially after that kind of day. I quit not long after that incident. I never saw the lady again, though.)

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