No Agency To Pay Until It’s With An Agency

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(I’m in accounts receivable, and my company has been back and forth with a customer for several months about $20,000 they owe us. After months of broken promises about payments, we put their company on hold, meaning they can no longer place orders with us until they start paying. Two months later, still no payment, so I reach out one more time before sending their case to a collection agency.)

Me: “Hi. I’m [My Name] from [My Company], and I’m looking to speak to [Owner] about—”

Owner: *enraged* “Oh, I know who you are! Listen, [Their Company] is no longer buying from you! Say goodbye to our business! Is this how you treat long-time customers? You cut us off two months ago with no warning or explanation as to why, and now you’ve come crawling back to beg for our business? You’ve got some nerve!”

(While he is ranting, I pull up his case notes, where we’ve documented every interaction regarding their $20,000 balance.)

Me: *cutting in* “I’m very sorry you feel that way, [Owner], but we have actually spoken with you every month for the last seven months about a $20,000 balance on your account. Just this year, you spoke to [Colleague #1] in January, and [Colleague #2] in February. You and I actually spoke three weeks ago, where you personally promised me a check was going in the mail towards the balance that afternoon. This was a courtesy call to let you know that, unless we receive a payment toward your balance by the end of the week, we will forward your case to a collection agency.”

(Maybe twenty seconds of silence.)

Owner: “How much can I put on a credit card?”

Wait Till He’s Gone

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(I am working customer service at a smaller grocery store. A middle-aged man approaches the desk and slams his receipt on the counter. Note that till number two has always printed the receipts somewhat lighter in colour than the rest of the tills.)

Customer: “I have been to till two for the past two weeks straight, and the ink is always too light on the receipt! I need my receipts for business and they always fade in less than a week!”

Me: “All right, I can pass that message along to my manager.”

Customer: “No, I already asked someone, and it’s been two weeks and nothing is done! Your manager makes millions of dollars a month; he can afford to come down here and fix it himself! Like, b****, get your a** down here and fix it!”

Me: “…”

Customer: *continues yelling and complaining*

Me: “I will pass it on to my manager.”

Customer: “I expect it to be fixed when I come back.” *crumples receipt and stuffs it in his pocket*

(No wonder his receipts fade. Also, he could have just gone to another till…)

Groomed For Failure

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Around last Christmas at the pet salon I manage, we hired a new groomer. At first, things go well; she gets along with everyone she works with and customers like her work. But as the new year gets going, things start to go downhill. We end up being lucky if a single week goes by without her calling out of work at least once, as supposedly none of her children or her boyfriend can go seven days in a row without being “seriously” ill. Even when the boyfriend is healthy and the children are ill, he never seems to be able to watch them, despite not having a job.

Eventually, though she never says anything to me directly, she tells some of her coworkers that she’s planning on putting in a two-week notice soon, and not really a two-week notice, as she’s actually planning on working one week and taking Paid Time Off for the second week.

About a week before she’s supposedly going to hand in her notice, the useless girl basically decides to clock out for lunch and then never come back, without telling anyone anything. We know nothing until her next appointment arrives and is waiting for her, so we contact her to see how much longer she’s going to be on lunch. She then claims her boyfriend is in the emergency room — quelle surprise — and that she’s not coming back for the rest of the day, again without telling anybody beforehand or making any arrangements to have her appointments cancelled or rescheduled.

That’s when she finally says to me personally that she’s quitting and, despite the fact that she has appointments for the next day, she is only coming back in to collect her tools and equipment and leave. She does manage to get one thing accomplished before she leaves: putting in a request for a week’s worth of PTO, a request that I promptly deny. It wouldn’t really have mattered, anyway, since her termination was official before the PTO would have taken affect.

The kicker, though, is that when she was interviewed, she stated upfront that she would not accept the position unless it was for 40 hours a week, which we agreed to, but then she never worked that many hours a week. And she stated that the reason she was leaving was because she “couldn’t make it here” and that she wasn’t making enough money. No kidding. If you don’t bring your butt into work, not only will you be making less hourly pay, but customers then won’t know if their dog is actually going to get groomed at that appointment time. If they don’t know their dog is going to get groomed, then they’re going to stop scheduling grooms with you. Then you’re going to have less commission, as well. It’s no wonder the girl “couldn’t make it.”

She claims she found a better paying job elsewhere. One can only hope her family manages to find a way to stay healthy for longer periods of time, or else I don’t see how her new job is going to help her out much. Such a pity. She’s the only pet groomer I’ve ever seen who somehow had trouble filling up her schedule with groom dogs on a Saturday, the single busiest day of the week at the salon.

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A Parking Spot Of Bother

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(This story takes place barely a month after my husband and I returned from our honeymoon and began living together for the first time. My husband is preparing to lead a soccer tour to an African country, taking along a couple dozen students. Understandably, it has been a busy time, and he is dealing with the final preparations. On Friday, the evening before he is set to leave, he gets home from work and decides he wants to park his car in the stall we get at our condo complex, instead of leaving his car on the street for two weeks. Unfortunately, there is someone parked in our stall, and my husband says he’s noticed the same vehicle there before. Slightly stressed with everything that is going on, my husband panics, and sees a sign in the parking lot with a number to call if there are any problems. He calls, and a tow truck comes and tows the car away. Soon after, we get a knock on our door.)

Dude: “Hey, did you get my car towed?”

Husband: “Yeah, you were parked in our stall. Sorry about that.”

Dude: “That was a jerk move. You could have just left a note on my windshield!”

Husband: “I’m sorry about that. I just have a lot going on right now, and I didn’t know what to do. I’m really sorry.”

(Our neighbour gives him a few more choice words after that, says something about living next door to a condo board member and them saying it was okay to park in our spot, and storms off. My husband and I leave the condo for an hour or two afterwards, and as soon as we return, there is another knock on the door.)

Dude: “Hey, it’s going to cost $450 to get my car back.”

Husband: “I’m really sorry.”

(They went back and forth a few more times, the guy getting progressively angrier. The conversation finished with the guy threatening to take us to small claims court. Yeah. Small court claims because he was parking in OUR parking spot — aka stealing. I ended up calling the condo management company and speaking to one of the administrative ladies to explain the situation, just in case he called. As I was finishing my story, I’m pretty sure I could hear her softly chuckling. She ended up calling me a few days later and said she spoke with the person in question, that he was in the wrong, and that the situation was resolved. My husband definitely regrets calling the number, as leaving a note would have been nicer, but at the same time, the guy didn’t have any leg to stand on. He didn’t park in our spot again and my husband saw him only once more after that. It was late at night, around the parking lot, and my husband thinks he was drunk. He said something along the lines of, “That spot good enough for you?”)

Not An Employee, But Employees Wish They Could Do That

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(I’m an employee in a supermarket. One of our regulars is an autistic young man who is tall, wide, and built like a wrestler. He also has some unique social quirks, the main one being his mood; he’s either very social, friendly, helpful, and attentive, or just in a plain bad mood. He also has the habit of dressing in shirts from various animes, and a red vest which has a darker shade of red than the employee shirts; this causes some customers to confuse him for an employee, despite his vest lacking the store logo. Here’s one of the situations we had with him. He’s choosing fruit to buy, and he’s having a bad mood day.)

Customer: “Excuse me. These apples look rotten.”

Regular: “Not an employee.”

Customer: “What do you mean? You’re wearing a red shirt; go get me fresh apples!”

(He finishes choosing his fruits and walks over to the next aisle. The lady follows him and starts to get angry, so I head over.)

Customer: “Hey, don’t ignore me! Do your work!”

Me: “Ma’am, he’s not an employee. I’ll help you with your apples. Now, please stop shouting and don’t make him angry.”

Customer: “I don’t care! He should be polite to customers!”

(She gets fed up and swings her purse at him, which he catches and yanks from her hands before flinging it over the wall into another aisle. He turns to the lady, red-faced, eyes narrowed, and breathing heavily.)

Regular: “NOT. AN. EMPLOYEE!”

(He calmed down pretty much instantly and continued his shopping. The next time I saw him, he was in his good mood, and he came right over to me and apologized for five minutes about causing a scene.)

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