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A Good Sign(s) Of The Times

, , , , , , , , , | Working | April 19, 2016

(I am deaf, and so I communicate mostly by reading lips and using BSL (British Sign Language). I frequent a coffee shop every day on my way to work, but since the place is always busy and in a rush I usually have my order written down to speed things along. This time however, was different.)

Me: *hands barista my order on paper*

Barista: *looks down at the paper, and then up at me, and then beams a huge smile*

(All of a sudden, the barista starts talking to me in fluent BSL!)

Barista: *in BSL* “Hi, I was hoping I’d catch you today!”

Me: *replying in BSL* “You know BSL?”

Barista: “Just a little. Ever since you’ve been coming in and felt like you had to write your order down on paper, I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I think you should be able to order just like everyone else, so I started learning BSL. How am I doing?”

(At this point I start tearing up, and am so emotional I can barely sign.)

Me: “I think… that’s one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.”

Barista: “It is absolutely my pleasure. Now, shall I get you your regular?”

(It has been years since that encounter, and every day the barista was there we would have a small chat in BSL. She has since left but we remain in touch and I always thank her for that day when someone learnt a whole language just to make me fit in.)

Warrants A Good Action

, , , , , | Working | April 18, 2016

(I’ve been pinching pennies for months. My house in a town three hours away has been listed for sale for five months and I’m living in a tiny rental room near my new job, so I’m paying for my house, taxes, bills, plus a rental, and finances are tight. I found out a few days before that my transmission needs to be fixed for $2700 or replaced for $3500. This bill will cripple my finances at this time. I am at a dealership service department.)

Me: “I’m here to drop off my car for an inspection; I’m really really hoping it’s covered under warranty. Can you call me if the bill is going to go over $100?”

Serviceman: “Yes, we sure can. If the repair turns out to be under warranty then the inspection is covered, too. If not then the inspection fee is less than $100 for sure.”

(Six hours later…)

Serviceman: “Hi there, has your car had any work on it in the past on the transmission?”

Me: “Yes, there was a fix to the axle or something in January. I’m sorry; I don’t remember all the details anymore, though.”

Serviceman: “Did you pay for that work? Where did you get it done?”

Me: “In [Other Auto Repair Shop].”

Serviceman: “Well, they used the wrong part and that fix would have been covered under your warranty, so I’m going to cover this whole mess under your warranty so it won’t cost you anything else.”

(He couldn’t have been nicer about it! I’ll be taking them some freshly-baked treats when I get my car back later this week!)

The Real Hero Of This Story

, , , , | Working | April 15, 2016

(This happened a while ago on my 13th birthday. I have been a fan of table-top RPGs for a long time. It is around I week before my birthday and I am looking for something to ask my mother for. I am in their back, less visited room when I notice a first edition version of Dungeons & Dragons. Seeing it doesn’t have a price tag I go up to the counter to ask.)

Me: “Hey, I found this in your back room and noticed that it doesn’t have a price tag… How much is it?”

Employee: “Oh, uh, hang on a minute.” *checks for a price tag* “Well… how much are you willing to pay for it?”

Me: “Oh, I don’t have any money on me right now but my birthday is in a couple of days and I was looking for stuff to recommend to my mom.”

Employee: “Oh, okay. Then, let’s say 10$.”

Me: “Thank you.”

(While I am putting it back a man who I have never met before walks up to me and says:)

Stranger: “Hey, happy birthday. I bought it for you. Go and ask the guy working if you don’t believe me.”

(He then ran off. Thank you random stranger, for making my day!)

Don’t Discount The Power Of Charity

, , | Hopeless | April 15, 2016

(I am a mall employee and a December baby. Every December a certain charity sets up a booth at my mall. After my mother gets married my step-grandmother starts sending me birthday checks, thanks to which I wind up with about $600 of spending cash one year. I go absolutely nuts buying clothes and toys to toss in the charity bin over the course of a week, and towards the end of my spree I stop by one store to pick up jewelry, keychains, and wallets with popular characters/logos on them.)

Cashier: “Stocking stuffers?”

Me: “[Charity]! They’re down by the food court.”

Cashier: “Hey, [Manager]? Can we give her a discount?”

(The manager plugged in a military discount on my sale, plus a member’s birthday coupon, saving me $30 on a $75 sale. After I dropped everything off at the charity booth I ran back to my own store to purchase gift cards for the manager and cashier with the money they saved me.)

Ringing Up And Ringing True

, , , | Hopeless | April 11, 2016

(I work at a big box retailer and am cashiering at the express lane. A man comes up with a few items and an older woman puts her items behind them.)

Older Customer: “You can just ring mine with his!” *they both laugh*

Customer: “I like to do that at restaurants; I’ll pick a random couple and pay for their meal but I always make sure they don’t tell them until I’m gone.”

(At this point the man winks at me as the older woman keeps talking, and starts stealthily moving her items up so I can scan them. He has already put in his debit card and put his own groceries in his basket. He tells the older woman to have a good night and goes about his night. After finishing her transaction I handed her the receipt without her paying.)

Older Customer: “Did he… Oh, wow, he did?! I’m having surgery tomorrow and I had to get some last minute things I really can’t afford but I needed. That was amazing; men like him restore my faith in humanity!”