We’re Not Kitten; You’re A Hero!

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I’m a Registered Veterinary Technician running my own pet sitting and dog walking business. I’m on day two of a three-day overnight pet sit at a breeder’s home with cats and dogs and it’s a long weekend for Easter. There are currently three six-and-a-half-week-old kittens running about creating havoc and general kitten mischief.

I have to drive back into town to care for my own pets and take a quick shower. Shortly after returning to the client’s home, I hear faint distressed meowing coming from down the hallway. I go to investigate, opening some of the bedrooms to check to make sure I didn’t lock a kitten in when letting the dogs in and out of their rooms.

I get to the master bedroom and find a bunch of the cats peeking under the bed, and the meowing is coming from underneath it. I get down and look and find one of the kittens wrapped up in some fabric that had been torn from the bottom of the box spring. I reach under to try to unwrap her, but she’s halfway under and I can barely reach or see her and it feels like the fabric is wrapped around a leg. I crawl back out and rush to the kitchen to grab a pair of scissors to try to cut her out with.

On my way back, I hear her give one more strained cry and fall silent. I rush over to the side of the bed and get down, ready to reach back under, only to be face to face with an angry hissing momma cat. Fearing more for the kitten than myself, I plead with her not to scratch my face and reach under. The kitten has gone limp. In a panic, I realize that there is no way I am going to be able to maneuver the scissors to cut the fabric and instead grab a handful of the fabric close to the boxspring and pull. I don’t know if it’s adrenaline or if the fabric is just frayed enough, but I manage to rip the fabric from the bed and pull the kitten out.

She’s still not moving or breathing, and I see that the fabric is wrapped tightly around her little neck. I manage to get the scissors between the fabric and cut it. Even with the fabric removed from her neck, she still is not breathing, and I begin CPR and mouth to mouth. After a minute of compressions and breaths, she starts coughing and moving sluggishly. I scoop her up and rush to put her in a carrier while getting the emergency vet number and also trying to reach my client over the phone.

We don’t have an emergency vet that stays open up here; instead, the clinics rotate who is on call each day and you have to wait for them to call you back. While waiting, I keep monitoring the kitten, and she slowly starts to move around and be aware of her surroundings.

Finally, after twenty minutes, the vet calls me back and we go through an assessment over the phone to determine if I should bring her in. By then, the kitten is acting as if nothing happened beyond being a bit quiet, and it is decided that she will be okay.

And that is how I saved the life of a six-and-a-half-week-old kitten by knowing how to perform CPR on pets. Happy Pet First Aid Month, everyone! If you have pets, please consider enrolling in a class that will teach you Pet CPR and First Aid; you never know when it may save a tiny life.

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It’s A Dragon! It’s A Kangaroo! No, It’s… Actually, It IS A Dragon!

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I’m the same person from these two stories. My Japanese teacher, who I’ll call Sensei, quite likes origami. I have a tendency to start speaking in English during speaking tasks due to nerves. She helps me overcome this by building up my confidence, and she gifts me with a pack of origami paper the first time I succeed.

During a lesson, a friend and I are chatting, and I offhandedly mention the origami prank I played earlier. Sensei jokingly interjects.

Sensei: “I hope I won’t find rabbits all over my desk, [My Name]!”

I laugh and we move to another topic.  

When I get home, I examine the pack of origami paper I was given and realize just how many pieces of paper there are in the pack. That’s when I get ideas.  

I carefully extricate one piece of each color and fold them all into dragons. I spend the next few days with a pocket full of paper dragons, waiting for an opportunity where I can get to Sensei’s desk.

A week or so later, that opportunity comes. I dash right in and get to work placing the dragons. Once I am done, I run back outside to find Sensei.

Me: “Sensei, Sensei, come quick! There’s an army of miniature dragons invading your desk!” 

Sensei: “Miniature dragons?”

Me: “Yeah, miniature dragons!” 

We walked back to the staffroom where her desk was located. As soon as she opened the door and spotted her desk, she started laughing.  

True to my word, there were eight miniature dragons in various comical positions on her desk. There was one tapping at her keyboard curiously, one climbing up the side of her desktop monitor, one on top of her monitor entirely, one swinging from the cord for the vertical blinds by its forelimbs and holding on for dear life, one running on her tape roll mounted in the desktop tape dispenser, and three more sitting around on her desk, watching the show.  

Judging by how the eight origami dragons are now carefully lined up on her desk, I think this prank counts as a success.

It’s A Dragon! It’s A Kangaroo! No, It’s A Disappearing Teacher!
It’s A Dragon! It’s A Kangaroo! No, It’s A Whole Mess Of Rabbits!

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Barista Is Best Barista

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My friends and I decided to grab to takeout breakfast from a local chain coffee shop. It had been a rough week and we were all feeling incredibly drained, so we shambled into the place looking and acting like zombies.

One by one we approached the counter, where we were greeted in turn by The Best Barista. He was so sweet, chipper, and polite, making small talk and cracking jokes, that every one of us walked away smiling.  

The best part came as we were sitting at one of the tables waiting for our food to be cooked. We had already received some of our drinks. The Best Barista appeared to be going on break. He left the counter, walked by our table, did a double-take, came back to us, and said that he noticed that one drink didn’t look mixed very well — he was just taking orders, not making the drinks — and then offered to take it behind the counter to mix it properly!

We had never before and have never since met such an awesome worker at any restaurant, nor did we ever see The Best Barista again. They were just little things, but his actions really made our day. We all made sure to leave generous tips before we left!

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You Either Look Like A Mode, Or You Work There

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I am a short, plump young woman with pale skin, glasses, and dark hair that is sometimes frizzy, sometimes straight, and I have thick bangs. These are some of the things people have said I looked like.

Customer #1: “You know, you kinda look like Ugly Betty.”

Me: “I… um… oh?”

Customer #1: “Well, you know, she actually looks really beautiful without all that makeup on.”

Me: *Pauses* “This is me without the makeup on.”

Anything that begins with the word “Ugly” is not a compliment. A mentally handicapped teenage boy comes up to me.

Teen: “Um… I don’t know if you will like this but… you look like someone on TV.”

I am ready for another “Ugly Betty” comment.

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Teen: “Um… Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.”

Me: “I love her! I’ll take that compliment!”

And then the last one:

Customer #2: “You tell her.”

Customer #3: “No, you tell her!”

Me: “What’s up?”

Customer #2: “Well… with that haircut… you kinda look like Edna from The Incredibles.”

Me: *In Edna’s voice* “Oh, thank you, darling!”

They started laughing.

This story is part of our Feel Good roundup for April 2021!

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If Only, Ma’am, If Only

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I work at a big store in the gardening section. I can’t lift anything over ten pounds because I’ve recently had shoulder surgery. There’s one coworker that no one likes because he doesn’t do anything and is rude to his coworkers.

Old Lady: “Excuse me, dear. Can you help me with these cement blocks?”

Me: “I can certainly get one of my coworkers to help you. [Rude Coworker]—”

Rude Coworker: “No. Don’t even think about it. You do it yourself. You’re just being lazy.”

Old Lady: “Young man, if you were my grandson, I’d put you over my knee and smack your butt until it bled!”

Trying not to laugh, I found another coworker to help the old woman, and she did it without complaint. I later heard that the old woman did complain to a supervisor and my coworker was written up for his laziness and rudeness.

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