Gotta Make Up For That Wage Gap Somehow

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My great-grandmother was an incredible woman and quite a bit of a penny pincher. She was women’s lib before that even existed. She had a separate bank account from her husband and actually owned land in her own name — an unusual thing back in the 1930s. She once threw a fit when the bank added my great-grandfather’s name to her bank account without permission. He also told the bank that what they did was wrong.

So, because of this, she was very careful and shrewd with her money. She had a business and believed in giving customers full benefit for their money… but she also demanded the same from others.

One day, when she is around ninety, she has a plumbing issue and has to call a professional. He actually is able to fix it in less than thirty minutes. The problem comes when he presents the bill.

Great-Grandmother: “Wait. Why are you charging me for two hours of labor when you only worked for less than thirty minutes?”

Plumber: “That is our minimum labor charge.”

Great-Grandmother: “Then you owe me an hour and a half of work.” *Hands him a rake* “You can rake up the leaves in my yard.”

Plumber: *Incredulous pause* “You have got to be kidding me. I am a plumber.”

Great-Grandmother: “Good for you. If I am going to pay for two hours of labor, you will earn two hours of labor. Now get to work.”

After standing there for a minute, he realized that this little old woman was not kidding. The plumber picked up the rake and spent the next hour and a half raking up leaves.

My great-grandmother came out after an hour and a half with a glass of lemonade and the money to pay the bill.

She did this with anyone and everyone she hired to do anything. They did not argue and she paid them gladly. 

I miss her.

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Chocolate Cures All, Part 4

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A man comes up to buy a pair of shoes. These are rather expensive shoes that have a bit of a sale going on. We’re allowed to give a coupon out if they apply for the store’s credit card. I mention this to him, and he happily obliges. I don’t remember if he was accepted or not, but he still gets his 30% off.

Customer: “Thank you very much!”

He proceeds to finish his transaction with cash. At the end, he looks over to the candy bars at the register.

Customer: “Do you have a recommendation for Godiva bars?”

Me: “I personally just like the plain milk chocolate. Nothing really beats simplicity.”

He grabs a milk bar, and I run it through for a second transaction. He takes the bar, wrapping it with the receipt, and hands it to me.

Customer: “For you, since you helped me out with a discount.”

That completely made my day. I’ve kept the wrapper in my memory box since it’s a treasured memory.

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A Different Kind Of Returner Burner

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I work in an antique store. It attracts a sometimes eccentric clientele. I love it. A young man comes in, approximately eighteen or nineteen. He looks a little sheepish.

Man: “I’m really sorry, I think my mum accidentally stole these from here. I’m happy to give them back and I’ll pay for them as well. She doesn’t mean to, she just forgets she has them and walks out with them.”

The item in question is a little dog figurine and a small glass vase; neither of them very high in value. Both have tags on from the shop.

Me: “I’ll grab my boss.”

This definitely looks like I’m passing over the problem to him. I am. I hold my hands up but it’s his shop at the end of the day. And I had another lady in line to buy a large wooden cat statue, which she ended up needing me to carry to her car.

 I returned to my till to see no one in sight. I served the next customer. Twenty minutes later in an empty shop the man and my boss came out of the camera room.

Man: “I’m sorry.”

Boss: “It’s okay. She looks like she just forgot they were in her hand. It’s an easy mistake to make when trying to remember everything else.”

The man hands my boss the cash to cover the items and my boss hands him the cash back.

Boss: “Listen you’ve returned the items. You are more honest than most of my regulars. Your mum messed up but you’re taking responsibility for it. That speaks about you as a person.”

The man broke into tears. My boss is a good man.

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A Good Flavor Of Customer

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My friend and I have come to a local Italian ice shop after a morning of ultimate frisbee. The shop is known for its extensive list of flavors that changes daily.

Friend: “Hi. I have a proposition for you. Can I have a medium Italian ice with every flavor?”

Me: “I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

The employee’s eyes get huge.

Employee: “I can do my best.”

The employee tops off my friend’s order with all eleven flavors for the day, each with an equal scoop.

Employee: “It’s a little messy, but here you are, sir!”

Friend: “This is awesome. You guys don’t have name tags. What’s your name?”

Employee: “It’s [Employee].”

Friend: “Well, thank you, [Employee]. You’ve truly made my day with this.”

He then tipped the employee half the cost of his ice, and we continued on our way.

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The Enduring Durian

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My father owns several shophouses which he rents out to businesses. With the global health crisis, many of these businesses are struggling. One of them, a hotel, was unable to pay their rent for the month. The owner was getting pretty desperate, as he was nearly bankrupt, even with my father only charging him 30% rent for the past three months.

As things happened, that month was the start of durian season, so the owner offered to pay his rent in durians, freshly harvested from his uncle’s plantation, for that month. Seeing no other choice, and also being a big durian lover, my father accepted.

Two days later, a truck pulled into our driveway to unload over one hundred durians — not just regular durians, but all high quality and expensive durians. It was enough to cover the month’s rent and then some. We ate like kings for the next few months.

Unfortunately, the hotel owner managed to scrape together enough money to pay the rent for the next few months, so we never got rent in delicious delicacies ever again.

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