A Very Bear-able Service

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(I am staying at a large — several hundred rooms — four-star hotel in central Berlin, co-organising a congress for over 800 people. Our crew, including technicians, artists, and the like, could very well be sixty-something people. We almost take over the entire hotel for four days because we have rented all of the conference rooms, and our boss has requested that we get breakfast served earlier than usual — 5:30 — so that we can get to work early preparing everything. Needless to say, we are known. I am twenty-five at the time. I’m my boss’s second-in-command, a translator and interpreter in a foreign country working for a crew that does not know the local language. Through this, I get to know almost all of the hotel staff and I am very much known, too, because whenever something needs doing or taking care of, I am the one to contact anybody else in the hotel, and vice-versa; whenever anyone from the hotel wants anything from us, they come to me. This is the last day, it’s three or four am, the congress is almost over, and the people are just dancing in the main congress hall. I see my boss asleep at the sound mixing table, so I figured I’m permitted to hit the sack myself. I take the long elevator ride and walk up to my room, only to find that my key card is not working. I find my way down to the reception. Mind you, it’s been a very long few days.)

Me: *very tired* “Hello. My card seems to not be working anymore. Could you recode it for me?”

Clerk: *definitely older than my father* “Certainly. What is your room number?”

Me: “Room [number].”

Clerk: “Here you go. Can I get you anything?”

(I pause. At first, I don’t say anything; I don’t move because I am so very tired. The clerk is very, very polite with me. I notice a shelf with memorabilia from Berlin. As is the usual case with hotels, they are all VERY pricey. I notice a small teddy bear costing 32 Euros, which is a small fortune for me at the time, but I want to bring home something nice.)

Me: “Yes. Could I see that little bear, please?”

Clerk: *hands me the bear* “Here you are.”

Me: *looking at the bear, then slowly* “I will take it. Please sell it to me. I will pay cash.”

(The clerk takes the teddy bear from my hands, looks at it, and looks at me, and I don’t know why, but he says:)

Clerk: “I’m giving it to you as a gift.”

Me: *almost too tired to be surprised* “Really? Thank you very much, sir. Have a good night.”

(I walked off, very much stunned. The staff at this hotel were always very, very helpful. I felt the clerk took pity on me because I was so beat up, and he really didn’t have to make that gesture, but he did.)

He Has An Amazing Station In Life

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I take the commuter rail to work every day. The station I get off at is extremely busy. It is right in the middle of a college campus — people actually walk through the station to get from one side of campus to the other — and has connections to about six different bus lines, a subway line, and shuttle buses to a local medical area. The neighborhood is okay, but not stellar, and lots of students walking through tends to mean a lot of dropped trash and such. The roof is leaky, and sometimes the doors don’t close all the way, so dirt, leaves, and rain get in.

However, this is the absolute cleanest station on the line because of one janitor. This man is a machine. He is constantly sweeping, mopping, cleaning handrails, and picking up trash. Even on the most crowded days, there is hardly anything on the floor. I’ve been seeing him every day, just quietly doing his job more thoroughly than the (higher paid) janitors at the college I work at.

One cold day, I decided that his guy needed some sort of recognition for his work. I got him a $40 card to the local coffee and donut shop and gave it to him, explaining how grateful I was for his efforts. He looked surprised, but then his face lit up with the biggest grin I had ever seen on him. I wave at him all the time now, and I’m glad he knows that at least one of the ten gazillion people rushing by notices his amazing work.

Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 8

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(I’m just starting my first semester of university and I have to take a train and bus route to the school. It’s my first time using public transport like this and on top of that, on a Saturday, when they have a different schedule. My dad, stepmom, and I make it to the train fine and up to the bus stop where we board and begin talking about how we need to time things.)

Me: “I have three classes at [location #1] and one class in the middle of all these at [location #2]. So, if we go from the center to [location #1], and then back up to [location #2], we can be back at the stop to make it in time for the four o’clock train.”

Bus Driver: “Well, I’m actually on detour today, so I’ll be going right behind [location #1] and the dorms behind there. I won’t be going near the center stop again.”

Me: “Oh! All right. Thank you for that!”

(Fast forward to him driving us to the university. None of us know to pull the line to stop the bus, but he stops at the center anyway.)

Me: *to my dad* “Oh, was I supposed to pull on that?”

Bus Driver: “Yes, you are. But it’s okay; I knew you were getting off here. Just remember that for when you start school.”

(We all thank him and get off, going around the university campus so I can figure everything out. We go backwards and find [location #2] first, and then head to [location #1], find my classes, and head out behind them. The three of us find a place to sit, unsure if it’s right as there’s no real stop sign for the bus, hoping that the driver is the same and will just stop a little bit past us. Sure enough, right as we decide this, the bus pulls up on the road, going just past us, and stops.)

Dad: “Thanks!”

Bus Driver: “No problem. Out of curiosity, when’s your last class?”

Me: “It was at 9:20 pm, but the last bus leaves at 9:30 pm, so I switched it to make sure I didn’t miss the bus. My latest is at 3:30 pm now.”

Bus Driver: “Yeah, you would have missed every bus! People are stranded up here at 9:30 at night all the time. Another young girl was in the same boat, so hopefully, she was able to figure hers out, too.”

(We all smiled at the kind driver and took our seats after thanking him. As we were talking about everything we noticed he was honking at someone. I looked over and saw a girl standing at the bus stop that now wouldn’t be stopped at due to the detour. Her headphones were in so she didn’t hear the bus. As he rounded the corner, he pulled to the side and stopped, got off the bus, and walked over to the corner, waving at the girl. He then got back into the bus, waiting for the girl who got on, thanked him, and then took her seat! Not only was he a HUGE help to my family and me, but he made sure everyone was taken care of. We couldn’t have thanked him enough!)

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Burger, Frustration, And Milkshake

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(I am the customer in this story. I am hosting a small party for my birthday at a very popular fast food joint. We are almost fifteen people, and our order is really complicated since everyone wants a different kind of meal with different drinks. As such, the cashier has a tough time with my order but she is extremely patient and makes sure to take the order correctly. I pay for my order and take the numerous trays to the table, helped by friends. By this point, I am very flustered, too, since my friends are complaining about not getting the right drinks, etc. By the time I have made sure everyone has the right food, I realise I forgot to buy food for myself. Extremely annoyed, I go back to the counter.)

Cashier: “Namaste! How may I help you, ma’am?”

Me: “I forgot to buy food for myself in all that confusion. I’ll have a [burger meal].”

Cashier: “Sure! Your total is [amount].”

(I pay, take my tray, and start walking towards the table when I realise I forgot to get ketchup. I am so frustrated now that I storm to the condiment bar and put my tray there. I obviously am not paying much attention, because the entire tray falls down along with the food. There are fries and drink everywhere on the floor. I have had enough. I go and sit at my table with a huff.)

Friend #1: “Where’s your food, [My Name]?”

Me: “I dropped it, and now I’m not going to the counter again.”

Friend #2: “Look, [My Name], the cashier is calling for you.”

(Sure enough, I turn back and see that the cashier is gesturing to me to come to the counter. I go over, and she hands me a tray with a burger, fries, and a drink.)

Me: “But I dropped my—“

Cashier: “Take this; it’s on the house.”

(I thanked her and went back to the table. Thank you, kind lady. You made my day! Or rather, my birthday!)

A Signed That It’s Going To Be A Good Birthday

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(I’m a high-medical-needs child, and one of my conditions is severe tinnitus in one ear and complete deafness in the other. I’m completely deaf in restaurants and public places, because of the noise, so it is very hard for me to order. I am out for lunch on my birthday.)

Waitress: *after taking everyone else’s orders* “Okay, and what would you like, sweetie?”

Me: *no response*

Waitress: “Excuse me?”

Me: *no response*

(Finally, my dad explained my situation, and she signed to me her question. Later on in the meal, she brought the whole staff out, with a free dessert. While the entire staff was singing to me, she signed the entire time. If you are reading this, miss, thank you so much!)

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