Giving Them The Onion-Ring-around

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In this instance, I am the customer and I have placed an online order. I ordered a sandwich and asked them to take off the Jalapeno cheese because it is too spicy, and paid a little extra to add onion rings on it.

I open my order to find it has the cheese melted onto it and two measly little onion rings that don’t even cover half the sandwich. I decide to give them a call.

Worker #1: “Hi. Thank you for calling [Restaurant]. Is this for delivery or takeout?”

Me: “Hi. I’m terribly sorry to call you, but I just made an order online for a sandwich, and it just arrived. I asked for no cheese and paid for onion rings to be added on. But it has the cheese and the onion rings don’t even cover half the sandwich and are really small. I hate to make a fuss but—”

Worker #1: “No, no! It’s no problem; that is unacceptable. Give me a moment.”

He puts me on hold for a little while.

Worker #1: “Okay, I have them remaking your order right now! It should take about thirty to forty-five minutes. Did you ask for extra onions or onion rings?”

Me: “Okay, thank you! Do you need the other sandwich back or would you like some sort of proof about the sandwich being how I said? I promise I am not trying to steal or get free food! And it was onion rings.”

Worker #1: “No, no need for that. Did you say onion rings or extra onions?”

Me: “I paid the extra fee for onion rings to be added on. I’m so sorry for being so picky.”

Worker #1: “It’s no problem at all. Your order will be there in thirty to forty-five minutes and we will comp you your meal and send you some extra fries, as well.”

Me: “Oh! You don’t need to do that!”

Worker #1: “It’s quite all right. Have a good night!”

About thirty minutes later, my order arrives again. I open it up to find that they have made an absolutely beautiful sandwich… but that it still has the Jalapeno cheese melted over the top so I can’t just take it off. So, I call back, very reluctantly.

Worker #2: “Hi. Thank you for calling [Restaurant]; delivery or takeout?”

Me: “Um. I actually was hoping to speak to [Worker #1] about an order I just made?”

Worker #2: *Confused* “O… kay… Hold on a second.”

I wait a few moments on hold.

Worker #1: “Hello?”

Me: “Hi, Yes… Um… I called about my sandwich that you remade and—”

Worker #1: “Oh! It’s on its way! The delivery guy left just a few minutes ago.”

Me: “Actually, it arrived and… um… I’m so, so, sorry… It, um… It still has the Jalapeno cheese melted on it. You don’t need to remake it or anything; I just wanted to call and thank you for remaking it for me. You don’t need to remake it again; I’ll jus—”

Worker #1: *Sounding annoyed* “They messed it up again?! Hold on a second.”

I try to catch him and tell him there is no need to worry and they don’t need to remake it, but he puts me on hold again. A few minutes go by.

Worker #1: “I am sorry about that. I have no idea what is wrong with the kitchen tonight. I can’t believe they messed it up again! For your trouble, we will be remaking your sandwich and sending you a gift card.”

Me: “Oh, no, no, no, no, no! You don’t need to do that! Really! I’m sorry for being so picky; I just wanted to tell you thank you for remaking it! There is no need for all of that or—”

Worker #1: “Hush, you should have gotten what you paid for the first time, and certainly the second time. Your sandwich and gift card should be arriving in about twenty-five minutes. You have a good evening now!”

Me: “You, too, but you really don’t need to—”

He hung up on me. Twenty-five minutes later, the delivery guy arrived with my sandwich and a gift card for $20 and a little note apologizing for the inconsistency.

To [Worker #1], I am very grateful that he took the time to make sure I got my order. And to the kitchen staff, I am so sorry for being a bother. But that is amazing customer service and I only hope people will read this and see how being polite instead of yelling and getting upset can do wonders.

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And With A Mighty Swish, The Heroic Cashier Saved The Day

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I’m reporting myself here.

I rushed to the store the other night, in a bit of a panic since they weren’t too far from closing and I needed a few things urgently. After quickly grabbing my things, I got to the cash register and the cashier started ringing through my items. It was at that moment that I realized I’d left my wallet at home.

As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I felt myself getting panicky as I asked the cashier if it was possible to suspend my transaction so I could run home and get my wallet. I figured that if I ran carefully on the icy roads, I might make it back in time before they closed, but I was feeling the anxiety build and my entire body was shaking.

That’s when the cashier took a look at the time, took a look at me, and asked me if I had Swish, a Swedish mobile app to transfer money instantly. I nodded yes since at this point I was fighting tears. They immediately whipped out their wallet, paid for my groceries, gave me their number and the total, and asked me to just transfer the money to them. I pulled my phone out and did so while thanking them profusely with my breathing finally going back to normal.

I’ve always talked about how much I hate living in a tiny town, but at times like this, I’m grateful for it; the cashier most likely saved me because he’s seen me pretty much every single week for the past five years. I’ve got nothing but gratitude to that cashier who helped me out when it would have been well within his right to deny me service and ask me to sort payment out some other way.

Thank you, cashier, for rescuing an anxious and panicky girl in her thirties and restoring some of her faith in humanity.

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Cruising Your Way To Some Excellent Tips

, , | Working | July 8, 2020

I’m on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with my wife, her parents, and her two sisters. We agree early on that every night we will have dinner together, and we will go early enough to beat the rush. It’s one of the first nights, and we have a very friendly waitress taking our order, bringing us our food, etc.

The next night, my parents-in-law decide they want to try the ship’s Teppanyaki restaurant, so it’s just the three daughters and me. We end up coincidentally at the same table, with the same waitress. What happens next surprises us.

Waitress: “Good evening, Ms. [Sister-In-Law #1], Ms. [Sister-In-Law #2], Ms. [Wife], Mr. [My Name]. Where are Mr. [Father-In-Law] and Mrs. [Mother-In-Law]?”

We are shocked. We have not told her our names; she must have read them on our ID cards which we showed her when ordering drinks. Just as amazing is what happens next:

Waitress: “Do you want iced tea, water, ginger ale, and Diet Pepsi again?”

This was our correct order from the previous night.

From then on, every night, we asked specifically if we could sit in that waitress’s section. Once, they even pulled her off of buffet duty to wait our table — for which she thanked us profusely. 

Once, the hostess started bringing us somewhere else, and we saw the waitress already putting our drinks at our regular table. Despite her efforts to discourage us, my father-in-law left her a massive tip.

I know it’s not reasonable to expect that wait staff will remember your name and order, but when it does happen, it helps make the meal a bit more special.

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A Wonderful Word For A Wonderful Job

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I work at a higher-end fast food restaurant. The food is all made fresh to order and delivered to the customer’s tables. About four months ago, we had a fire and had to close down. I am one of nine new hires brought in to replace staff that left during the closure.

We have been reopened now for three days, and it is my third day at work. Because of the closure, we have been EXTREMELY busy these past few days. My job today is to bring the food out to the customers.

I notice that [Customer #1] has been waiting a while for their meal.

Me: “Hi! Can I see your number, please? I noticed you’d been waiting a while and I’d like to check on your order for you.”

Customer #1: “Sure.” *Shows me her number*

Me: “Thanks. I’ll go check on that for you.”

I go to the set area and check on the order. Turns out it is just about done, and I return to the customer with her food.

Me: “Here’s your food. I’m so sorry about your wait. Is there anything else I can get you?”

Customer #1: “Actually, I noticed that you were bringing the cars in the drive-thru coupons with their meals. Would I be able to get a sheet of those? I don’t have any myself.”

Me: “Absolutely! I’ll go get those for you.”

I return to the main area and grab the coupons for the customer.

Me: “Here you are. Is everything tasting okay?”

Customer #1: “Yes, everything is great! Thank you so much.”

Me: “Awesome, well, let me know if there is anything else I can get for you. Enjoy!”

I turn to leave and walk past [Customer #2] and her husband at the next booth.

Customer #2: “Excuse me, young man.”

Me: “Yes, what can I do for you?”

Customer #2: “I just wanted to say that you are doing a wonderful job. You’re so friendly to everyone in the restaurant.”

Me: “Thank you! It’s really nothing, just common courtesy.”

Customer #2: “No, really, you’re perfect!”

I notice that my manager is standing right behind [Customer #2].

Me: *Nervous as heck* “I don’t think I’m quite perfect, but thank you so much for saying so.”

Customer #2: “No, really! You are.”

Me: “Well, I’m not going to argue with a customer. Thank you again. Is there anything else I can get for you today?”

Customer #2: “No, thank you. I just wanted to tell you you’re doing a wonderful job.”

Me: “Thank you very much. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Made my day! I love my job, and I love having such loyal customers! I had a smile plastered on my face for the rest of my seven-hour shift!

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Dropping A Conversational Bomb

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This story happens in the early 2000s. I am backpacking through Germany, and I have a few days in Berlin before I move on. I decide to take a bus tour of the city, having never been there before.

On the bus tour, the tour guide is a man who appears to be in his twenties or early thirties. Most of the bus is filled with a group of elderly British men and women. The bus pulls away from the curb, the tour guide introduces himself, and then he asks if anyone has been to Berlin before. 

All of the British men raise their hands.

Guide: “Wow, this is more than usual. When were you all here?”

The British men mumble among themselves for a few seconds.

British Man #1: “Well, if it’s all right with you… we would rather not go into detail.”

Guide: “Oh, come on. Please, share your experiences.”

British Man #2: “If you insist. We were all in the Royal Air Force Bomber Command during the Second World War. We flew bombing raids over Berlin, and other cities, of course.”

British Man #3: “We’ve all seen documentaries about old soldiers who travel to their battlefields one last time, so… here we are.”

The tour guide is at first caught off guard by this response, but he recovers brilliantly.

Guide: “Then I believe we have you, gentlemen, to thank for Berlin being such a unique mix of the ancient and the modern! I do hope you enjoy seeing the city from the ground this time!”

Best bus tour ever. Every time the tour guide pointed out a historic building or landmark, the British gentlemen would share stories about the times they used those buildings as guides and targets for their bombing runs. The tour guide genuinely enjoyed having someone who could share so much insight into what was already a key piece of his lectures, and hearing so many different perspectives and stories made the tour well worth it for the rest of us, as well. I’m pretty sure the tour guide earned at least ten times his normal tips for that tour.

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