A Chip Of Politeness

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(Our gas has been temporarily disconnected, as we’re getting a new boiler installed, so I pop to the fish and chip shop to get dinner for our family. I’ve not been in there before.)

Me: “Hi, can I have a standard cod and chips, please, a battered sausage and chips, and two fishcakes?”

Employee: “Of course, love. Any sauces?”

Me: “Oh, yes. Curry sauce, please.”

Employee: “Okay, coming right up.”

(She then scoops out the two standard portions of chips.)

Employee: “Salt and vinegar on these ones, love?”

Me: “Oh, yes, please, both on that one. Thanks.”

(I notice at this point that she puts another scoop of chips in the bag.)

Employee: “And the cod wrapped together?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

(She adds another scoop of chips, and wraps them up.)

Employee: “And on the second chips, salt and vinegar?”

Me: “Just salt please.”

(She adds another scoop of chips to this lot, as well. I think I can see what’s happening here.)

Employee: “And the battered sausage wrapped with these, fishcakes separate?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

(Another scoop of chips. She repeats my order back to me while wrapping the fishcakes and curry sauce cup.)

Employee: “Anything else for you tonight, love?”

Me: “No, thanks; that looks great. Thank you.”

(Another massive scoop of chips. She confirms what I suspected.)

Employee: “Just in case you’re wondering, every time someone says ‘please’ or ‘thank you,’ I give them another scoop of chips. The clever people like you work that out. Although I think you were brought up right; you say your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-yous’ to everyone, I bet.”

Me: “What a great idea! It’s a shame that you have to reward people for what should be a common courtesy, but I’m glad it works for you. Goodnight, and thanks for all the chips!”

(Of course, I now had more chips than a family of four could possibly eat, but they did us until we got our gas turned back on the next day!)

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Not Amused At The Amusement Park

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(I have just turned 16. I work in the game department of an amusement park, where we operate the games and give out prizes to the customers manually, as only a few games start when the customer puts money in. I am stationed at one of the more stressful games, where up to fourteen people can play against each other, and the winner gets a prize determined by how many people are playing. I have had several full rounds with 14 people playing, and have a big crowd waiting to play. A young couple and their son, maybe five or six years old, come up and join the next game. It’s full, and I activate all the sections, but manage to deactivate the sections that the father and son are playing on. I realize midway through the game, and talk to them after it has ended.)

Me: “I’m very sorry; I managed to deactivate your sections before we started the game. I would be happy to either refund your money, or let you play a game with just the two of you so that you are guaranteed a prize, but I cannot give you the first prize since it would only be the two of you.”

Father: “I just feel like we should be allowed to play for the first prize, since you messed up.”

Me: “I am very sorry for messing up, but I cannot let you play for the first prize as I would get in a lot of trouble.”

(I can see the mother getting angry as I apologize, and before the father can get another word in, she snaps.)


Me: “I’m very so—”


(The father finally manages to calm her down and turns to me.)

Father: “We will take our money back, please.”

(I give them their money back and realize that there are several people still around the game. As soon as the couple and their son leaves, all the people that had gathered also leave. Shaking, I step out of the game booth to breathe, when a coworker comes up to me.)

Coworker: “Are you okay? I could hear her screaming all the way up at my game. You’re doing a great job.”

(I promptly start crying and ask her if she can watch my game so that I can go and breathe in the office for a second. My supervisor hears me crying and asks what has happened. As I tell her, she gets more and more angry, and asks me to come back out and see if the lady is still there so that I can point her out.)

Me: “That’s her, over there.”

(The lady obviously spots me with my supervisor and comes stomping down towards us.)

Mother: “Look, I obviously upset you earlier, so I’m here to apologize.” *steps a little closer to me* “I’ve been working in this kind of industry for several years, and you just have to suck up and get used to it. I mean, you have to just own up to your mistakes and listen to the customer.” *steps even closer, causing me to step back*

Supervisor: “Ma’am, you need to step back from my employee.”

Mother: “I’M JUST TRYING TO APOLOGIZE! SHE MADE A MISTAKE AND SHOULD OWN UP TO IT; LET ME APOLOGIZE!” *looks as if she is going to shove my supervisor.*

(My supervisor then radioed in to security that they needed to get up there ASAP, and not even two minutes later they came running. I had started crying again, and two of the security officers took me away with them to calm me down. I ended up getting a free soda from one of them, and the lady was told if she ever got within a 50 meter radius of me, they would kick her and her family out permanently.)

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Sorry, You’ll Have To Settle For A Burger Civil-Partnership For Now

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(I’m manning the telephone in our small, chicken-centered restaurant. There’s a rush tonight and we have to prepare a huge number of orders in a short time. After the rush, a nice customer calls us.)

Me: “[Restaurant], [My Name] speaking. How can I help you?”

Nice Customer: “Hi there. We ordered a barbecue chicken burger and extra fries. You seem to have switched our order; my friend got a standard burger and two servings of fries.”

Me: “Oh, no, I’m terribly sorry! We had so many orders in the last hour and we might have put the wrong label on your order. We will send out the correct burger at once!”

Nice Customer: “Woah, wait! That’s not why I called, really! I just wanted to warn you that someone will be missing their fries, just in case their order hasn’t been sent out yet. Oh, and I wanted to ask how we shall pay for the extra fries.”

(I am speechless. Next to me, my colleague and one of our drivers frantically start checking prepared orders.)

Nice Customer: “The burger’s fine; you don’t have to send out another one. My friend loves it and, anyway, he’s already eaten half of it.”

Me: “Er… you are fine with the wrong burger, and you actually want to pay for the extra food we delivered by mistake?”

Nice Customer: “Well, yeah, since I will absolutely demolish the fries and there won’t be any survivors left to send back to you.”

Me: “I’m really at a loss of words. Thank you for being so nice about this. Please accept the fries as our gift, and as a thank you for the warning.”

Nice Customer: “Thanks! That’s really nice of you.”

Nice Customer’s Friend: *muffled, in the background* “Tell them I want to marry their burger!”

Me: “No, thank you for being so great about this. You made my week! Have a wonderful night!”

(We were actually able to fix the other order. [Nice Customer] is now a regular and the entire staff loves her!)

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Whistle To Make You Bristle

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(A customer walks into the shop and sees all three staff members serving customers. He starts to whistle at someone working in the back, who is also serving, to get their attention. The staff member ignores him since they are already with a customer. A senior staff member finishes up and addresses the whistling customer, who is trying to get his attention now with more whistling, no “hello” or “excuse me” or anything.)

Staff: “Do I look like a dog?”

Customer: “What?”

Staff: “Do. I. Look. Like. A. Dog?”

Customer: “No, but I am in a rush.”

(The manager has overheard everything and comes out to see the customer.)

Manager: “Hey, buddy. We’ll get you taken care of, but first, go outside, and then come back in and treat my guys like they’re human beings. You don’t treat my staff like animals.”

Customer: “You’re joking, right?”

Manager: “No. My guys will not serve you until you do. No one serves him until he comes back in.”

(The customer walks out. The staff expect him to keep walking, but he comes back in.)

Customer: “Hi, sorry about before. I want to place an order.”

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Very Cord-ial

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(This takes place when laptops weigh at least 10 pounds and are rather expensive. My parents pull together the money to buy me one for my high school homework. It is a big deal. We also have three cats. One cat is very young and loves all things plastic. She’s also a cord-biter. It was so bad she once bit though the cord of my sister’s alarm clock and took the electrical shock. She was fine, the clock died with a loud pop, and the cat learned nothing. I’m working on my bed with the a/c adapter cord plugged in so I don’t lose power. Because of the cat, I have buried the cord under pillows and run it to an outlet I rarely use as it is mostly covered by the bed. All is fine until the laptop suddenly dulls in brightness and the battery icon turns on. Confused, I check and the cord is still plugged into the laptop. Following it to the wall I discover the cat found it. Somehow, without my noticing it, she has dug out the cord and gnawed on it. The laptop is under warranty, but I doubt they cover kitten bites. I shut down the computer and tell my parents. They take it well and advise me to call in to see how much a replacement will cost.)

Rep: “What seems to be the damage to the laptop?”

Me: “A kitten bit the cord.”

Rep: *pause* “Your cord suffered damage?”

Me: *picking up on her tone* “Yes.”

Rep: “Okay. As you are under warranty, we will be shipping you a new cord, free of charge. Please destroy the old cord.”

(I told my parents about it and they were happy. The $80 it would have cost to replace the cord would have been a stretch for us at the time. Thank you, awesome rep!)

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