Location, Location, Location

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(I am taking my son to an appointment thirty minutes away from where we live. We usually get breakfast on the way and we do the same today. We get food near our house at [Fast Food Place] and we are driving along when, halfway to our destination, I realize they have forgotten part of our order. I do not have time to go back, so I decide to take a chance and see if another location on the way to our destination will help me out. I go in and patiently wait for my turn to talk with the staff.)

Me: “I know you guys are franchises and this happened at another location, but I am hoping you can help me.”

(The cashier nods for me to continue.)

Me: “I have to get him to an appointment by nine and we are halfway there, and the other location is fifteen minutes back that way, and when we went through the drive-thru they forgot part of the order.”

Cashier: “Oh, yeah, sure. We can get that for you. What was it?”

(I let her know and the manager passed by nodding and saying, “Yep, just put it through.” I was told it would be a few minutes, but really it was only a few seconds because the manager went over to the line and had them make the food real quick. I was very grateful because I was willing to buy another sandwich since I did not check that my order was correct before leaving the other location. This just shows that if you are polite and understanding, a lot of places will work with you.)

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Mix-Up Causes Mixed Emotions

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I’m a customer at a local fast food joint. While I used to frequently get fast food, due to wanting to get into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been avoiding eating at any fast food joints, except maybe once every few months. However, this particular joint currently has a promotional burger that I am so very excited to try, so I made it a treat to myself. 

It is also the opening night of a new, hugely popular superhero film. There is a movie theatre less than a two-minute walk from the fast food joint, so the staff are clearly run off their feet with massive lines.

When I finally get to the counter, the frazzled but hugely polite and apologetic staff member informs me the drink machines are down. Bummer. But they are offering free replacement sides in place of a drink. I tell them it is completely fine and even joke sympathetically what a bummer it has happened on a night with such a popular film bringing the huge crowds.

I make my order of the promotional burger with sides and wait for it to be called out. While I am waiting, I people-watch. Throughout the entire time I wait, I can’t help but notice how efficient and polite the staff are, despite the massive rush. 

I receive my bag of greasy goodness and, as the place is packed, retreat to the comfort of my vehicle. 

There, I discover that my burger order has sadly been mistaken for another customer’s. While it is a burger I previously have eaten at this joint and enjoyed, I had my heart so set on the promotional burger. 

As I am only just outside the joint, I head back in and wait at the collection point for a staff member. I hate causing trouble for customer service, after spending most of my working life dealing with customer complaints that are beyond ridiculous. I apologise for the trouble and explain that the burger order has been mixed up — only the burger; everything else is completely correct. 

I swear the staff doesn’t know what to do with the fact that I’m not yelling at them for the mishap. They give me a new burger and let me keep the mix-up, as well, as a thanks for not causing a scene and as an apology for the mistake. 

I leave them a nice review on their Facebook page, not for the first time. Always acknowledge when staff are doing their best, and don’t make their life more difficult than it needs to be. They’re human and you actually get the nicer side of them when you act as a decent human yourself.

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Danny Day Care

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(It’s a blisteringly hot day, so I decide to go for an iced coffee. As I walk up, there are two customers in front of me.)

Barista: “Can I get a name for that?”

Customer #1: *mumbles*

Barista: “Danny?”

Customer #1: “Andy.”

Barista: “Sorry, I’ve been giving everyone new names today. Now someone’s got to be Danny!”

Customer #1: *chuckles, pays, leaves*

Customer #2: *steps up to order*

Barista: “Would you like to be Danny?”

Customer #2: *laughs and gives their order and name*

Barista: “Someone called Danny’s going to come along later, and I’ll be like, ‘Yes! Danny! I’ve been waiting for you all day!’ and they’ll be so confused.”

(By now, we’ve all forgotten about the heat and the crowded shopping centre, thanks to our wonderfully cheerful, playful barista!)

Me: *steps up to order*

Barista: “Hello, Danny! What can I get you?”

(I had to take a moment to stop laughing before ordering. Thank you, amazing barista, for giving us all something to smile about on a long, hot day!)

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Pet Me, You Will, Or Items, Break Will I  

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(I am trying to get access to an account I forgot the password for. I am on the phone with a very strange but very nice man.)

Employee: “Do you know the name of your first pet?”

Me: *tries several answers but none work*

Employee: “If I have your zip code, I can send you the answer.”

Me: *tries three zip codes until I finally get it*

Employee: “Okay, the answer should be sent in a text.”

Text Message: “Security answer is ‘yoda.’” *one of my guesses but he capitalized the Y*

Employee: “I’m just going to change it to a capital Y. The master’s name should be capitalized.”

(My parents named the cat Yoda before I was born. I never got into Star Wars but appreciated it anyway. Gave him a ten on his survey.)

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Excuse Me While I Play The World’s Most Expensive Violin

, , , , , | Hopeless | August 27, 2019

I took a trip to visit New York with my dad after graduating from high school. One of the places on his list for us to visit was a “rare violin shop,” since I played violin all four years and participated in the honor orchestra, as well. We made our way down the crowded streets and eventually stopped in front of a ritzy-looking, tall building. 

This sleek-looking building was not what I had pictured when I heard “rare violin shop.” I’d been imagining some street-level shop, open to the public, with some interesting and older violins on display, maybe with a luthier in the back. As we walked inside, took the elevator to the sixth floor, and stood in front of what appeared to be a private condo, I knew something felt off. I voiced my concerns to my dad as he rang the doorbell but was ignored. My dad had never been great at interpreting social standards. 

We were greeted by a receptionist who asked if we had an appointment, since they were by appointment only. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole and I was instantly hyper-aware of the sweaty, summer tourist outfits we had on. My dad eagerly told them that no, we didn’t but, gee, my daughter plays the violin with her high school orchestra and isn’t that great? And we would love to just pop inside and browse! Don’t mind us!

The receptionist gave him an odd look but took it in stride and excused herself to talk to someone behind a door. She came back with the owner, a well-dressed man, who told us that since he had no other appointments right now, he would love to give us a tour!

The starting price for a violin here, we found out, was 10k. He showed us around a very private-feeling and swanky-looking condo, pointed out a room where he casually mentioned he would chat with Joshua Bell when he came by, and opened the most interesting two-person safe I’ve ever seen to show me several multi-million-dollar violins. My jaw was on the floor the entire time. He dutifully and cheerfully answered every question my dad or I asked, and asked me questions in return about my orchestra and what pieces I liked to play, as well.

At the end, the man picked up a — lower-end, but still worth at least a million dollars! — Stradivarius and asked me to pizz a string while he held it. I very gingerly plucked a string and he triumphantly said, “There. Now you’ve played a Stradivarius.”

I don’t remember his name at this point, but to that man, I’m so glad that you ignored my dad’s bad manners and lack of social awareness and decided to take the time out of your day to show a no-appointment, non-customer around. You helped inspire me to continue loving and pursuing my instrument after high school! I still play to this day, and I’ve picked up some other instruments along the way, too!

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