Roommates Are Produce

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(My roommate and I are shopping in a large store. She goes to find a CD while I peruse produce, and I follow her after a minute. I enter the electronics section.)

Employee: “Are you looking for anything particular tonight?”

Me: “Yeah, my roommate.”

Employee: *without missing a beat* “Second to last aisle.”

(I cracked up and thanked him, then went and found her exactly where he’d said she would be.)

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If Only They Could All Talk That Way

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(A woman is shouting at the worker behind the service desk at my local grocery store. I come up partway through her rant, but from what I gather, her ice cream and other groceries melted when she left them in her car while running errands. It being a hot summer day, it seems that her groceries getting warm came as a complete shock to this poor woman, and that she is incensed at the grocery store not somehow keeping them cold until she got home. The man behind the counter is an older gentleman who has been trying to console her, but as she continues shouting over him, his face slowly loses expression. After a bit, he lifts one hand in the air, and then slowly begins lowering it in quick, jerky increments. This startles the woman out of her diatribe.)

Customer: “What the h*** are you doing?!”

Worker: *glancing over at his hand and faking shock* “Oh, this? This is my ‘caring about your bulls***’ meter. As you can see, it’s getting rather low.”

(The woman gapes at him for a bit.)

Customer: “You… That… You can’t…”

Worker: “Can’t what? Put up with any more of your bulls***? Yeah, I can’t.” *shrugs* “I’m gonna retire at the end of the year, so I just can’t give a d*** about you being an idiot.”

Customer: “I- I- I’m gonna call your bosses. You can’t talk to customers this way!”

Worker: “Mmhmm. You go do that. Tell them my name’s [Worker]. Did you get that? [Worker].” *continues to shout after her as she storms out* “That’s [Worker] with a [letter]. You want me to spell it for you?”

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Serving Out Large Cups Of Patience

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(It’s the first real, nice day of spring and I decide to treat myself on my lunch break by going to the drive-thru of a popular coffee chain. Everyone else in town has had the same idea as me, apparently, as the line is almost into the road. I am only about two minutes into an hour-long lunch, so I roll the windows down and get in line, deciding to enjoy the weather while I wait. After about fifteen minutes, I finally pull up to the order speaker.)

Barista: *sounding frazzled, even through the speaker* “Thank you for choosing [Coffee Shop]; I’ll be right with you.”

Me: “Absolutely, take your time! No rush.”

Barista: *now sounding relieved* “Thank you so much.”

(I settle back in and wait. And wait. Ten minutes pass before I hear a voice again, the same person.)

Barista: “Oh! My! God! I am so, so sorry for that wait! Thank you so much for your patience!”

Me: “No worries! You guys seem busy today; I don’t mind waiting.”

Barista: “Thank you so much. Ohm my gosh. My apologies again. What can I get started for you?”

(I order my drink — a medium specialty latte — and pull forward to the window with $10 in hand to pay. The barista opens the window and holds her hand up in a sort of “stop” gesture.)

Barista: “Please, don’t worry about the total. It’s on me today.”

Me: “What? Are you… Are you sure?”

(The drink I ordered is almost $10, and I’m worried the cost will come out of either the barista’s pocket or tips.)

Barista: “Absolutely. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your patience. It’s been an incredibly hectic day.”

Me: “Oh, my God, of course! I understand; it looked like Hell when I pulled in. If I wasn’t prepared to wait, I would have gone somewhere else.”

(The barista flashes me a huge, grateful smile and hands me a large-size cup. Before I can even say anything, the barista says:)

Barista: “Thank you again for understanding and your patience. This is just the least I can do to show you my appreciation. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!”

(Before she closed the window, I launched myself up to toss the $10 into the tip jar just inside. She laughed and shouted, “Thank you!” as I drove off. It was easily the most delicious and satisfying latte I’ve ever had!)

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Location, Location, Location

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(I am taking my son to an appointment thirty minutes away from where we live. We usually get breakfast on the way and we do the same today. We get food near our house at [Fast Food Place] and we are driving along when, halfway to our destination, I realize they have forgotten part of our order. I do not have time to go back, so I decide to take a chance and see if another location on the way to our destination will help me out. I go in and patiently wait for my turn to talk with the staff.)

Me: “I know you guys are franchises and this happened at another location, but I am hoping you can help me.”

(The cashier nods for me to continue.)

Me: “I have to get him to an appointment by nine and we are halfway there, and the other location is fifteen minutes back that way, and when we went through the drive-thru they forgot part of the order.”

Cashier: “Oh, yeah, sure. We can get that for you. What was it?”

(I let her know and the manager passed by nodding and saying, “Yep, just put it through.” I was told it would be a few minutes, but really it was only a few seconds because the manager went over to the line and had them make the food real quick. I was very grateful because I was willing to buy another sandwich since I did not check that my order was correct before leaving the other location. This just shows that if you are polite and understanding, a lot of places will work with you.)

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Mix-Up Causes Mixed Emotions

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I’m a customer at a local fast food joint. While I used to frequently get fast food, due to wanting to get into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been avoiding eating at any fast food joints, except maybe once every few months. However, this particular joint currently has a promotional burger that I am so very excited to try, so I made it a treat to myself. 

It is also the opening night of a new, hugely popular superhero film. There is a movie theatre less than a two-minute walk from the fast food joint, so the staff are clearly run off their feet with massive lines.

When I finally get to the counter, the frazzled but hugely polite and apologetic staff member informs me the drink machines are down. Bummer. But they are offering free replacement sides in place of a drink. I tell them it is completely fine and even joke sympathetically what a bummer it has happened on a night with such a popular film bringing the huge crowds.

I make my order of the promotional burger with sides and wait for it to be called out. While I am waiting, I people-watch. Throughout the entire time I wait, I can’t help but notice how efficient and polite the staff are, despite the massive rush. 

I receive my bag of greasy goodness and, as the place is packed, retreat to the comfort of my vehicle. 

There, I discover that my burger order has sadly been mistaken for another customer’s. While it is a burger I previously have eaten at this joint and enjoyed, I had my heart so set on the promotional burger. 

As I am only just outside the joint, I head back in and wait at the collection point for a staff member. I hate causing trouble for customer service, after spending most of my working life dealing with customer complaints that are beyond ridiculous. I apologise for the trouble and explain that the burger order has been mixed up — only the burger; everything else is completely correct. 

I swear the staff doesn’t know what to do with the fact that I’m not yelling at them for the mishap. They give me a new burger and let me keep the mix-up, as well, as a thanks for not causing a scene and as an apology for the mistake. 

I leave them a nice review on their Facebook page, not for the first time. Always acknowledge when staff are doing their best, and don’t make their life more difficult than it needs to be. They’re human and you actually get the nicer side of them when you act as a decent human yourself.

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