Making Contact With The Right Employee Can Be Eye-Opening!

, , , | Working | May 1, 2020

My boyfriend and I have just booked plane tickets for a well-deserved vacation. I’m near-sighted and have been using contacts for a little over a year, after fifteen years of wearing glasses, so I’m afraid that some issue can come up with my contacts while abroad.

I get the contacts delivered by mail and when I sign up for this service I am told that I can get a free pair once a year, when I go on vacation. Because my address has recently changed, I call the service hotline to notify them of that, and since I’m already on the phone with them, I decide to ask about the vacation contacts.

Me: “So, I don’t exactly remember how this was supposed to work, but when I signed up, I was told I can request a free pair before going on vacation, should I happen to lose the contacts.” 

Customer Service: “Wait, who told you this?”

Me: “Um, it was the lady who told me of this service and signed me up for it… in my local [Store]’s location.”

Customer Service: “I’m sorry, she must have gotten something wrong. This is something we used to offer, but it’s not been active for the last couple of years. This lady told you this last year?”

Me: “Yes, in March. She tested my eyes and took the measurements for the contacts, and then signed me up when I decided to get them so that I could get a new pair every month.”

Customer Service: “Okay, she definitely was giving you the wrong information, I guess she really forgot this was no longer an offer we make. But I’ll be sending you a complimentary pair, anyway, because you were informed wrong.”

I’m now totally scared that I’m THAT customer that always demands free things.

Me: “Oh, you don’t have to. It’s all right; I can just order an additional pair and then cancel the following month’s order. I really didn’t want to leech off—”

Customer Service: “Don’t worry about it; you were given the wrong information, so this is something small I can do for you to compensate you for it. Now, should I have them sent to your new address?”

Me: “Yes, please. And this is so nice of you! Thank you very much!”

I’m logging in to the portal right now to see if I can rate this call and give some positive feedback for this representative. It’s a small thing, really, and something I wasn’t expecting, or demanding, so it took me completely by surprise.

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One Wrong Click Leads To A Chain Reaction Of Support

, , , , | Working | April 30, 2020

Checking in twenty-four hours before my flight on the app on my phone, I accidentally clicked “YES” instead of “NO” when asked if I had dangerous goods. My sign-in was stopped immediately and I was left with no recourse but to cancel my check-in and lose my paid-for, pre-chosen seat. I’m laid back about most things, but there’s no way I can sit on a flight if I’m not by a window that’s opposite the sun. I feel really trapped if I can’t look out regularly.

I called the help line, figuring that this can’t possibly be a rare mistake, and got through to a customer service representative within minutes. I explained my error to her and she hummed, saying that she hadn’t heard of that before, but that she hadn’t heard of many issues as it was her first day.

Man, oh, man.

She started mumble-reading the FAQ, which I had done before calling — sans the mumbling, though — and then started trying all sorts of fixes that I was sure wouldn’t work. Finally, she put me on hold as she called her support and she was left on hold for over half an hour.

It was a 48-minute call — I checked the call counter— but I was calm and encouraging the whole time. I had made the mistake and I knew that freaking out would do nothing helpful. She apologized numerous times but I assured her I was in no rush. Everyone’s gotta learn sometimes and I’m the one who made the fat-fingered mistake. I don’t want to ever be one of those NAR people!

Oh, and randomly, she saw my destination and asked, during our scads of downtime, if that was home; it was Christmas time. As we talked, it came out that we grew up in areas kilometers apart from each other — her dad was great friends with my high school art teacher — but at different times. Currently, we are thousands of kilometres from there and each other.

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A Waitress Who Knows How To Keep Her Cool

, , , , , , , , | Working | April 29, 2020

My mom, stepdad, best friend, and I are driving from Vermont back to Florida after a summer trip to visit my mom and stepdad’s home. We stop for a day in DC to go museum-hopping and have a great time. Then, we get back on the road and our AC goes out. In DC. In the middle of a heatwave.

Nothing for it, we pile some extra water bottles from the trunk into the cab and carry on south, with a plan to get the AC fixed when we hit my uncle’s in Jacksonville — a ten-hour drive.

By the time we’re in South Carolina, we’re all overheated, tired, and hungry, so we decide to stop for lunch at a southern chain restaurant. We melt out of the car into vaguely humanoid puddles and manage to flop our way through the doors into the blessedly cool restaurant.

At first, the hostess looks up at us with the standard welcoming smile, but then she does a double-take and practically shouts, “Y’all look like death warmed over!”

I think one of us mumbles something about the busted AC and driving, but she’s already herding us deeper into the restaurant until we’re hit with an arctic blast straight to our flushed faces. We collapse into the chairs around the table she’s lead us to, that is directly under a vent, while she vanishes and reappears in seconds with a full pitcher of ice water and four glasses.

I don’t even remember what any of us ate or whether the food was even good or bad; I just remember this amazing hostess who made sure that we were taken care of first and foremost. She managed to make the rest of the drive so much more bearable!

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It’s Totally A Laughing Matter

, , , , , | Right | April 29, 2020

My siblings hate going to the movies with me because they say I cry or laugh way too easily, and they’re right.

After working in fast food, tutoring, and offices on campus, I get my first retail job in an office supply store at the beginning of summer. Before I begin, they warn me that 1, the Back-To-School Season starts as soon as the school year ends, meaning now, and 2, the Back-To-School Season is their busiest season. They’re obviously worried I’ll find it overwhelming, but I love the fast pace; the busier the day is, the faster it goes, after all.

After I’ve been there for less than a month, I’m checking out a woman with two small kids. Two managers are talking at the print center counter several yards away. The woman’s little girl absolutely cannot keep still. She’s not messing up anything, just jumping all over the place and chatting away, obviously annoying her nice but harried mother.

Finally, she just takes off her shoes, which, for some reason, I find hilarious, but I restrain my laughter. After the mother finishes paying and gathering her bags, I find the way she sighs and says, “Okay, put your shoes back on,” even more hilarious; it’s taking all my willpower not to laugh, but I successfully hold it in, not wanting to offend her.

Fortunately, the entrance is right by my register. As soon as the door closes behind them, I burst out laughing so hard, I double over, clutching my stomach. As I stand up, one of the managers hurries over to me, looking frantic.

Manager: “Are you all right?”

Me: “I’m fine.”

The manager lets out a sigh of relief.

Manager: “Oh, we thought you were crying.”

Me: “What? No, I was laughing, I’m sorry.”

Manager: “Oh, good. That’s all we need: another cashier breaking down. It’s too early in the season for crying.”

I never did break down or cry, although, before I graduated and left, I gasped in horror when I heard how a customer threw a hard drive at my manager’s head.

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Eating At The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

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I’ve been coming to this seafood restaurant almost every day for lunch for a couple of weeks now and always bring a book with me as I get a very long lunch. This week said book just so happens to be “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.” I’m waiting on my food and they usually call numbers. I’m the only one in the restaurant when I hear:)

Worker: “Ford Prefect, your food is ready!”

When I leave, I ring the bell that they have in this particular chain restaurant and call back:

Me: “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

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