Now This Is How You Deliver On Delivering

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(I find a box set video game from a well-known online marketplace that I have been after for a while. It recently went on sale, so I decide to treat myself. I live in a block of flats with a communal mailbox area, rather than each apartment having a letter box. This occasionally leads to delivery people putting post or packages into the mailbox that has the same number as the building — e.g. the building address is 111, and there is also an apartment 111 — so I always make a point to write in the notes which mailbox to use, even though it should be clear enough in the address. A few days later, on Friday, I get a notification saying it has been delivered, and when I get home I excitedly check my mailbox. Surprisingly — or maybe not so much — it isn’t there, so I peek through the mail slot of the other mailbox, and sure enough, I can see it in there. I text my neighbour, who agrees to pass it to me when they get home, but that won’t be until Monday. In the meantime, I call the customer service for the online marketplace.)

Agent: “[Online Marketplace], how can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I ordered an item and it has been posted in my neighbour’s post box. He won’t be back until after the weekend, so I can’t get it. It wouldn’t have happened if the driver had just read the actual address, so I would like you to pass the message along.”

Agent: “So, I see it says the package was delivered, but you didn’t get it.”

Me: “Well, I sort of did. I just can’t physically reach it without breaking into my neighbour’s mailbox.”

Agent: “No problem. I will arrange a replacement to be sent out to you. You should get it tomorrow. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

Me: “What? No, you don’t need to do that! I just have to wait a few days, that’s all. I just wanted to pass along the message to stop it happening again.”

Agent: “Oh, no, ma’am, this is a clear failure to deliver as it was not delivered to you. I’ve already authorised the redeliver for you.”

Me: “Oh, well, then, how do I sent the other one back?”

Agent: “No need. It wasn’t delivered to your address, so the failure is ours.”

Me: “Okay… thanks?”

(I hung up, slightly baffled. The next day, I got my game as promised — they sent it overnight — and after the weekend, I got the original order from my neighbour. I was worried that if I tried to return the game they would refund me, so I just gave the spare game to a friend who had also been eyeing it!)

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Dark Moch And Salad, At Tenagra  

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(A couple comes in, and it is immediately obvious that English is not their first language. They point to the menu and state a couple of things, but it seems they want to order something specific.)

Male Customer: “I… uh…” *makes drinking motion*

Me: “Drink, yes. Coffee? Tea?”

Female Customer: “Coffee! Yes!”

Male Customer: “And… uh…”

(He is looking increasingly frustrated, and I want to find a way to reassure him. I notice he is wearing a Star Trek shirt, and the wife has a Starfleet insignia necklace, so I assume these two are not just passing fans.)

Me: “Raktajino?”

(They both pause, smile, and nod vigorously. I give them the Vulcan salute, and we manage to  get their order together with less stress and more laughing. They wanted a mocha and a salad. After they are seated my coworker comes over.)

Coworker: “What did you say to them?”

Me: “‘Coffee’ in Klingon.”

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Mothers Are Fighters

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Two years ago, I was admitted into the hospital for seven weeks via the ER. In good weather, the hospital is roughly an hour away. My boys were three and eight at the time and I had been a stay-at-home mom for most of their lives. My parents stepped up and helped keep the kids on a regular pattern of school, therapy, and play dates along with FaceTiming me. My husband would drive two round-trips a day to stay with me, see our kids, take care of our pets, and work. 

This pattern repeated itself over again for the next six months, and at one point, I was told to start preparing my boys for life without me. The staff at the hospital was amazing. They tried their best to give me a room that faced outwards so I could see the sunset. They made sure I could be unhooked from chemo and transfusions when my boys got to visit. Then, they completely surprised us on Christmas when they gave us a Christmas party in my hospital room. 

There were presents, food, and joy even though it was extremely hard to be there. They helped me fight even when I was beyond exhausted. 

They became my family and even now we all stay in touch. They were complete angels that helped our family get through an extremely scary time. 

I’m now in remission and hopefully will get the “cured” status once I reach five years in remission.

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Awesome Customers Are Rewarded

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(It’s 9:45 pm on a really s***ty evening as I realize we are out of [Cleaning Product] which I desperately need to take care of the current crisis. I race to the local store and pull into the parking lot five minutes before they close. Not wanting to be THAT customer, I sprint to the back of the store in record time, grab the last seven remaining boxes of [Cleaning Product], and sprint to the registers. After standard greetings, this happens:)

Cashier: “Do you have 50 cents off of two?”

Me: *confused* “Uh… no.”

Cashier: *as she begins to pick up my items* “Sure you do!”

(She then shows me a manufacturer’s coupon on the front of the box that I hadn’t seen in my rush. She peels coupons off of all of the boxes, scans three, and hands me the remaining four coupons.)

Cashier: “If you use these a lot, you’ll want to hang on to those coupons for next time. Now, do you have our digital coupons?”

Me: “No…”

Cashier: “Well, I do.” *grabs PIN pad and enters her phone number* “Let’s just see if there are any [Cleaning Product]s still on there, shall we?

(There weren’t any digital coupons, but I really appreciated the gesture. Thank you to that cashier for taking a bit of time at the end of the night to help me save a bit extra! I was having a rough night and her kindness made it much better!)

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An Extra Twenty Minutes Can Make All The Difference

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(I work at a local grocery store only twenty minutes from my house. As a courtesy clerk, it’s my job to make sure there are carts available for the customers and to also help any customer who needs it. It is twenty minutes before my shift ends and, as I have finished all of my tasks for the day, I am walking the aisles in search of something to do.)

Older Woman: “Would you be so kind as to help me?”

Me: “Of course I would.”

Older Woman: “My hands don’t work as they used to and I can’t seem to lift this box of canned pop. Would you be so kind as to put it in my cart?”

Me: “Of course, I would be happy to.”

(I put the cans of pop in her cart when she notices that the two-litres of the same brand are not out.)

Older Woman: “Oh, dear, it would seem like the two-litres are out of stock.”

Me: “I can go check in the back for you to see if we have any lying around.”

Older Woman: “Would you? That would help a lot.”

(I head into the back. Sure enough, I find the two-litres of the same brand. I then get the amount she requires and place them in her cart.)

Older Woman: “Thank you ever so much.”

(Then, noticing that my shift has ended, I wish her a good day and make my way upstairs. On my way back downstairs, out of my uniform, one of the customer service clerks comes over the PA.)

Coworker: “Courtesy clerk for a carry out, please.”

(I was the only courtesy clerk on duty. I walk over to her and she notices I am out of uniform.)

Coworker: “Oh, [My Name], we will get someone else to do it.”

(I am leaving to go home, anyway, and knowing only a few people are working now that it is late, I don’t see anything wrong with me helping her to her car.)

Me: “I am leaving, anyway; I would be happy to escort her to her car and help her load her groceries.”

Older Woman: “It’s people like you that make me come back to this establishment.”

(I push her cart to her car and help her load her car.)

Older Woman: “Thanks again for the help.”

(A few days later, I notice the same woman speaking to one of my managers when she notices me. She points at me and they start walking over to me.)

Older Woman: “This is the lady — the one who took time out of her life to help a young lady like me.”

Manager: “She has been in here for the past week telling all of us how great you were. She asked for you each time as she wanted to give something to you.”

(She hands me a twenty-dollar bill.)

Older Woman: “You deserve something for your hard work.”

(I look to my manager, afraid that it might be against store policy to accept it.)

Manager: “Take it; from what she told me, you deserve it.”

Me: “Thanks ever so much.”

(We then hug and she leaves to go do her own shopping. Later, while I’m on break, the manager comes up and walks over to me.)

Manager: “Seeing as you worked off the clock, I want you to take another 15 minutes to compensate for it.”

(The old lady is, in fact, a regular, and each time she needs help she asks for me. Of course, sometimes I am not on, but when I am I’m always willing to help.)

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