Not Crying Over Unspilled Milk

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(I’ve had a long day, with a lot of people yelling at me for things out of my control. A coworker has come over to cover my break for me, and I am just about to sign off when a man comes up to my register.)

Customer: “Hi. I got this [Milk Brand that the store doesn’t carry] the other day, and it’s the wrong kind. Can I get a refund?”

Me: “We actually don’t carry that brand of milk.”

Customer: “Are you sure? I have the receipt.”

(He pulls out the receipt, which my coworker and I read through. Lo and behold, there is no milk to be found on the receipt.)

Me: “No, there’s no [Brand] milk on here. Sorry about that.”

Customer: “Huh. I don’t know where my head is today. Don’t worry about it. Sorry about holding you up. Have a nice day.”

(He leaves with his milk and I turn to my coworker, both of us dumbfounded at what just took place.)

Me: “Did he actually just not get really angry about that, or was I just imagining it?”

Coworker: “No, that definitely happened.”

Taking That Line With Line-Cutters

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(My family and I are regulars at a convenience store. We are waiting in line when we get cut off by a woman in her early thirties. My thirteen-year-old brother decides to take matters into his own hands.)

Brother: “Man, aren’t lines great? I love lines. There the best. My favorite part about lines: waiting in them. Some people, unfortunately, don’t like lines as much as I do. Those people are jerks, right, [Mom]?

Woman: *realizes the message*

Brother: “I’m not in a rush; I can take all day. I love lines.”

Woman: *completes the transaction and runs away*

Cashier: “You guys are my favorite customers.”

How to Handle A Dog-Hairy Situation

, , , , , , | Right | December 11, 2018

(I am a regular at a local sewing store where I’m also taking classes. One day I drop by to get fabric and decided to bring my dog, since my mum and I have to go there by car, anyway, and my dog is still kind of anxious about driving after a recent bad experience. When I bring her into the shop, this happens.)

Owner: “Oh, I’m sorry; you can’t bring your dog in here. My husband is really allergic to them.”

Me: “Sorry, I didn’t know that.”

Mum: “I’ll just take her out and wait in the car with her.”

Owner: “I’m really sorry. It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I love dogs, and yours looks really cute, but my husband swells up and can’t breathe when he’s near dog hair, and…”

Me: “Really, it’s no problem. She can use the time in the car, anyway.”

(We go on to discuss fabric choices for my project, and she helps me personally, since only one other customer is in the store who is already being helped by one of the employees. When we move closer to them to look at some belt straps, the owner notices that in a bag on the floor is a tiny dog, even smaller than mine.)

Owner: “Excuse me. I didn’t notice it before, but dogs are not allowed in this store. Please leave your dog outside.”

Customer: *in a tone so rude I can’t possibly portray it in writing* “It’s none of your business. He’s in a bag.” *turns back around to the employee*

Owner: “My husband is extremely allergic to dogs, so I have to ask you, again, to please take your dog outside, as I can’t have him in the store.”

Customer: “And where am I supposed to put him? My car? He’d just destroy it. No. I’m keeping him with me, in here.”

(The dog in question is a chihuahua in a closed bag, on a leash that ties him to said bag. He couldn’t possibly get out of there.)

Owner: “I frankly don’t care where you put your dog, as long as he’s not in my store. Please get him out of here now.”

Customer: “No. I won’t. And if you make me, you’ll lose me as a customer.”

Owner: “I don’t want you as a customer if you don’t take your dog outside right now!”

Customer: “I won’t.”

(With that, she turns back to the employee, who obviously doesn’t know how to deal with that and is extremely uncomfortable, but resumes helping the entitled woman with choosing some buttons. The owner is obviously furious but doesn’t know what else to do. I’m furious, too; the tone and general attitude of the customer are so rude, and to such a nice person, that I basically feel ashamed to belong to the same species as that person. After taking a deep breath and contemplating, I decide to step in.)

Me: *in a calm but incredibly icy tone, with my best menacing stare* “Excuse me.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “I just took my dog outside to wait in the car, too. You have been asked repeatedly to remove your dog from this store. It is not okay to endanger the health of a human being just so your dog won’t have to spend ten minutes alone in a car. Do you really believe that the fifteen Euros you’re spending here are more important to [Owner] than her husband’s health? Pull yourself together, get rid of that attitude, and get your dog outside right now.”

Customer: “FINE! I will buy my buttons here, and then I will never come back! You’ve just lost a customer for life!”

Me: “Thank God. I wouldn’t like to encounter the likes of you in here ever again.”

Checked Yourself Like So Many Other Customers Don’t

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(In this instance, I am the stupid customer. I am at the grocery store till and the clerk has just finished scanning through all my items.)

Clerk: “That will be [price].”

(I reach into my back pocket only to find that my wallet is not there.)

Me: “Oh, my God.”

(I start pulling things out of my coat pocket looking for it, including my checkbook.)

Me: “Oh, my God, I left my wallet at home! Can you hold this?”

Clerk: “What about your checkbook, ma’am?”

Me: “What about it? I used it to pay daycare yester— Oh! Do people still pay for groceries with checks?”

Clerk: “Not often, but yes.”

Me: “Okay, my ID is in my car, though; do you mind holding this here while I run out and get it?”

Clerk: “Not a problem.”

(I run out, get my ID, come back, and finish the transaction without any more hiccups.)

Me: “I am so sorry about that. I’m just usually not so scatterbrained. Thank you for being patient with me!”

Clerk: “Ma’am, you didn’t yell at me once, and you apologized even though you didn’t have to. Believe me; I’ve had worse customers.”

(As if on cue, I hear the sound of raised voices from customer service.)

Me: “I can imagine; have a great day!”

We Honestly Don’t See A Problem With Giant Tacos

, , , | Hopeless | December 9, 2018

(I work at fast food restaurant which is known to not only make food only when you order it, but also has tacos that people absolutely love, served among the burgers and other items. It’s Black Friday, and the location I’m at is directly across from a popular national box store, so we’ve been pretty swamped. To make matters worse, we’ve run out of those precious tacos until our delivery arrives. People have not been kind about the lack of tacos, at all. We have a monster-sized taco, about the size of two and a quarter or so of the regular tacos, but it is more expensive. The lunch rush has just started to die down when a couple comes in and makes their order. Of course the husband wants tacos, and I’m dreading telling him.)

Me: “I’m sorry to let you know… we’re out of the tacos until the truck arrives in about two hours. We don’t have any until then.”

(I’m bracing for the tirade I’ve heard for the previous two hours straight.)

Customer: “Oh, well… D***. Do, uh… do you happen to have those big tacos?”

Me: “Uh… ye… yeah! We still have those!”

Customer: “OKAY! I’ll do one of those.” *turns to his wife* “Cutie, serious, they’re like… this big. The size of your freaking face. They’re pretty much two tacos in one freaking taco!”

(His wife chuckles and rolls her eyes.)

Customer: “What can you do? It’s Black Friday and those tacos are disgustingly addictive. At least you have the big ones.”

(This has actually put me in a much better mood, so I stutter a thank-you and adjust the price down to what two tacos would normally be.)

Customer’s Wife: “Oh, you didn’t need to do that. It’s fine if it’s a bit more.”

Me: “No, it’s okay. Like he said, it’s basically two tacos in one, anyway. You have a great day!”

Both: “Thank you so much; Merry Christmas!”

Customer: “…even though it’s still a bit early to say it!”

(Thank you. Both of you. Thank you for being understanding and giving me a boost when I needed it the most! The truck even arrived a little early, and I suggested the big tacos to everyone right away when people asked for the two regular tacos… and they were all very understanding, too. Thank you for giving me that idea through your act of understanding, as well.)

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