Even The Cookie Monster Needs A Sandwich Sometimes

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(I work at a sandwich store that delivers. Most of the delivery drivers are in their early 20s at the oldest and rely on the tips they get during their shifts. I hear one driver talking to a new hire about an address the new driver was going to.)

Driver: “This lady is really old and kind of spacey and she’ll probably only tip you a quarter and call you ‘sweetie’–“

New Hire: *frowns, but nods*

Driver: “–but she’ll also give you some fresh-baked cookies. They’re so good. If her daughter is there, you’ll get a cash tip.”

New Hire: *perks up* “Oooh, what kind of cookies?!”

(He came back munching on a huge chocolate chip cookie, looking quite pleased. The elderly woman bakes the shop two dozen cookies every Christmas and her daughter drops them off during our employee party. She’s a very well-loved customer!)

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Rudolph Needs To Get Himself On Twitter

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(The restaurant I work at is currently selling stuffed dogs for charity. Earlier, a man bought one and asked me to give it to the first kid that came in. Later, another man shows up with a six- to seven-year-old boy. I decide to try to make things more fun.)

Me: “Hey, can you answer a question for me? If you get it right, there’s a prize!”

Kid: “Yeah!”

Me: “Okay, great! Now, what reindeer has a glowing red nose?”

Kid: “Santa’s reindeer!”

(I gave him the toy.)

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Tipped To Be A Good Christmas

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(It is Christmas Day, and I am just leaving my in-laws’ house around 6:00 pm after a busy, hectic day of festivities, with my three small children in tow. My husband is working nights, and I have been battling a massive migraine for the past few hours. As I’m driving home, contemplating how I’m going to manage to get through dinner and bedtime when I can barely function enough to drive, I see that a local fast food place — known for its drive-in stalls, but often has a drive-thru — is still open. Normally, I don’t frequent businesses on holidays, because I don’t agree with employees having to work, but out of desperation, I turn into the drive-thru. When I get up to the window, I hand over my check card and a $20 bill.)

Me: “Here, this is for you guys in there to split. Like a tip. I want you to know I really appreciate you guys being open right now, and it’s the least I can do.”

Cashier: “Oh, no… That’s okay.”

Me: “No, really. Take it. I know you can take tips when you take food to the drive-in stalls, so just consider it a tip for everyone to share. And thank you for working on a holiday.”

(The cashier reluctantly took the money, and a few minutes later, I was driving home with the food. When I got home, I looked in the bags to discover that, instead of the medium onion ring that I had ordered, one entire bag was full of onion rings! It was a small gesture of thanks, but I was able to nurse my migraine that night while pigging out on onion rings and didn’t have to cook a full dinner before wrestling the kids to bed. It was a godsend. Thank you, fast food workers! You guys don’t get enough credit for what you do!)

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All Dogs Bring All Kinds Of Advantages

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(My boyfriend and I are vacationing. We have our pet dog with us. Even though I’m disabled and use a wheelchair, Fido is not a service animal. This occurs at check-in.) 

Desk Clerk: “Your total is [amount that is much lower than quoted when we made the reservation].”

Boyfriend: “That’s for the suite, right? With the pet fee?” 

Desk Clerk: “We’re not allowed to charge extra for service animals.”

Me: “Fido’s just a pet, though. We don’t want to take advantage.”

Desk Clerk: “Thanks for being honest, guys. Just consider the extra charge waived as a thank-you.”

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It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

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(It’s December, a week or two before Christmas. I’m walking back toward the office when I see a man coming up an aisle near the restrooms. I pause for a moment to greet him and ask if he needs any help, and he pauses to think.)

Customer: “Actually, yes. This is going to sound really weird, and you’ll probably never hear it again. Your store has the best-smelling public restrooms I’ve ever been in.”

(I pause and blink at him for a minute.)

Me: “Well, thank you! We try to keep them clean!”

(I then proceeded to answer another of his questions and try to help him find an item he was actually looking for. Definitely my favorite interaction of the week.)

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