Keep The Change, Keep The Happy

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I was at work when two customers came in and began inquiring about rate plans and how to obtain handsets and services for one of them who just emigrated from New Zealand three days prior.

As government-issued identification is required and the recent immigrant hadn’t been in Canada long enough to have identification yet, his friend offered to attach him and his family to his existing account. 

It took two days and considerable effort to put this into place, due to a billing issue that impacted his ability to add the additional lines. I dug and called various departments. After almost five hours of work on my part, the customers left satisfied. 

And then, they returned three hours later. My heart dropped. I was convinced I had messed up. 

But they were so pleased with me that the account holder decided to return to me and pay an early upgrade fee to have me upgrade his line!

I was pretty happy about that. We had many laughs over the time we worked together and the customer told me he was going to call into my manager to give me a glowing review. 

After all of the activations were done and the store closed, I noticed my till had excess cash in it. I had forgotten to give the recent immigrant his change owed! Embarrassed, I called, knowing I lived in the same area of town they were staying. They hadn’t even realized that they did not get their change and were happy to meet up when my bus arrived in the area. 

When I was approaching the area, I gave the customer a call to let him know I would be there shortly. His response?

Keep it. Go buy myself a drink. 

I objected but he was insistent. 

Little did he know that I don’t drink, but I thanked him profusely. I walked around in a smiling goofy daze for two hours and splurged on an inexpensive gadget I couldn’t justify on my tight budget. Some days, customers not only completely make your day but give you faith that life gets better.

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Wrong Number, Right Frame Of Mind

, , , | Right | May 13, 2020

I’m in customer service, so I understand how frustrating it can be sometimes when you just don’t have an answer. I am waiting in a takeout restaurant behind a gentleman.

Customer: “Hi. I’d like to pick up my order. I ordered the [menu item] and [other menu item].” 

Cashier: “Um… I don’t remember ordering that.”

The cashier starts turning red and frantically searching her receipts.

Cashier: “Can I have your phone number?”

Customer: “Sure, it’s [phone number]. I called maybe twenty minutes ago.”

Cashier: “Um, let me check.”

The cashier goes in the back and comes back a moment later. She’s turned even redder and looks like she’s preparing herself for a fight.

Cashier: “I’m really sorry, sir. I just don’t seem to have your order.”

Customer: “Oh, Um… wait, let me check who I called.”

The customer checks his phone.

Customer: “Is your number [phone number]?”

Cashier: “No, it’s [phone number]. That one is for the restaurant down the street.”

Customer: *Laughing* “Oh, my, I must have called the wrong restaurant! I’m silly like that sometimes. Darn, I really don’t want their food; yours is much better.”

The customer turns to me.

Customer: “You go ahead, young lady. I just need to make a quick phone call.”

The man stepped out of line and called the restaurant he had placed the order with. The poor cashier looked so baffled, probably not used to having customers admit to their own mistakes!

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Humanity Hasn’t Completely Checked Out

, , , , , , , | Right | May 11, 2020

It is my fifth shift on the job and, as such, I am spending a large amount of time manning the checkouts. It is a quiet period in the store and two people approach the tills at the same time to pay. One is an old lady with a large number of reduced items while the other is a young woman with her infant with a basket full of what seem to be “top-up” shop items for restocking a home fridge and such.

The old lady places her basket next to the till.

Old Lady: “Could you ring me up slowly? I’m not too sure what I have the money for today.”

Me: “Sure, would you like a bag?”

Old Lady: “Please.”

I ring up and bag most of her items and tell her the total as I go along. It gets to about £6 or so and she takes out her purse and pulls out a £5 note and 50p explaining that this is all she has.

Me: “If you want, I can take the muffins off for you, and it should take the total down.”

Old Lady: “That would be great, thank you. Could you put the rest of my items behind the till, please? I might come back for them later.”

Me: “Sure.”

I go and place all the rest of her items behind me in a box and have her pay for the stuff she can afford. The young lady, who has been very quiet, speaks up as the older lady is turning to leave.

Young Lady: “Put the rest with mine, please.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Young Lady: “Yes.”

I rang up the rest of the old lady’s items and she left with a smile on her face, seeming so happy that someone else was willing to help her. I am happy to have served both those people today.

This story was included in our May 2020 Inspirational Roundup.

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A Sweet Act During A Bitter Time

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I am working at the cash register at a bookstore. The current events have made it a very sparse place these days, but we do get some customers in.

A customer comes up to the register with a book he wants to purchase. We take our time and chat a bit while I ring him up. Once I get to the total, he points to the candy bars we have on the counter for sale.

Customer: “Which one is best?”

Me: “My favorite is the caramel.”

Customer: “I’d like two of those, then.”

I ring those up, he pays the total, and then I give him his bag of goodies. Before he steps away from the counter, he reaches into the bag, pulls out one of the caramel bars, and hands it to me.

Customer: “This one is for you; thank you for helping me and being here.”

I was so grateful and said, “Thank you,” I don’t even know how many times, but the kindness of that during these crazy times just really got me. I thought I was going to cry happy tears. He smiled, gave me a wave and left.

The next day, we all got a call saying we were laid off, so not only did that customer give me the gift of a candy bar, the gift of a kind act, but also the gift of giving me a treasured memory on my last day working there. I’ll do my best to share that kindness in other people’s days, too. An act of kindness, no matter how small, can make such a difference when times feel so heavy right now.

This story was included in our May 2020 Inspirational Roundup.

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Definitely A Glass-Half-Full Kind Of Customer

, , , | Right | May 11, 2020

I’m having some drinks with friends in a small, local pub. My cider comes in a very pretty, engraved glass, which I accidentally knock over and break during the evening. There was barely any drink left in it.

Me: *Waving to a waitress* “Excuse me? I broke my glass.”

Waitress: “Oh, I’ll get you a new pint.”

Me: “No, I’d just like a towel or something to clean this up; I don’t want to get small bits of glass everywhere.”

Waitress: “Don’t worry; I’ll get you a new pint. On the house.”

Me: “But I was already finished. I just want to clean up the mess I made.”

The waitress is looking at me somewhat dumbfounded.

Waitress: “You don’t want a new drink?”

Me: “Not necessarily. I might order one later on. I just want to clean the table.”

I do drink some more pints, and when it’s time to pay:

Me: “And how much was the glass I broke?”

Waitress: “Your pint was 3,80€.”

Me: “Yes, I had three pints, but I also broke a glass.”

The waitress looks confused.

Me: “I’d like to pay for the glass I broke. They look pretty expensive as a special edition.”

Waitress: “You want to pay… for a broken glass?”

Me: “Well, it’s a loss on your side, isn’t it? I should make up for it.”

The waitress had to go and ask the barkeeper, who’d been watching us for a while. He actually gave me one of the glasses as a gift for being a nice patron. Kind of the opposite of what I wanted to do, but I sure love my pretty pint glass!

This story was included in our May 2020 Inspirational Roundup.

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