We Honestly Don’t See A Problem With Giant Tacos

, , , | Hopeless | December 9, 2018

(I work at fast food restaurant which is known to not only make food only when you order it, but also has tacos that people absolutely love, served among the burgers and other items. It’s Black Friday, and the location I’m at is directly across from a popular national box store, so we’ve been pretty swamped. To make matters worse, we’ve run out of those precious tacos until our delivery arrives. People have not been kind about the lack of tacos, at all. We have a monster-sized taco, about the size of two and a quarter or so of the regular tacos, but it is more expensive. The lunch rush has just started to die down when a couple comes in and makes their order. Of course the husband wants tacos, and I’m dreading telling him.)

Me: “I’m sorry to let you know… we’re out of the tacos until the truck arrives in about two hours. We don’t have any until then.”

(I’m bracing for the tirade I’ve heard for the previous two hours straight.)

Customer: “Oh, well… D***. Do, uh… do you happen to have those big tacos?”

Me: “Uh… ye… yeah! We still have those!”

Customer: “OKAY! I’ll do one of those.” *turns to his wife* “Cutie, serious, they’re like… this big. The size of your freaking face. They’re pretty much two tacos in one freaking taco!”

(His wife chuckles and rolls her eyes.)

Customer: “What can you do? It’s Black Friday and those tacos are disgustingly addictive. At least you have the big ones.”

(This has actually put me in a much better mood, so I stutter a thank-you and adjust the price down to what two tacos would normally be.)

Customer’s Wife: “Oh, you didn’t need to do that. It’s fine if it’s a bit more.”

Me: “No, it’s okay. Like he said, it’s basically two tacos in one, anyway. You have a great day!”

Both: “Thank you so much; Merry Christmas!”

Customer: “…even though it’s still a bit early to say it!”

(Thank you. Both of you. Thank you for being understanding and giving me a boost when I needed it the most! The truck even arrived a little early, and I suggested the big tacos to everyone right away when people asked for the two regular tacos… and they were all very understanding, too. Thank you for giving me that idea through your act of understanding, as well.)

Zero Nutritional Information Must Mean Zero Calories!

, , , , , | Right | December 5, 2018

(I’m ordering food from a popular fast food chain. I see an advertisement outside about their new chicken sandwich. Inside, there’s only one other customer, and the cashier.)

Me: *to the cashier* “Sorry, do you happen to have the nutritional info on the new [Sandwich]?”

Cashier: “I don’t know for certain, but it might be on the board over there.”

(She gestures to the board on the wall showing nutrition facts for most of their items. I check the board and it’s not there. This makes sense, as it’s a new item.)

Me: “Nah, it’s not there. I’m sorry; I’m just bad at making decisions.”

(A customer who has been standing to the side chimes in.)

Customer: “Ah, c’mon, man! You can be good to yourself tomorrow; just get the thing, already!”

Me: “I’ve been good to myself today. This is my only meal!”

Cashier: “Exactly! You can worry about nutrients later!”

Customer: “Yeah, dude, you deserve this! It’s the holiday season, after all!”

Me: “All right, fine. I’ll get the [Sandwich] with fries and a diet [Soda].”

Customer: “See, there you go! A diet soda cancels out all the calories!”

Me: “Yeah, but haven’t you heard? Aspartame cancer, apparently.”

Cashier: “Cancer can wait. Besides, we’ll have a cure by the time you’re old!”

(We all shared a laugh. This exchange guaranteed I’ll be going back!)

Telling Employees What They Want Is Rewarding

, , , , , | Right | December 3, 2018

(I’m the customer in this. It’s late in the evening and I’m at the movie theater with my sister. I approach the counter to get some snacks before the movie starts.)

Me: “Hi! I’d like two [menu items], one with [Soda #1], one with [Soda #2], and both with salted popcorn, please.”

Employee: “Oh, my god! [Coworker], she’s the first to actually straight up tell me what she wants!”

Me: “Uhm…”

(The employee grabs one of the chocolate bars from the display (not just any kind, but the expensive brand chocolate, too!) and slams it on the counter.)

Employee: “Here, you get chocolate for that.”

Me: *baffled* “Thank you…”

(I honestly just ordered as I always did but her reaction made me think about what kind of things she must have been dealing with all day.)

Resisting Attempts To Snuff Out Gifting

, , , | Right | November 29, 2018

(I work in a small, family-owned store that is within a shopping village. Older people enjoy coming here to walk around, or to sit and enjoy the gardens. Many of them enjoy goofing about with us, and not a month goes by where we don’t get laser pens or candies from someone. An elderly man with a German accent is talking with my coworker.)

Customer: “I love your shop! Everyone is friendly, and the rest of the village is just as nice!”

Coworker: “Thank you! I really enjoy working here; it’s so much better than my previous job!”

Customer: “I can bet! How many others are you working with today?”

Coworker: “There are four of us all together. Everyone else is just bustling about.”

Customer: “Here. I have something for each of you.”

(He hands her four nice boxes, each about the size of an apple.)

Customer: “I’m off to find a bench. I hope you have a wonderful day!”

Coworker: “Thank you very much for the gifts! Enjoy the rest of your day as well!”

(We all opened the boxes to find a handkerchief and a full snuff container for each of us. It was the strangest gift a customer had ever given us.)

Customer Puts Things Back Where They Found Them; No, Seriously

, , , | Right | November 28, 2018

(I go into an office on my college campus to ask a question. The front is small and cramped, so things easily get in the way. On my way out, my bag hits a chair on wheels next to the door, and drags it right into the doorway.)

Me: “Sorry about that!”

Worker #1: *as I’m moving it back to where it was* “That’s all right; it happens all the time.”

Worker #2: *surprised* “You’re putting it back! No one ever puts it back!”

Me: “But… but it blocks the doorway and you can’t get through!”

Worker #2: “Exactly!”

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