Doesn’t Need To Give You His Two Cents About Two Dollars

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(I work in a popular retail store that allows customers to buy any item on sale if they find a sale sign for said item that hasn’t been taken off the floor yet. As a cashier, I have to make sure that the sale sign is for the correct item because most of the time, the sale price is for a similar, but different item. This happens after an elderly gentleman shows up at my till and I ring him up.)

Me: “Okay, that comes to $15.”

Old Man: “I thought it was $13.”

(I get ready to phone one of the girls on the floor to double-check, a process that can easily turn a thirty-second transaction into fifteen minutes.)

Old Man: “But if you say $15, then $15 it is.”

(The old man shrugged and paid, and I stood there amazed. No matter how small the difference is between prices, I have never seen someone who was okay with the larger price!)

Just Another Day In The British Countryside

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(It’s a very, very quiet British Sunday. I am sitting at a train station, alone. No trains are due for a while and I am waiting for a connection. I can’t even hear traffic, it’s so quiet, and I can’t see any staff. Suddenly…)

Platform PA: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a station announcement. This is for the lady that just brought us the cake… Thank you very much; it was delicious.”

Never Go Up Against A Scottish Grandmother

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(Our manager has a bit of a short temper and a toxic attitude. I am working late one evening when he comes into the kitchen in a furious rage.)


Me: *taken aback* “What did I do?”


(I walk up to the couple I have been serving, confused and upset.)

Woman: “Oh, my. Are you all right, dear? You look like you’re on the verge of tears.”

Me: “I’m, I… I just want to a… apologise for ruining your evening. I’m so sorry for whatever I’ve—“

Woman: “Oh, um… Sorry, but would you mind quickly grabbing [Manager], please?”

(I walk back to the manager’s office, now even more distraught. I can only mutter out a few words before he literally drags me back out. Before he can say anything, however, the woman stands up, furious, and shouts at him.)

Woman: “NO. LET GO OF HIM, NOW! THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR STAFF!” *after he sheepishly lets me go* “All I asked for was more salt, which at most would be a problem for your chef, not a busboy. You forced him to come out here and apologise for doing absolutely nothing. I asked you for salt, and I expect you to bring it. And I want to you on your knees, apologising to him. Your grandmother didn’t raise you to be a c***. She would be turning in her grave if she saw how you turned out.”

(To my surprise, the manager actually gets on his knees. I can only hear him mumble, which infuriates the woman further.)

Woman: “I didn’t catch that. SAY. IT. AGAIN!”

Manager: “I… I am sorry.”

Woman: *to me* “Is that acceptable?” *I nod* “Good. Now, you are going into the back and having a coffee before going home. And [Manager], you are paying him extra for your shameful behaviour.”

Manager: “But, [Woman], this is my rest—“

Woman: “That’s Mrs. [Last Name] to you. If you are going to act like one of my pupils, I will treat you like one.”

(She gives him another round of lecturing and we both head back into the kitchen. It is deathly silent. He turns to me.)

Manager: *in a whisper* “Get out of my restaurant, and don’t even think about showing yourself around here again.”

(I leave, feeling extremely confused and scared. I spend the next week fearful to do anything until I get a phone call from the restaurant.)

Manager: “[My Name], I just want to apologise for last week—“

Woman: *in the background* “With more sympathy, you heartless c***!”

Manager: “A-and I want to offer you your job back.”

(I’m completely taken aback by how far this woman will go, but I realise I can’t go back to working with him for fear of him exploding again.)

Me: “No, I don’t want that job anymore. I think I can do better.”

Manager: *snide* “You’re making a big mistake. Ow!”


Woman: “Did I hear that right? You told him to f*** off?”

Me: “Yes. I did.”

Woman: “Good. You’ll go far, I’m sure of it. Anyone can do better than him! Even at school he was a pain, and his grandmother, bless her soul, she knew how to raise them right, but he has always been a lost cause. Anyway, stick to it.” *hangs up*

(She was quite possibly the strangest woman I have ever met, but I’m glad that I had the chance. She did more than just protect me that day; she inspired me to work hard and not take so much crap from people.)

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Build Your Yearly Planner Around Her

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(It’s my first day of working as a barista for a popular coffee shop. Every year, around November, there is a promo that if you buy a certain coffee, you get a sticker. If you get enough stickers, you get a year-long planner.)

Me: “Hi! Good to see you again. What’ll be your drink today?”

Girl: “Hiya! Double Venti Java Chip, please, and a grilled ham and three cheeses.”

Me: “Okay! Are you still collecting stickers for the planner?”

Girl: “No, no. But could you please give the sticker to the next person who asks?”

Me: “Sure thing! Could I have your name for the cup?”

Girl: “[Girl].” *spells out her name as I write it*

Me: “All right! Please wait at the bar for your drink!”

(She pays for her drink and the next customer gets her sticker. Later on, when she’s served her food, she takes her tray to a table that’s yet to be cleaned, clears it herself, throwing away the empty plastic cups and paper towels in the proper waste bins, and walks back to the bar to return the tray, filled with a neatly piled stack of plates from the last person who occupied the table.)

Me: “Did you use to work here?”

Girl: “What? Oh, no!” *grins* “I just like doing things for myself. Besides, you’re all always pretty busy.”

(Supervisor comes in.)

Supervisor: “Hi, Miss [Girl]! Good to see you again! How’s your screenplay going?”

Girl: “Oh, hey! Still working on it, like you do. Thanks very much for asking!”

(I asked my supervisor about her because I’d never met anyone so polite! Apparently, this girl has been going to this particular coffee shop for years and she’s been doing this for as long as anyone can remember. She stays for hours at a time, writing things, and sometimes ordering every few hours. I’ve never known anyone so self-sufficient, polite, and kind… especially in this country! I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but you rock, girl!)

God Doesn’t Hate Anyone But You’re Really Pushing Him

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(I work in a coffee shop that’s most often frequented by the local youth and the occasional tourist. We have a loyal regular who is about 17 and shows up every day for a beverage on his way home from work, along with other times in the week. He is gay, very shy and soft-spoken, and usually wears something purple or pink. He has long hair and also wears eye shadow; his orientation is pretty clear. A customer in her mid- to late-50s is in the line adjacent to our regular, who is chatting with me in his casual, sweet tone and demeanor. These two are the only customers in the cafe. The lady snorts after taking a good long look at our regular, and then, after having her order taken, she follows him to the table he normally sits at.)

Customer: “You know, God sees you as a filthy, fornicating sinner!”

Regular: *flabbergasted* “Wh… What do you–”

Customer: “He hates your kind, you little [slur]. You and all your b****-boy kind. You’re all going to Hell unless you quit being little scum-bag, d**k-sucking [slur]s!”

(Our regular is stammering and starting to cry. I see a guy about [Regular]’s age who has just come in the door in time to hear everything, walk up angrily to the both of them, and then decide to step in. I see that this new fellow is wearing a cross necklace, and I can just see it getting worse for [Regular]. But before I can get out from behind the counter, I’m floored.)

New Guy: *stands between the woman and [Regular] and points a finger at her* “You’re the sickening one! Not only do you use foul language, but you have the audacity to tell someone God hates them. If you’ve ever read the Bible, you’ll know that Jesus loves all of us despite any flaws.”

Customer: “What?! You mean you stand with this little s***? You think don’t homosexuality is an abomination?”

New Guy: “I think exactly what the Bible says about it, but I also listened to the part where it tells us to love people unconditionally, especially the sinners.”

(This goes on for about another minute, with the new guy not once letting her get past him to even look at [Regular]. My manager leaves her office after hearing the commotion outside and tells the woman she needs to leave immediately.)

Customer: “You little b****! You’re trying to cheat me out of the coffee I bought!”

Manager: *angrily takes out about eight bucks worth of ones and change from her own pocket* “Take it and get the h*** out, or I’m calling the police!”

Customer: *grabs the money and starts to leave, lividly screaming on her way out* “You’re all going to Hell, you f****** heathens!”

(I turn from watching my manager to look at our new hero who turns around to finally face [Regular], who is crying quite hard at this point. He sits down next to him.)

New Guy: “Are you all right?”

Regular: “I think so.”

(The new guy looks at [Regular] for a moment, then leans in to hug him. They both stay that way for several minutes until [Regular] stops crying.)

New Guy: “Hey, for the record, there’s only one thing God can’t do, and that’s hating us.”

(This guy turned one of the worst days for [Regular] into one of the best! A little bit of love for fellow man goes a long way.)

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