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Tire Of This Dispute

| Right | March 22, 2013

(I am in the waiting room at a local tire place. A pickup truck squeals into the parking lot. A guy storms out and into the store. He demands a manager so he could dispute his son’s tire bill.)

Manager: “How can I help you, sir?”

Guy: “My son was in here earlier today, and you overcharged him! It shouldn’t have been [first amount]; it should have been [second amount]!”

Manager: “I quoted your son—as I do all customers—both amounts, sir. He chose the [first amount] option.”

Guy: “No, you didn’t! He said that you only gave him the [second amount] option. That’s too much for the menial service you provided.”

Manager: “I wouldn’t have done that, sir. I quoted him both options, and he chose the [first amount] option. He wanted, and I quote, ‘blingy-er rims’.”

(The guy realizes that he hasn’t been overcharged, and stops looming over the manager.)

Guy: “It just isn’t right that my boy has to use up his whole paycheck on tires! He’s a hardworking boy. It’s just isn’t right!”

Manager: “No, sir. It just isn’t right that I should have to dock my own paycheck, just so your son can keep his paycheck intact.”

Me: “That’s what paychecks are for, right? Paying someone for a well-deserved service and paying for necessities such as tires, right?”

(The guy turns beet red and leaves. My manager turns to me.)

Manager: “If he keeps squealing his tires like that, he’ll be back within the next month to get them replaced.”

Radiating A Feeling Of Thanksgiving

, , , , | Right | March 15, 2013

(I am a married father of three and money is tight. A few days before Thanksgiving, my truck develops a radiator leak. I really need my truck fixed on this particular Saturday. I find a local shop that is willing to take a look even though they are usually closed Saturdays.)

Mechanic: “Okay, I found a pinhole leak in one of the side tanks on the radiator and should be able to fix it no problem. It will be about $45.”

(I grimace at the cost, but have no choice.)

Me: “Okay, do what you need to. I just need it fixed.”

(After another twenty minutes…)

Mechanic: “Well, I have good news and bad news. The hole is fixed but it turns out that the seal on the other side is leaking badly as well.”

Me: “How much more will that cost to fix?”

(He leans into the manager’s office and asks how much.)

Manager: “That would bring it up to $65.00… maybe more, depending on how we have to repair it.”

Me: “Well, go ahead and fix it. I really need the truck running today.”

(The mechanic goes back to fix it. My phone rings and it’s a friend. )

Friend: *on the phone* “How bad is the truck? How much will it cost?”

(I proceed to tell him the truck’s condition and cost, and add…)

Me: “…this really hurts because it’s coming out of our grocery money for the week.”

(After my truck is fixed, the mechanic comes in to speak with the boss.)

Mechanic: “Alright, it’s all fixed and ready to go. Boss? How much do I charge him?”

Manager: *to me* “Where is your car parked? Front or back?”

Me: “Out front.”

Manager: *to the mechanic* “Take it out front and put it in his trunk for him. No charge.”

Me: “What? Are you serious?”

Manager: “As a heart attack. You go enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family, and Happy Holidays!”

(In shock and disbelief, I leave the shop with the mechanic, load up with my son, and leave. It dawns on me five minutes into the drive I forgot to even say thank you! I went back the following Monday and thanked him profusely and took a stack of business cards with me. I now recommend them to anyone who has car troubles. And they say kindness is dead in our modern age.)

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Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Auto Shop

| Working | November 22, 2012

(I’m working at a new auto service center. It’s in the outer part of the city with very little street traffic and has no clientele base. I clean, process what little paperwork there is, write out hundreds of business solicitations, and call individual homes. However, there was very little else for me to do during the day. After about two weeks of being completely bored out of my mind, I get a visit from the owner.)

Owner: “What have you been working on?”

Me: “I’ve hand written and mailed those letters you wanted sent out, I clean all the rooms as much as I can, and I’ve been studying the material you gave me to learn about.”

Owner: “Well, what are you doing now?”

Me: “I’ve been calling the individual homes from the list you gave me, but, honestly, I could really use more work. Is there something else that I can do?”

Owner: “Well, that’s what you’re supposed to figure out.”

Me: “Believe me, I’ve tried, but I really can’t think of anything that I haven’t already been doing.”

Owner: “Well, you need to find something else.”

Me: “Like what? I’m really not sure what else I can be doing during the day. Is there something you want me to work on?”

Manager: “Just find something.”

Owner: “It’s your job to figure out what you’re supposed to do.”

(A few weeks later I was laid off because they didn’t have enough business to support having one employee. I now personally manage a local business, and although I rarely get a moment’s rest, I enjoy the work. I secretly smile every time I drive by the now vacant building.)

They’ll Never Rear The End Of This

| Working | October 21, 2012

(My friend’s car gets rear ended and he brings it into a shop to get fixed. The day he’s suppose to pick up his car, he gets a phone call and this exchange occurs.)

Mechanic: “Hello, [my friend’s name]. This is [name] from the shop, and unfortunately your car’s going to take another week to be repaired.””

My Friend: “But you just called me an hour ago saying I could pick it up today. May I ask why?”

Mechanic: “You are never going to believe what happened. We had just completely fixed up your car when one of  our guys pulled out of his parking spot and rear ended your car.”

My Friend: “So, my car was rear ended again?”

Mechanic: *sheepishly* “Yes. The repairs will be covered by us, sorry!”

Back To Swear One

| Working | September 16, 2012

(I’m having trouble with my car, so I take it to the mechanic. On Friday, the mechanic calls me up and says that they’ve found the problem, but the required part won’t be in until Monday. He tells me that I can have my car back for the weekend, and bring it back on Monday. On Monday morning, when I bring the car back to the shop, the manager looks up from the front desk and starts yelling at me.)

Manager: “YOU! What the f**k are you doing here?”

Me: “The mechanic told me to bring the car back on Monday.”

Manager: “All you godd*** f***ing people! You all think the world revolves around you! What the f**k makes you think we’re ready for your car today?”

(Getting angry myself, I slam my keys on the counter.)

Me: “I spent my weekend arranging alternate transportation! For all I care, it can sit in your parking lot until you are ready for it!”

Manager: *grumbles under his breath*

Me: “I’m curious now. When do you think you will be ready for it?”


(On Friday, not having heard back from the shop, I call them up, and the manager angrily tells me I’ll have it back the following week. On Monday afternoon, the manager calls me and tells me my car is fixed. I return to the shop and we have this exchange.)

Manager: “I’d like to apologize for my behavior last week. I had two mechanics quit and another call in sick, and we were very busy and understaffed. Once again, I’m sorry for the way I treated you.”

Me: “Sorry enough to give me a discount?”

(At that question, the manager instantly turns back into the ball of rage I’d met the week before.)


Me: “Just give me my car back.”

(I’ve never been back there!)