Charity Begins At (Selling Things From) Home

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(My friend run a small business and, on occasion, they have special events that include renting out market stalls. They take bookings ahead of time, but on this occasion, one of their regulars hasn’t arrived so there is an empty table. The rent they receive goes to a charity. I am helping them out in their main shop when one of their staff members comes over.)

Staff: “Hey, [Owner], I thought the table next to my shop was for [Regular Stall Holder]?”

Owner: “It is; she’s not arrived yet.”

Staff: “Well, some woman has just sat down at it and started putting out items, and has been asking people to buy them.”

Owner: “I’ll come over and take a look; maybe [Regular] asked her to start setting up.”

Staff: “There’s nothing there that she would normally sell.”

(A few minutes later the owner comes back, he is fuming.)

Owner: “What is wrong with people? This woman saw an empty table and decided to set her own stall up. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she wanted to sell her things. I told her that she needed to pay rent for the stall. She refused to do that because ‘it’s a charity event and the tables should be free.’ So, I asked how much of her takings she would be donating, and she told me that she isn’t going to donate anything because she is selling her own things.”

(Stall holders were also donating a percentage of their sales towards the charity. They ended up kicking her out and sitting one of their volunteers at the table with their own stock.)

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The Blanket Order Becomes A Blanket Order

, , , | Friendly | September 27, 2017

(On social media, a friend puts up a photo of a large crocheted blanket and asks if someone would be able to make it for her.)

Me: *against my better judgement* “I could do it for you.”

(I buy the pattern online and then start looking for yarn for it. She doesn’t specify a color; I have free reign. I find the perfect yarn locally, and quite cheap, too. I let her know what sort of price we are looking at, but after starting the item I realize it’s going to take much less yarn than I thought, so I drop the price, and I don’t charge for my time. It takes weeks to make; my arm aches constantly. She loves it and posts a picture online to show it off. Not long after, I get a message from her.)

Friend: “One of my friends saw my blanket and wants to know if you can make another one.”

(I think, “Oh, here we go again,” but then think that I could use up the yarn I had left over, and I already had the pattern.)

Me: *to her* “I don’t know whether I could do one so soon; I need to rest my arm for a while first.”

Friend: “Okay, he doesn’t want it exactly like mine, he wants the exact [specific colors for a football team] and for you to do a [completely different design]. I told him what you charged me, but said that you knocked the price down from [price], and he’s happy paying that.”

Me: “I’m going to have to say no, sorry.”

(There is the reason I rarely make things for other people; they always have friends who want the exact same thing, but different.)

His Understanding Of The Name Is A Bit Rocky

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(This takes place in a five-star hotel’s cocktail bar that people come into to show off to friends. This night, a young guy in a cheap, ill-fitting suit brings his date in. I can tell he is out of his comfort zone but still wants to put on a good show for his date.)

Me: “Hi, what can I get you to drink tonight?”

Customer: “I’ll have a [sickly sweet cocktail] for the lady, and a scotch on the rocks, with ice, for me.”

Me:”…okay, sure. Scotch on the rocks.”

Customer: “With ice, please.”

Me: “…”

Time To Bell-o Hello

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(I work in a large store and have a bell on the counter for when we are working away from the counter. I am down the back of the store when I hear a customer talking loudly down near the front of the store.)

Customer: “HELLO… HELLO… HELLO!”

(I just ignore it, until the customer comes to find me.)

Customer: “I’ve been calling out, ‘hello,’ and no one’s come to serve me.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry; I just assumed you were talking on the phone. We have a bell on the counter.”

Customer: “Oh, I saw that.”

This Extra Working Just Isn’t Working

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(I have put up with months of my manager coming in late to relieve me. When he’s on time, he sneaks in and goes straight to the office without telling me. It’s always a different excuse for being late, and when I do find him, he tells me he’s just about to come and find me. This usually means I’ve worked an extra half hour or more because I can’t leave until he takes over as manager. After getting an hour cut from my shift, I still find myself working until my original finishing time and not being paid for it because the budget doesn’t allow for extra. I finally have had enough, so I give my two weeks notice. It’s my last day, and I’ve noticed that it’s now ten minutes after my shift officially ended. I had been wondering whether I should just withdraw my resignation.)

Me: *thinking to myself* “It’s bad enough I’m working extra again; I don’t even work here now and I’m still working.”

(About five minutes later, I look up to see the manager coming in. It’s obvious he’s trying to avoid me seeing him.)

Me: *loudly* “Hi, [Manager]!”

Manager: *startled, almost spills the coffees he is carrying* “Oh, hi, [My Name]. I’m late, because I just got you a goodbye coffee.”

Me: “Oh, that’s nice of you. Thanks.” *takes a coffee to find it’s almost stone cold*

Manager: “I have to ask: do you really have to go? Can I talk you into staying?”

Me: *sips the cold coffee* “Hmmm… Nope”.

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