Numb From The Pain

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(I am in high school, with braces on my upper and lower teeth. My orthodontist decides that the overcrowding on my lower teeth is proving a big enough problem to warrant the removal of two perfectly healthy molars. I can’t say I am impressed, but I don’t have a choice and I am assured it won’t hurt, so I am not too worried. Sitting in the chair at the dentist, I am mostly nervous of the needles I’ll receive for anaesthetic. I receive a needle on each side and am given a moment for it to set in.)

Dentist: “How’s that for you?”

Me: “I can feel that.”

Dentist: “Yes, you’ll feel pressure.”

(The dentist pokes a pointy tool into my gum.)

Me: “Ow, no, I mean it feels like it always would.”

(The dentist looks sceptical, but gives me a second dose of anaesthetic and another moment for it to set in. My mum sits next to me. She’s been quiet all this time. The dentist pops out of the room. I lean over and tell her that everything feels normal; nothing is numb. I ask her, “Please don’t let her do this.” She begins to say something; I can’t remember what. The dentist comes back in.)

Dentist: “Nonsense. She’s lying. You can’t feel anything.”

(I protest, but the dentist basically forces her tools into my mouth and my mum kind of holds me down. The dentist starts cutting into my gum. I scream and wail.)

Dentist: “Oh, stop; it’s just pressure.”

(She continued the procedure, and I kept wailing and crying and gripping my mum’s hand. Afterwards, Mum’s hand was red raw, and she was flustered. She legitimately thought I was just scared, like most kids and teens. I remember shaking and feeling too woozy to say anything further to the dentist. I don’t know whether I’d have been physically able to, either. What I do remember is that the procedure had happened at eight am and that before lunch time my entire face went numb, so I had to spend about five hours with my face over a bucket, the drool pouring out in a constant stream. I vaguely remember my mum and dad both on the phone with the dentist in the other room with some muffled shouting of some kind.)

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Get An Even Bearing On An Odd Situation

, , | Right | September 24, 2018

(The store I work at receives our stock on a Monday. By Wednesday we have finished processing it and it is all on the shop floor for purchase. I am tidying one of the aisles when a customer comes walking up to me, and asks me a question, without a, “Hello, how are you?” or anything.)

Customer: “Do you have any more sets of trailer wheel bearings out the back?”

Me: “No, sir, just what is on the shelf, I’m afraid.”

Customer: “Well, you only have three sets on the shelf! What use is that? Do you know of any trailers with three wheels?!”

Me: “Well, no, but we generally have them sent in amounts of two. It could be that another customer has purchased one set and left us with an odd number. I’m sorry about that.”

Customer: “You don’t just change one! That’s just stupid. You may as well throw the other three away, as they’re no use to anyone!” *shaking head at me*

Me: *pause* “I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot control what people do and do not buy. There is a trailer shop just up the road, though; I’m sure you’ll be able to get some there.”

Customer: *muttering as he walks away* “F****** useless c***s!”

Me: *sigh*

Half The Price, Twice The Hassle

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(I’m working on the express lane checkout one afternoon. I have been serving a woman no older than 30 years of age without incident until this:)

Customer: “Um, that’s the wrong price.”

Me: “Which item is the wrong price?”

Customer: “The chicken breast. It’s supposed to be $7.99, and you’ve only charged me $3.45!”

(I look on the screen, and look at the item to see that it’s $7.99 per kilogram, but as the customer doesn’t have a full kilogram, the price on the packet of chicken breast is, in fact, only $3.45.)

Me: “See on the packet how it says that it’s $7.99 per kilogram? Next to that is the price of this packet of meat, which is $3.45 as you don’t have a full kilogram.”

Customer: “Are you going to fix the price?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m confused. You want to pay $7.99 rather than $3.45?”

Customer: “I don’t like your attitude, and I demand to see a manager now!

(My manager happens to be in earshot and comes walking over. I explain the situation to her, and she explains things to the customer just as I have done.)

Customer: “I want to pay the correct price as I am not a thief!”

Manager: “The meat is only $3.45, not $7.99; you will be paying the correct price at $3.45.”

Customer: “I don’t want it anymore. I suggest you fix your stupid system and train your f****** staff better!”

(After the customer stormed off mumbling under her breath, my manager rolled her eyes and we just laughed.)

Speed Limit Or Bus-t

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While as an L-Plater — meaning I am on my Learner’s Permit — I am driving with my instructor past a school. The school-zone speed limit is 40 kilometers per hour, and it is now 2:50 pm, meaning the school-zones kicked in a full 20 minutes ago. There are signs in specific areas, some of which are flashing, and huge “40” and “slow down” indicators painted on the road beneath us, impossible to miss.

I am driving past a bus bay that is separated from the main street by a grass island when a car comes up behind and beeps his horn at us. As I am driving at the correct school-zone speed limit, I don’t speed up, and he beeps his horn again. He then proceeds to drive over the curb, over the grass island, and into the bus bay, taking that road around and ending up in front of us. He then rolls down his window, gives us the middle finger, and speeds away over the hill.

My instructor is shocked, but tells me to not let drivers like that impact me and that if in the future I do decide to it is necessary to exceed a speed limit, the ones I should always stick to regardless are the school-zones, because it is not worth putting a child’s life in danger like that.

We then drive up the hill, and once we get to the top, I see flashing red and blue lights. As we drive past, the car is stopped on the side of the road with a policeman at the window. The driver sees our car, and then quickly looks away sheepishly as the policeman berates him. I look at my instructor, who continues to stare straight ahead, this time with a small smile on his lips.

Karma really is a b****.

Unfiltered Story #122040

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(I’m on the shop floor, unpacking stock from a trolley. I go off for a few minutes to help a customer. When I return two customers have removed almost all the stock from the trolley and strewn it all over the floor so they can get something at the very bottom. I catch them as they’re walking away.)
Me: Are you right there Ladies?
Customer #1: We’re good. We just had to get something that was inconveniently at the bottom of that trolley.
(I’m very frustrated as my boss pressures me to get stock out quickly, and having to collect everything off the floor is going to set me back.)
Me: Yes, inconvenient indeed. Just like all the items that are now strewn all over the floor.
Customer #2: Oh, you’ll clean that up. It’s what we as customers pay you to do, after all.
Me: Ladies, may I ask; did you even bother to check the shelf?
(They look at me, puzzled. I point to a shelf close to where they’re standing that has the exact item they took from my trolley.)
Me: Please, ask me for help next time. After all, you, as customers, pay me to help you find whatever you need.
(They looked embarrassed and walked off quickly. To add icing to the cake, I was called to help at the registers and ended up serving them.)

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