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As usual I have a huge job list which involves the relaying of a whole section to add new stock as well as serving customers at our front counter and am supposed to clear stock from another area, all in a 5 hour shift. I am returning to the section after being called up to the counter to serve a customer, when a woman walks up to me, I am wearing the store’s uniform.

Me “Hi, can I help you with anything?”

Woman “Oh you work here?”

Me “Yes I do”

Woman “I leave mess, you clean it” *walks off.

I go to where she’s pointed to find that she’d opened packages and pulled out metres of product, knotting it in the process and strewing it over the floor.

It takes me ages to tidy it up so others don’t trip on it, as a result I don’t get to finish assigned tasks within the set time period and get lectured on improving my time management skills.

Will Have A Crack At Telling Your Mother

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(My mother loves gardening. However, she always wears baggy pants with no elastic in the waistband, so when she is gardening, the pants ride down and show off her lower half. My mother has spent the day gardening and now we’re having dinner.)

Sister: “How was your day, [My Name]?”

Me: “Fine, I saw the moon all day.”

Mother: *chiming in* “Really?”

Me: “Yes, with a single crack.”

Mother: “Oh, that is interesting.”

Sister: “Mum, she is talking about your lower half!” 

(My dad who had just walked in started laughing; my mum was not happy.)

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Laptop Flop, Part 28

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I am a health worker who works two days a week conducting home visits to clients in the local area. Ordinarily, I am only in my office for an hour a day and complete most of my documentation on my laptop.

My laptop decides, one day, not to connect to the network. I log a call, specifying that I only work two days a week, what my hours are, and that I am out of the office most of the day, but that my laptop is in a particular spot, available for the technician to collect. I also provide my mobile number so I can be contacted if there’s any problem or question. I now have to do my documentation on paper and transcribe it all when I get back in the office, which is quite time-consuming and stressful, but I’m guessing it will only be for a week or so until I get my laptop back.

For the next four months, the technician visits my office three times a week and ask any random person, admin staff, or other health workers outside my team — i.e. people who don’t even know who I am — if am in, which I never am, and then just leave and close the ticket stating “laptop unavailable.” Consequently, I end up logging another call — which is hard to find time to do, given my extra workload — leaving the same details, and he comes again, finds I am not there, leaves again, and closes the ticket. I try to escalate things but it never seems to go anywhere and I don’t have the time to chase it up.

Eventually, one of the people he asks about me is my coordinator who, reportedly, tears him a new one and physically picks up the computer, puts it in his hands, and escorts him back out the door.

It is returned to me a week later without the power cable, and I have to wait another two weeks for him to return it so I can actually turn the d*** thing on.

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Laptop Flop, Part 25

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It Can Cause Anxiety To Diagnose Anxiety

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(In Australia, we have a universal healthcare program called Medicare which covers a significant portion of our medical bills. If you want to see a psychologist, Medicare will often cover 50-100% of the bill for ten sessions. However, you first have to go to a GP and get a referral to qualify. I have been struggling with my anxiety recently, so I went to the GP for a referral.)

GP: “How can I help you today?”

Me: “I’m looking to get a referral to a psychologist to help me with my anxiety.”

GP: “You’re a uni student, right?”

Me: “Yes. Working on my Masters.”

GP: “Do you really need a psychologist? I mean, it’s the end of the semester. All your classmates are stressed, just like you are. I’m sure how you’re feeling is no big deal.”

Me: “Right… and are all of my classmates having panic attacks in front of their student support officers because the support officer tried to start up a conversation about finding a job after graduation?”

GP: “Um… no.”

Me: “And is that something a mentally healthy person does?”

GP: “No. I’ll write you a referral.”

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(I work a reception job in a therapy clinic. We also share the same double reception desk with another clinic who works in the adjacent rooms. The specialist from the other company is working in another city today and the client liaison rep is sick today so no one is there.)

An older guy walks in during one our breaks, my boss is in the back doing reports and I’m just sorting out emails that came through on the weekend

*I’m here for a 9:30 appointment but I don’t know if its in [This city] or [Other city]

Sorry Sir but I can’t help you

*You idiots have messed me around for the last time, I’ve been waiting for months to get [Devices] fitted

I can try calling the [other city] clinic and get someone on the phone if you like

*Why can’t you help me, you’re the one behind the desk

Because I work for [Our clinic] not [Their clinic], but I can call in…

*I already tried checking in with them this morning at 8:15, there was no one there

Sir they open at 8:30

*I already drove down from [Other city], are you telling me I can’t be seen today and now I have to pay for parking here and the fuel to get back (100 KM away)

At this point my boss walks in after hearing the irate guy starting have a go at me

Sir, [My name] works for me at [our clinic]. Like he offered,we can try calling the [Other clinic] to find out whats going on

*Dont fucking bother, I’m never coming back here, tell the [Other clinic] I’ll be having them shut down for this shitfight

The guy walks out now looking like hes about to punch a window

Me: What a grumpy old prick

Boss: What was the issue, I didn’t catch the start of all that

Me: He turned up to [other clinic] 15 minutes before they opened to check an appointment, when they where shut he decided to drive 100km down here to try his luck.

to my boss: What a grumpy old prick