When It Works Out, And Then It Works Out

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I work for a phone provider help service. As I was born in India, I have an accent that can often irritate people because they can’t understand. Before connecting to a server, an automated message is provided explaining that many problems can be solved by just turning the phone off, removing the sim card and battery, and then turning it on again, so it is sometimes assumed that most customers have at least tried that.

Customer: “Hi. My phone isn’t letting me make calls and says I have no reception wherever I go, even places I used to have reception!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I see you’re calling from a landline. Can you give me the number for the phone in question?”

Customer: “Yeah, I can’t call from my mobile at all.”

She provides the number. I spend about forty-five minutes on the phone to her, asking questions to try and figure out the problem, with her replying to all my questions calmly and not once complaining about the length of the call.

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I’m just going to ask you to turn your phone off for a second.”

Customer: “I tried turning it off and on earlier, but it didn’t work… but okay.”

Me: “Yes, but before you turn it on again, did you remove the battery and sim card?”

Customer: “Oh… no. Oh, it worked! Thanks! So, uh, sorry for wasting your time on a petty problem.”

Me: “Not at all, and I would just like to thank you for being so patient with me through this process. I really appreciate it!”

Customer: “Well, you’re helping me out, right? What use would it to me to be a b**** to the person fixing my silly problem? Anyway, I’m a bit late for work now, so I have to go, but thanks again for fixing my phone!”

To the customer, whoever you are, I don’t think you realise how rare it is for a customer to be so patient after a forty-five-minute call, especially if they’re running late for work. So, thank you, sincerely!

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Im working a private awards dinner, each table has a bottle of red and white wine and a water jug as well as a couple of cases as centre pieces. I, and other staff, have been near the tables at all stages of the night and I’ve checked on this particular table multiple times in the half hour leading up to this.

* I’m walking around the table checking to see if they have finished their meals*

Guest in a rude tone: “Can we get a round of water at this table and make sure everyone else (all the other 27 tables) gets one as well”

Me: “Sure thing”

*i pick up the water jug and pour each of the ten guests at that table a glass and then ask my staff to do the same at other tables*

Five minutes later, note every person on this table has a drink.

Same guest, very rude this time “can we get some wine service at this table or at least get a bottle of red on the table seeing there’s none?”

Me, dumbfounded: “Mam there’s a bottle of red on the other side of the table…”

She was nice to me the rest of the night.

It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really Out To Get You

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My family and I are eating out at a restaurant in celebration for my brother’s eighteenth birthday. It’s all-you-can-eat, and some of the food you cook for yourself at your table. 

We are eating and when suddenly my Nonno — grandpa — falls backward on his chair, pushing the table behind him and scratching his knee on the grill holder under it. He is unharmed and is quick to get up. A worker rushes over.

Worker: “Are you okay?!”

Nonno: “Yes, I think I had too much wine!”

We keep eating and my brother keeps going after we’re done; he picked up too much food but there is a rule that you have to pay an extra $10 if you waste any food. He is wearing out the grill which is powered by hot coals, and hot oil begins to spray up like a blowhole. The same worker comes and quickly takes all the parts away

Uncle: “I don’t think the restaurant likes us today!”

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(So I work in a coffee shop that very clearly has the word “Coffee” in it, and one day this lady walks up to the register)
Lady: “Hi! do you sell coffee?”
Me: “Uhh, of course, it’s a coffee shop”
Lady: “Oh, I thought a coffee shop was an insurance company”
Me: (thinking) Are you kidding me?

He’s Not Your Exchange Mate

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I’m dealing blackjack on a table quite close to the cashier when a customer comes up to me and throws US currency on the table.

Customer: “I’ll get that all in $100 chips, thanks.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, I can’t change that currency for you on the table, but if you take it to the cashier they can exchange it for you.”

Customer: “It’s money, though.”

Me: “Yes, sir, but not Australian currency, and I’m afraid I can’t exchange it for you, but if you take it—”

Customer: “The exchange is about ninety cents US to your dollar.”

Me: “I can’t just guess the exchange rate, sir.”

Customer: “It’s like you don’t even know how money works!”

The customer stormed off past the cashier and out the exit.

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