Wrong Direction, Right Attitude

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(We’re short-staffed and it’s been a busy, chaotic morning with customers practically lined up out the door as they wait for their prescriptions. Eventually, we get through the queue and stop to catch our breath in a brief moment while there are no more customers in the shop. We’re all a bit tired when yet another customer enters and looks around, appearing confused. My coworker approaches her and blurts out this gem:)

Coworker: “Can I point you in the wrong direction?”

(Fortunately, the customer had a great sense of humour and was soon successfully served.)

As If January Isn’t Already Depressing Enough

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(Everyone I know complains that as soon as Christmas is over all of the supermarkets stock up on Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns. They are literally in the shops on Boxing Day. The companies say it’s what the consumer wants, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who rushes out on Boxing Day to buy Easter supplies. But today takes the cake. It’s now January 10th. I am in a gift shop that sells cards when a man rushes in.)

Customer: *to retailer* “Do you have Easter cards?”

Retailer: “No, not yet.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Are you sure? The supermarket has Easter eggs.”

Retailer: “Yes, but you can look if you want. You might find something you can use, but it’s a bit early.”

Customer: “But the supermarket has Easter things; it’s too early.”

Retailer: “Yes, I know; it’s too early.”

Customer: “Are you sure you don’t have Easter Cards?”

Retailer: “Yes, it’s way too early.”

Customer: “I know it’s too early.”

(I had to leave before I started laughing.)

Explain It To Them Like They’re A Baby

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(I work for a small, family-run bookstore. One day I’m working in the store alone when a very elderly lady comes in. I offer to help her and she tells me she’s shopping for a present for a baby. I lead her to the children’s section and leave her to have a look around.)

Customer: *after looking at several books* “What’s the idea with these bits in books?”

Me: “Oh, those are our touch and feel books! They have fur and other textured things in there for children to touch.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Uh… it’s interactive. For babies that can’t read yet.”

Customer: *clearly very confused* “So… They touch it, do they?”

Me: “Yes…”

Customer: “So, babies can’t read?”

Me: “Not normally, no.”

(The customer looked bemused and shuffled out of the shop muttering to herself. I had no idea the concept of touch-and-feel books could be so confusing!)

Unfiltered Story #136313

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Working in a deli partment.
Customer: I want some hot dogs.
Me: Sure, how many?
Customer: *after thinking for a while* A quantity
Me: …. can you please be a bit more specific?

Hoping To Make A Graceful Exit

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(I work at a fast food place in a shopping centre. We also sell biscuits and cookies over the counter. This customer is an old man, so I try to be as clear and patient as possible.)

Me: “Hello, sir, what would you like?”

Customer: “I want two of these biscuits.”

Me: “Of course, sir. Would you like them in a bag to carry?”

Customer: “Yes, please.”

(I package the cookies in a carry bag and place it on the counter in front of him as I do with every customer. I then begin typing in the transaction on the machine.)

Customer: “You should have given that to me more gracefully!”

Me: “Um… What?”

(He glares at me, and I don’t know how to respond. Eventually, I mumble a confused apology.)

Me: “That will be $7.”

(He then opens his wallet and spends a minute finding the right amount of money. Finally, he takes out a $10 note and hands it to me, but he pulls it away a few times as if he’s not sure it’s the right amount to give me. The result is me trying to take the money as he awkwardly moves his hand back and forth. I don’t say anything and just give him the change.)

Customer: “Sorry about that.”

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