Their Bad Behavior Is In The Bag

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My friend makes one-of-a-kind accessories such as bags, belts, jewellery, etc., which she sells online and at local markets. I have one of her handbags which I use every day, and I often get random people commenting on it. 

One day, I’m shopping in a smallish independent clothing store. There are only two other customers, a mother and her teenage daughter, and the cashier in the shop.

Girl: “Oh, I love that bag.”

Me: “Thanks. I do, too.”

Girl: “Where are they? I want one.”

Me: “Sorry, but this isn’t from here. My friend made it.”

Girl: “Give it to me.”

She holds her hand out.

Me: “No, I’m not giving you my handbag. You can find similar ones at some markets, or she sells them online. Each one is a one of a kind.”

Girl: “No, I want that one. Give it to me now!

Me: “Yeah, not happening.”

I turn away to look at something and she grabs hold of my bag and pulls on it. I just swing my body away, causing her to stumble.

Mother: “What the h***?! You just assaulted my daughter. Give her the bag now!”

Me: “Look, your daughter tried to take my handbag. I didn’t touch her.”

Mother: “So, she wants the bag. You need to give it to her. You can get another one.”

Me: “Lady, I’m not giving her my handbag. Now back off.”

Mother: *Screaming* “Help! This b**** just assaulted a minor and stole her bag. Help!”

Cashier: “You! You’ve both been warned before about causing problems in here. You both need to leave.”

Mother: “What?! She just assaulted my baby and stole her bag. Call the police. I’ll have you both arrested and the shop shut down.”

Cashier: “I saw the whole thing, and so did the cameras which also record audio. Now you both need to leave unless this young lady wants to press charges for attempted theft.”

The daughter started crying while the mother turned some interesting shades of red before pushing a display over and grabbing her daughter by the arm, and they both ran out the door.

I helped clean up the display but decided against pressing charges. After speaking more with the cashier who turned out to be the owner, I found out that they’d only just been allowed back in the store after harassing an older lady over a pair of glasses that the mother wanted. I was given a discount on my purchases and passed along my friend’s details. Now, the shop sells my friend’s accessories and I work part-time in the shop.

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That Is Her Tragedy

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My mother has always hated it when my grandmother complains about something that someone else does, but when it’s pointed out that she has done the same thing she always says, “It’s different for us.”

My sister has just moved into a new subdivision. All of the houses had one or two-car attached garages and very little in the way of landscaping. A few weeks after the move, we head to her place for a visit and we notice that one of the houses now has planted garden beds. One of the beds is across the front of their double garage doors.

Mum: *Angrily* “Look at that; they have planted bushes across the front of their garage doors. You know what they are going to do.”

I don’t see why she’s so angry.

Me: “Yeah, they’re going to turn the garage into rooms.”

Mum: “Well, it’s not right; they bought the house with a garage and it should stay as a garage, not be used as a room. It makes their house bigger than everyone else’s.”

Me: “But you turned your garage into a room.”

Mum: “It’s different for us. We built the garage in the first place; they bought the house with a garage.”

She didn’t mention that she and dad had extended their house until it was the biggest in the street, and she gets indignant when anyone points out how much she sounds like her mother.

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When The Patient Isn’t, Part 2

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I’m billing a patient who has seen two of our doctors. She has a referral for one of them but we’re waiting for the other to fax across the referral for the other.

Me: “I’ll call them to follow up on it.”

Patient: “Could you call them now, while I’m still here?”

I pick up the phone and start dialing.

Patient: “Are you calling them?”

I indicated that I am. As if I would make an unrelated phone call while still serving her! A few minutes pass.

Patient: “Do you need their number?”

Me: “I’m on hold with them.”

It gets to about ten minutes on hold.

Patient: “Are you sure you’ve called the right number?”

Me: “The hold message says I’ve called the right clinic.”

Then, she left just before I finally spoke to the receptionist to get the referral sent across!

When The Patient Isn’t

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So Fake It Becomes Hydronium Behind Your Back

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A lady comes to my register with a pack of bottled water. It’s nothing fancy, just a twelve-pack of water bottles. The only remarkable thing about the bottles is that the plastic is blue.

Customer: “Is this real water?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “But it’s blue!”

Me: “Oh, that’s just the packaging! It’s just spring water in a blue bottle.”

Customer: “Well, last time I was here, I bought some water and it was fake! I don’t want fake water; I can’t drink it!”

I’ve worked at this store since it opened nearly seven years ago. We’ve always had this bottled water, and this brand only. The only difference is that the company changed the bottles to blue plastic from clear at least a year ago.

Me: “I’ve had that water. I promise you, it’s fine, honestly!”

Customer: “Okay, then.”

She purchases three twelve-packs and leaves.

Coworker: “Did she say fake water? How on earth do you make fake water?!”

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Clear Expectations Produce Better Results

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I have just arrived for my managing shift at the store where I work. My store manager and I go over a few details I need to know before she leaves for the day.

Store Manager: “Can you keep an eye on [New Hire]? I gave her a simple job of scanning for price tickets and she’s taken ages doing it. She’s a bit slow. I was hoping that all the tickets would have been put out before she goes home, but you’re going to have to do it.”

When I check on the new hire, I find that she has just finished scanning the section — two panels of small Christmas ornaments — and has sent it through to the office for printing.

New Hire: “Boy, that was a lot of work and took a long time. [Coworker] did her section really quickly; I hope I can get as fast as her one day.”

I reassure her that she will, with practice, and tell her it’s time to leave before heading to the office to print the tickets.

Store Manager: “I started the tickets for you. I’ll just grab a few things before I go. Can you come down and serve me once all the tickets are printed?”

I have to refill the ticket paper, just thinking that the manager didn’t add enough, and complete a couple of duties while waiting for it to complete. I am surprised at how many sheets have printed up, and then I notice that each item has up to a dozen copies of price tickets. I head to the service counter where the store manager is waiting to be checked out.

Store Manager: “There you are. I was just about to come find you. What took so long?”

Me: “This.”

I hold up the thick wad of paper.

Me: “What did you tell [New Hire] to do?”

Store Manager: “I just told her to scan every item for tickets. She was so slow at it.”

Me: “Well, that’s exactly what she did; she took you literally. You needed to say, ‘one of each design.’”

Store Manager: “She should have known that I meant one of every item.”

Me: “It’s exactly what she did: one of every item. How many times has she done tickets?”

Store Manager: “This was her first time, but she should have known what I meant. I’m going to have words with her; if she keeps up like this, she won’t last long.”

Me: “I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

I had the chat, explaining how to ticket correctly just like I had done when I’d trained the [Store Manager] a few years before. I had been her senior but did not want the promotion and couldn’t see her sticking it out long. The new hire turned out to be one of our best workers. The store manager didn’t last long but I had already quit as I got sick of fixing her mistakes.

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