The Weather Is Miserable But The Customer Is Worse

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I’m a member of the choir volunteering my help before the concert, but I’m not actually part of the front of house staff, as I’ll be on stage during the concert itself.

It’s about an hour before the concert starts, and the front of house staff are still inside the hall finishing their safety briefing. The bar is ready to serve people and has some seats, so as there are a few customers already waiting, we open the main doors. I’m sent to the entrance to the ticket sales/collections desks to stop any customers coming through.

Me: “I’m afraid we’re not quite open for tickets yet, but the bar is just down there if you’d like a drink or somewhere to sit down.”

Grumpy Man: “Why did you open the doors if you’re not ready to sell tickets? That’s so unprofessional!”

Me: “I’m very sorry, but the front of house staff haven’t finished their briefing. We opened the doors because the bar is open.”

Grumpy Man: “It’s what you’d expect from a tiny country town, not in the city!”

My “boss,” the choir president, comes up behind me.

Boss: “They’re finishing the safety briefing, which we have to have. It will only be a couple of minutes.”

Grumpy Man: “You can’t expect people to pay good money if you have this kind of amateur communication skills. It’s completely ridiculous.”

The hall doors open and the front of house staff come out and go to the ticket desks.

Me: “Tickets are now available if you’d like to come through.”

I still have no idea why he was so offended. It was cold and raining outside; most people would have liked to come into the lobby.

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The store I work at has a huge sale, the queue at my counter is so long it wraps around the back of our counter. A man walks up to the counter.

Man “I don’t have time to wait, serve me next”

Me “I’m sorry but these people don’t have time to wait either. I suppose you could ask them if you can go first. ”

The man looks at the first and opens his mouth to talk.

First, second and Third Customers ” NO”.

Now That’s Almost Triple-A Service

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I volunteer to help with ticket sales for my choir, and I am dealing with customer complaints before the concert starts. A woman comes up to me with a complaint about her ticket.

Customer: “When I phoned up to book a ticket, I specifically asked for a balcony seat, but the one I’ve been given is in the stalls. I have neck problems; I can’t possibly sit in the stalls.”

Me: “I’m very sorry about that. I’ll exchange it for a seat in the balcony now. How about this one?”

I offer her a seat in the middle of the balcony, though towards the back as all the seats in front have already been sold.

Customer: “No, no, I don’t want that one. I want to sit right at the front near the orchestra. In the ‘AA’ section.”

Me: “We don’t actually sell those seats, because they’re right around to the side and you won’t hear a good balance of the music.”

Customer: “I’ve sat there before and I like it. I’m not sitting anywhere else.”

Me: “If that’s what you want, ma’am…”

I wrote “Sit in AA 64” on her ticket, initialled it, and sent her up to the balcony. She paid a premium price for a seat we don’t sell, even further round the balcony than the cheaper seats, and went upstairs smiling.

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Overheard in supermarket aisle “Quick, we need to get out of here before you make nachos!”

Happens All The Time When People See The Prices Of The Textbooks

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I am waiting in line at the university bookshop. I just gave blood an hour ago and, despite never having had any previous problems donating blood, and having had ample to eat and drink today, I start to feel a little woozy.

And then, I wake up on the floor.

The other customer who was in line is standing over me, while the staff member behind the desk calls out, “Are you okay?”

As I wake up a bit more, I can explain that I gave blood earlier.

The staff member finishes serving the customer, who leaves. Then, the staff member calls out to me, “You can go and sit on the stairs outside if you want to rest a bit.”

The staff member then turns away and continues their work at the desk. I am still lying on the floor, but, having never fainted in public before, and seeing that neither the staff member or the other customer seem remotely concerned, I just feel embarrassed and silly lying on the floor in a public place. As quickly as physically able, I get up, pick up my bag, leave the purchase I was going to make on a shelf, and go and sit on the stairs outside for about thirty minutes until my head stops spinning and my legs will hold me up, before I — slowly, with several stops — head home.

Once at home, I call the blood bank — they tell you to contact them if you have any adverse reactions — and the nurse on the end goes berko.

Oh, my God! Did you bang anything when you landed? How are you feeling now? I need you to see a doctor in the next twenty-four hours for a review. Don’t do any strenuous activity for the rest of the day. Drink something. Eat something. Have you got a family member or friend with you?” And so on.

I am only a young, inexperienced, not very world-wise person when this all happens, and I really don’t know what the correct reaction is when someone loses consciousness in the middle of a store, but I know that it is not to just ignore them and go about your work.

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