Hopefully Their Health Turns Around Faster

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I recently returned to work after being in the hospital for an operation, but I was told to go back to hospital if I get into severe pain. On my third day back at work, I collapse and my team leader gets me a [Rideshare] to get to hospital, setting up the pickup point on the right side of the road. I manage to stagger downstairs and wait for the [Rideshare] while all but collapsing on the pavement.

When the [Ride Share] driver arrives, he’s on the other side of the road with six lanes of traffic as well as buses and trams between us.

“Come over here!”

“I can’t turn around!”

“Come over here! I can’t cross the road.”

“I can’t do a U-turn here!”

I am about to faint from the intense pain I am in, so I scream at him.

“Get the f*** over here! I don’t care how you do it! I’m in f****** pain!”

The driver then went around the block and comes onto the right side of the road to pick me up. He got a one-star rating.

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Maybe Someone Didn’t Enunciate?

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“Have you got a quote for the carpet to be replaced yet?”

“No! I have been calling carpenters all week, but none of them have gotten back to me.”

“You mean carpet layers, right?”

“What’s the difference?”

I facepalmed. Sure enough, she had been emailing carpenters all week trying to get a quote to install carpet.

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[I work for a very popular fast food restaurant. This particular restaurant I work for is owned by a franchise, and this particular franchisee allows customers that have a wrong order through drive-thru to call up when they get home and make a complaint and ask for a new order. The managers then put the complaint in a special book, note the customer’s name, time, date and specific order mix up, and when the customer comes back into the store the managers can reference the book and correct the order. On this day I have only just starting my shift, when two grumpy customers, a couple, have approached the counter.]

Me: Hi guys, can I help you?

Woman: Yeah, we had a complaint about our drive thru order, we’re here to get our new order.

Me: Sorry to hear that! When did this happen? The manager is just out but will be back in a minute, in the mean time I can check the book and get it ready.

Man: Few nights ago.

Me: Oh, ok, do you remember exactly what night? We record the dates.

Woman: We don’t know! It was like, 3 weeks ago, how are we supposed know after then?

Me: Three weeks ago? This mix up happened three weeks ago? Wait, did you call our store when you got home?

Man: Nup, didn’t think we needed to.

Me: You didn’t think you needed to call? Well ok, do you have a receipt from your order?

Woman: Why the *beep* would I need a receipt? I threw it out. If you lot just did your jobs properly we wouldn’t *beep*-ing need it now would I?

Me [only five minutes into my shift and already over this *beep*, just thinking in my head “Nope, not going to deal with this”]: Ok, can you please just wait a moment? The manager will be with you shortly.

Sound Obviously Travels Backward In Australia

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When I’m in ninth grade, my school is demolishing an old science building and building a better one in its place. Part of the school is blocked off and it’s very loud. It’s annoying but okay most of the time, except in my Japanese class. The classroom is right next to where the construction is taking place and it’s very frustrating during our lessons. The floor is vibrating from whatever they are doing ten metres away. The class is discussing it.

*Sarcastically* “It’s okay, though; the school said they would buy me another whiteboard so that the noise wouldn’t be so bad.”

*Confused* “What? How would that help?”

“They said they would get me a new whiteboard for the opposite side of the room so that we could face the other way. Then, the noise wouldn’t be so bad because we would be facing the other way.”

Obviously, we all found this logic hilariously stupid. We decided to try it, facing the other way. Surprise, surprise, we could still hear the sound of construction just as loud when we turned around. I know they had good intentions, but seriously, you would think they would understand how sound works.

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I Have The Power To Grant You Power

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(I work in a department store. Today, I am the door greeter; I also check bags on customers leaving, direct customers to areas, and answer general questions they might have.)

Customer: “Hi, darl, I know I should be at the customer service desk but there is a long line and you might be able to help here. I just bought this iron but the plug won’t fit into the power point.”

(The customer holds up the iron. I see the plastic cover on the plug and take it off.)

Me: “There you go! Most products come with this cover now.”

Customer: *stares for a moment* “My husband is not going to let me forget this; he was insisting the product was fine and I didn’t believe him. Thanks, darl!”

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