The Complements Are Complimentary

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(We have just finished a test and we have started a new topic: probability. We are talking about complements, which are mutually exclusive events, and our teacher is telling us not to get confused with compliments.)

Teacher: “…so, never confuse your complements.” *walks up to me* “[My Name], your marks on the test were the highest in the class.”

Me: *getting excited* “What?!”

Teacher: *to class* “See? Don’t use that type of compliment.”

Class: “OOOOOOH!”

(I giggled a little, though I felt shocked and sad. Fingers crossed; I still might have gotten good marks on the test.)

Dad Makes Interfering With Art An Art

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(I’m working on an art project for my friend’s birthday. I have spent two days sketching out everything, and I’m ready to start inking it. It should be mentioned that I have liked art for a long time and have done my own research on how to make a presentable piece. Because I have spent so long sketching my poster, I am scared to start inking the poster, in fear of messing up all my hard work. My dad thinks he has better ideas, and suggests a few as he is walking by:)

Dad: “Just colour it in as-is! Then just add black paint and make it artistic or something.”

Dad: “Just scan it! Then colour it in on your laptop and print it out!”

(We only have an A4 printer and scanner, and we have very little coloured ink left.)

Dad: *as I’m finding a new fine-liner because the one I’m using is running out* “Why are you wasting your time? Just use this pen!” *holds out a dollar store pen that isn’t even black*

(Once I finish inking and start to rub out the lines and colour things in:)

Dad: “Why are you wasting the eraser? It’s fine; STOP RUBBING OUT THE LINES!”

Dad: “Why don’t you just give it to her in black and white?”

Dad: *as I’m doing characters from my friend’s favourite animes on the poster, the eye colour and outfits can’t be changed or they would be unrecognizable* “Eww, why are the eyes blue? Why can’t you make them brown?”

Dad: *snatches pencil and starts stabbing some scrap paper, effectively destroying the pencil* “You need to colour it in like this! Why are you making all of this so light?!”

Dad: *watching me draw a Pokémon* “Why is that so ugly!? Why is there a flower growing out its back?!”

(Thankfully, I was able to finish the poster without my dad destroying the poster.)

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Our work roster is over 2 weeks, I only work 5 days over that time so have several days off in a row. I also only work with my manager one day a fortnight. He also insists that we only work in specific departments and holds us accountable for the state of the department. I always get in early for my afternoon shift so I can have lunch first. Manager comes past as I am eating.
Manager “(My name) what are you doing out here eating? (Department) is a mess, I am fed up with telling you to keep it tidy”

Me “I tidied it on Friday and I haven’t even started my shift yet”

Manager “It’s now THURSDAY, you are supposed to tidy it EVERY DAY. You are also supposed to get rid of the empty boxes when you put stock out. I’m sick and tired of you not doing your work”

Me “What? Am I supposed to come in on my days off?”

Manager “What are you talking about?”

Me “I haven’t been here since Friday”

Manager “Well someone left a mess over there, just get out there and tidy it up. I don’t want customers tripping over things.”

When I get to the department I see packaging and torn empty cartons scattered over tables of stock. There’s a whole new range of stock that has been set up but the older stock has been thrown onto the floor and left. I am pretty livid and head down to the front of the store to sign in.

Coworker “Hi (My name), ooh you don’t look happy, what’s wrong?”

Me “Someone’s destroyed (dept) and I’ve just gotten into trouble for it”.

Coworker “But you left it perfect on Friday, let’s go and take a look it can’t be that bad”

Me “I know, and it is that bad. I just wish I could throttle the person who did it”

Coworker *jaw drops as she sees the mess “I hate to tell you this but (Manager) is the only person who works in this section when you aren’t here”

Me “I know, I have to clean his mess every time I have a shift and I get into trouble every second Thursday for leaving the mess, nothing I say makes a difference.”

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(I’m 15 at the time in hospital after having surgery on both my knees for an ongoing issue of my kneecaps dislocating. At 15 I’m the oldest in the room. It’s around 2 am on my 2nd night and I’m having issues sleeping because my knees are hurting but not enough for me to ask for pain killers and also I’m not in my own bed. I spot my favourite nurse doing her rounds with 5 students nurses, shining her torch on the kids chest so the students can see their faces. She gets to my bed and I remain still.)

Nurse: “Ok, This is *my name* but prefers to be called *nickname*. She’s 15 and had Bilateral Patella Release done by Dr. *name*. She has only had mild pain so we haven’t really heard boo from her.”

(As they start to move away)

Me: “Boo” (A couple of the students giggle)

Nurse: “What the heck *my name*. You’re supposed to be sleeping, are you in pain?”

Me: “Nah but now you have heard a boo from me.”

Nurse (trying to sound stern while giggling): “Ok, miss smarty pants, try to get some sleep, I’ll see you later on”

(Happily later that morning I was given crutches so I could wander around the ward. 2 of the other kids and myself got told off several times for being a bit too rowdy. I was in the hospital for only 5 days. Unfortunately 22 years later I still have knee issues)

When Patients Aren’t

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It’s a Friday night, and my dad has been really sick all week. It eventually gets to the point where he needs to go to the emergency room. Being a Friday night, the ER is relatively full.

Once he gets there, and speaks to the nurse, he is immediately given a wheelchair and taken straight through. The looks of disgust and just pure hatred he got from everyone in the waiting room was astonishing.

He had pneumonia, and had he arrived even an hour later, chances are he would have died.

Seriously, if someone is taken straight through at the emergency room, chances are their problems are probably worse than yours!

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