Mix-Up Causes Mixed Emotions

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I’m a customer at a local fast food joint. While I used to frequently get fast food, due to wanting to get into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been avoiding eating at any fast food joints, except maybe once every few months. However, this particular joint currently has a promotional burger that I am so very excited to try, so I made it a treat to myself. 

It is also the opening night of a new, hugely popular superhero film. There is a movie theatre less than a two-minute walk from the fast food joint, so the staff are clearly run off their feet with massive lines.

When I finally get to the counter, the frazzled but hugely polite and apologetic staff member informs me the drink machines are down. Bummer. But they are offering free replacement sides in place of a drink. I tell them it is completely fine and even joke sympathetically what a bummer it has happened on a night with such a popular film bringing the huge crowds.

I make my order of the promotional burger with sides and wait for it to be called out. While I am waiting, I people-watch. Throughout the entire time I wait, I can’t help but notice how efficient and polite the staff are, despite the massive rush. 

I receive my bag of greasy goodness and, as the place is packed, retreat to the comfort of my vehicle. 

There, I discover that my burger order has sadly been mistaken for another customer’s. While it is a burger I previously have eaten at this joint and enjoyed, I had my heart so set on the promotional burger. 

As I am only just outside the joint, I head back in and wait at the collection point for a staff member. I hate causing trouble for customer service, after spending most of my working life dealing with customer complaints that are beyond ridiculous. I apologise for the trouble and explain that the burger order has been mixed up — only the burger; everything else is completely correct. 

I swear the staff doesn’t know what to do with the fact that I’m not yelling at them for the mishap. They give me a new burger and let me keep the mix-up, as well, as a thanks for not causing a scene and as an apology for the mistake. 

I leave them a nice review on their Facebook page, not for the first time. Always acknowledge when staff are doing their best, and don’t make their life more difficult than it needs to be. They’re human and you actually get the nicer side of them when you act as a decent human yourself.

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Because All White People Come From New Zealand

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(I work in a store that is predominantly staffed by foreigners, but I am Caucasian. A customer approaches my till.)

Customer: “Hi, there.”

Me: “Good evening.”

(I start scanning the woman’s sizable cartload of groceries.)

Customer: “I’m so glad to see a white person behind the till for once!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “Well, I am so sick of dealing with all these foreigners every time I want to buy some groceries! I’ll be sure to come back here when you are working in future!”

Me: “Uh, ma’am? You may leave now. I will not serve someone as incredibly rude and racist as you.”

Customer: “What do you mean, you won’t serve me?!”

Me: “Exactly what I said. Leave now. You will not receive service here, from me or anyone else.”

Customer: “How dare you?! I demand to speak to your manager at once!”

Me: “Certainly, ma’am. Let me call him over for you.”

(I call the manager on duty over to my register. The manager in question is a Chinese immigrant.)

Manager: *in a thick Chinese accent* “What’s the problem?”

(The customer’s face turned paper white, and she virtually ran from the store, leaving all her groceries behind. My manager turned to look at me, but it took ten minutes for him to get an explanation because I was laughing so hard.)


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Playing A Game Of Duck, Duck, RAGE

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(I run sideshow games at an amusement park, and because of all the negative stereotypes of carnival games portrayed in movies and such, many people often wrongly believe that the games are rigged. One of the games uses a fishing rod to pick up a duck with a hook in it. Each duck has a different colour dot underneath it to identify the type of prize the player could win. The best prize is a stuffed bulldog and there are two ducks out of fifty that have the proper colour needed to win one.)

Customer: “How do I win one of those bulldogs there?”

Me: “You need to pay for a turn to play the game. Then, if you manage to pick up a duck with that rod that has a certain colour underneath it, you can choose that prize.”

Customer: “Pfft, probably rigged, anyway.”

(He then leaves for a few minutes and comes back when I’m serving two other customers who are playing the game.)

Customer: “Oi, give me one of those bulldogs!”

Me: “You have to play the game to win one, sir. I can’t just give it to you.”

Customer: “How the f*** am I supposed to win it when all the games are rigged?”

Me: “The games aren’t rigged, sir, but if you feel that strongly about it, you don’t have to play.”

Customer: “Give me the toy, then.”

Me: “Sir, I have already said that you need to play the game first to win the toy. If you don’t think you can do it, then you can probably buy a toy just like this in a store somewhere.”

(The customer then goes on a rant about how he’s already paid to get into the amusement park and how I am trying to scam him with a rigged game.)

Customer: “Give me the toy or I’ll jump over there and f****** smash you.”

(I get a bit nervous at this point as he is much bigger than I am and looks like he could really hurt me.)

Me: “I wouldn’t do that, sir; there are children around and a security guard just over there.”

(I signal my coworker to call the security guard over.)

Customer: “I swear to God I’m gonna smash your f****** head in.”

(The security guard was almost there at that point. The customer realised this and, after a few more curses, he left. I was still shaking with nerves an hour later.)

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Not Exactly The Helpful Type

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(I create the ads for a small weekly magazine, and I have a pretty strict time frame to have them completed and signed off before the layout of the publication can commence. The advertising sales manager, however, will take new bookings with no regard to deadlines in an effort to make herself look good. From my point of view, this just means working through lunch or staying late, with no extra pay, to get them done in time.)

Sales Manager: “We have a new ad to make for [Customer].”

Me: *worried* “We’re getting really close to print deadline. I’m not sure I can get it done and signed off in time.”

Sales Manager: “It’s okay. I typed up all the ad copy for you.”

(It’s the layout, design, and sign-off of the ad that tends to take a lot more time than simple copy typing. Still, we’re really short of time, so I’ll take anything I can get that will shorten the process.)

Me: “Thanks. Where did you save the document?”

Sales Manager: *blank look*

Me: “Is it on the shared folder on the server or will you email it to me?”

Sales Manager: “Oh, I didn’t save it.” *hands me a typed piece of paper* “But I typed it up for you.”

Me: *baffled* “But… why would you type it up, and then not save it?”

Sales Manager: “So it’s easier for you to read than handwriting.” *looks very pleased with herself, as if she thinks she’s done me a huge favour*

Me: “…”

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(I am in the mall with my kids, hurrying to drop them to a movie at the cinema in the mall. I see a product I have heard a lot about but not seen in a shop at a pop-up kiosk, and I stop. My plan is to go shopping while the kids are watching their movie, so I want to know if the product is reasonable, and then I will come back and look at the options.)

Me: “How much are these?”

Salesperson: “Well…” *launches into a spiel about benefits of the product, which I already know*

Me: “Yes, but how much is it?”

Salesperson: *repeats spiel, does not give price*

Me: “Right… I have to go.”

(Surprise, I didn’t buy it, but the kids had fun at their movie. A week later, the shop was gone when I went past again hoping to talk to someone else. Maybe it’s just me, but if you refuse to answer a simple question, I am not going to buy anything from you!)

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