Coupon Comeback

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(I work at a very well-known pharmacy. It’s a shame how often I have this conversation.)

Me: *while handing them their receipt* “Okay, here’s your receipt. Have a nice day.”

Customer: “Oh, I have a coupon. Is it too late to use it?”

Me: “…”

Failed In The Wink Of An Eye

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Me: *finish ringing up the customer’s items* “Ok. That comes to $67.47”

Customer: *leans in very close and looks over his shoulder and whispers* “Hey, man. Can I get a discount?” *proceeds to give me a wink*

(I lean in equally as close and look over my shoulder and whisper…)

Me: “No”.

Customer: *smile fades from face*

Me: *unenthusiastic stone-faced wink* “$67.47, please.”

Memory Of Him Went Up In Smoke

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Customer: “Pack of [Popular Cigarette Brand].”

Me: *grabs pack* “That’ll be $10.90.”

Customer: “I wanted 100s! I come in here twice a week and you can’t remember what I smoke?” *slams money on counter* “Just give me my cigarettes!” *begins to walk away*

Me: “What about your change?”

Customer: “Forget about it!”

(The customer leaves.)

Me: *to coworker* “Do people realize how many people come in here every day and buy the same cigarettes? I can only remember so many.”

You Have The Devil To Pay

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(I worked in a truck rental place in Texas. I am with my manager on a Sunday mid-afternoon. My manager is assisting one customer with an issue in their rental and all of us are talking while he is trying to fix it. Another customer walks in and grabs a few mattress bags. He comes to me to ring out and notices my pentacle.)

Customer: “Isn’t that the devil’s symbol? Do you worship the Devil?”

(I am used to this sort of thing; I keep smiling. My manager does look over to check on me.)

Me: “Nope, it’s something else entirely. Just the two bags?”

Customer: “I’m not sure I want to purchase anything from a place that has a Satanist in the store, but I need these today.”

(Mind you, I am far from that.)

Me: “Well…” *tells him the price*

Customer: *obviously getting nervous* “Why would you wear that? It should be against the law.”

(He is starting to move around a little more. My manager and the other customer have stopped talking and are now watching the other man.)

Me: *repeats price*

Customer: *stands far back and tosses the money on the counter* “Keep the change… I don’t want you touching anything of mine.”

(He left the two bags on the counter and grabbed two others from the rack… that I had just stocked. He practically ran from the store, crossing himself. My manager and the other customer both started stating how impressed they were how I kept it together.)

They Both Get Credit For That One

, , , , | Right | October 22, 2018

(I am working at the customer service desk. We offer many services, but we mainly process returns. I am processing a return for a customer on his credit card when this exchange takes place.)

Me: *swipes his card, hands him the card and the receipt* “All right, there’s your receipt for your return!”

Customer: *places his card flat in his palm and sort of bounces his hand, as though weighing his card* “Hm… It doesn’t feel heavier.”

Me: “Oh, that’s because credit card returns take a couple days to show up on your card.”

Customer: *bursts out laughing* “Okay, that was a good one!”

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