They Have Bigger Combos To Fry

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(I’m late for a meeting around dinner time and decide to grab a quick bite to eat from a fast food joint. There’s a decent crowd at the counter but it’s not too busy. I place my order — just a burger and a small drink — hoping the easy order will be done fast. The cashier is foreign and hard to understand, using a mixture of English and Dutch with a very heavy accent.)

Cashier: “We out of regular burger. You want XL burger, instead?”

Me: “Yeah, no problem.”

(She gives me my total, which is for a normal burger and the drink. I pay and she then goes to make a drink, which she places in front of me along with a receipt with a number. I grab the drink and receipt and stand back, waiting for my number to be called for my burger. The cashier sees me standing, then impatiently beckons me over.)

Cashier: “This not yours! This other order!”

(She snatches the receipt and drink out of my hands.)

Me: “My apologies! Since you placed them right in front of me, I figured this was my order.”

(She disappears to the back, leaving me without a receipt with an order number. I don’t want to make a fuss so I just stand back again, keeping a close eye on all the outgoing orders to see if mine is there. After a while, the cashier comes back with a tray with what seems to be my order, as she also makes eye contact and beckons me over.)

Cashier: “One [burger] combo.”

Me: “Hold on, I didn’t order the combo. Just the burger and a small drink. You can keep the fries.”

(She snatches the tray out of my hands and places it on the counter behind her, out of my reach. I’m in a real hurry now and just want my food. I try to get her attention but she is now busy helping others. After two other customers she turns to me again.)

Cashier: *impatiently* “What?”

Me: “I said, you can keep the fries. I still want my burger.”

Cashier: *raised eyebrow silence*

Me: “Can I have the tray back?”

(She grabs the tray again and gives it to me.)

Cashier: *rudely* “I thought you didn’t want the combo? Now you suddenly want combo?”

(I grab the tray, take off the fries, and place them on the counter.)

Me: “Here. Problem solved. Stick those fries anywhere you want for all I care.”

(I walk out hurriedly to catch my meeting and start eating while walking. The burger was so cold that the cheese on it was stiff.)

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You Got 100 Problems And A Bagel Is One

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(I work at a small sandwich shop in the middle of a shopping centre. Our float in the tills is never very big, so as a result, if anybody pays with a €50 note too early we are screwed for change for hours afterward. Higher denomination Euro notes are commonly forged, so most shops won’t accept them at the best of times. Forgeries can easily be passed off in smaller shops where staff generally don’t check notes.)

Me: “Good morning! What can I get you?”

Customer: “Can I have a bagel, please?”

Me: “No problem!”

(I proceed to make the bagel as quickly as possible as he is the only customer there. While it is heating, I go to the till.)

Me: “That’s €4.50, please, when you’re ready.”

Customer: *tries to give me a €100 note* 

Me: “Sorry, I can’t take a hundred this early on. I have very little change until lunchtime.” 

Customer: *clearly irritated but polite* “Are you sure? It’s all I have.”

Me: “Afraid so. Sorry…”

Customer: “All right, I’ll just go get change, then.”

(I finished making his bagel, wrapped it, and put it beside the grill to keep it warm in case he came back a bit later. Funnily enough, he never came back… But I have to say it was a delicious sandwich!)

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Checking Out At The Checkout

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(I’m ringing up a customer who has been staring down her nose at me for pretty much the whole transaction. She has a trolleyful, and since it is an express store we only have tiny checkouts. She doesn’t even offer to help pack anything, and I have to ask her nicely to get her to move full bags off of the till so I have room to keep packing. She glares at me several times. Finally, I tell her the total.)

Customer: “Oh, and check this for me.” *throws a lottery ticket down*

Me: “No problem. I’ll do the payout once I’m finished with your shopping.”

(The woman looks at me like I’m stupid.)

Customer: “Can you do it now? I need the money to pay for the shopping. There should be ten pounds on it.”

Me: “I’m sorry. The tills won’t allow a payout until the transaction has finished.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! Other shops do!”

Me: “I’m sorry. It’s the way the tills work.”

(The woman carried on giving me a look as if I was completely thick as she gave me the money, and as I gave her the payout from the tickets. She then took her own sweet time getting her things together, even having a conversation with a friend, while a queue of customers built up behind. When I said goodbye, she merely threw me another dirty look. I love customers who know how our tills work better than we do.)

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Balking At The Bulk  

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(A customer has brought a couple of Venetian blinds to the counter.)

Customer: “What sort of discount can you give me if I buy these blinds?”

Manager: “They are already discounted.”

Customer: “But I’m going to be buying in bulk.”

Manager: “Oh, we should be able to work something out if you are buying bulk. [My Name], can you grab a stock trolley so the customer can get the blinds she needs?”

Customer: “I have them all here.”

Manager: “Oh, I thought you said you were buying in bulk.”

Customer: “I am. So, what sort of discount will I get?”

Manager: “I can’t offer you an extra discount because you’re only buying two.”

Customer: “You said you could work something out because I was buying in bulk.”

Manager: “Two isn’t bulk.”

Customer: “But it’s more than one, so it is. I want a discount.”

Manager: “Okay, how about I give you 50% off the full price?”

Customer: “Yes, that will do.” *happily pays and leaves*

Me: “Um, weren’t they already 50% off? I can’t believe you got away with that.”

Manager: “I can’t believe she was allowed out unsupervised.”

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Youth Can’t Win For Losing

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(I have my headphones in while I approach the self-checkouts at my local supermarket. As I finish my purchase, I see the man next to me making exaggerated gestures. I take my headphones out to see what the issue is. He notices.)

Man: “These things are bulls***. They don’t work half the time!”

(I look at his machine and see it is telling him the machine is card only and asking him to confirm before using it.)

Me: “Are you paying by card?”

Man: “Ugh, yes.” *seeing me lean over to tap the screen* “Don’t bother; it won’t let me do anything!”

(After tapping, the message disappears.)

Me: “Try it now.”

(The man mumbled that I was young and not listening, but he tried it anyway. His cereal scanned and he stared, mouth agape. I picked up my bag and left the checkout. I had to walk past him again to leave the store. In that few seconds he had started another rant about young people thinking they always know everything. I put my headphones back in and left.)

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