Selfless At The Self Checkout

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(I am a customer in this story. I have finished my shopping and am lined up at the self-serve checkouts to pay for my items. An elderly woman is standing in front of me when a checkout becomes free. She doesn’t seem to notice, so I politely point her towards the checkout, as the line is growing.)

Me: “Excuse me, but the checkout on the end is free.”

Lady: “I don’t know how to use these checkouts. Could you show me?”

(Although I’m in a bit of a rush, I offer my assistance, as the employee has been called to help with a problem at the service desk.)

Me: “Okay. We start by pushing the ‘shopping’ button.”

(I indicate where the button is, but the woman doesn’t make any attempt to press it. After waiting for about 30 seconds and showing her yet again, I press the button myself.)

Me: “Now, we scan your first item.”

(She hands me a can of tuna and I show her how to swipe the barcode.)

Lady: “Could you do it?”

(I proceed to scan the tuna and place it aside. The lady then hands me an avocado. I place it on the scale and press the “fruit & veg” button. The menu presents several options and I press the “avocado” button and enter the quantity.)

Lady: “Are you finished yet?”

Me: “Almost. Next, we press ‘pay.'”

(I do so. The machine asks if the customer has a rewards card.)

Me: “Do you have a rewards card?”

(The woman hands me her card and a $10 note to pay. Upon scanning her card, her total comes up and I slide the note into the payment slot. It takes the money and asks if I want a receipt, and I press “yes.” The machine then ejects the woman’s change. I hand her both the receipt and the change and count out the change for her.)

Lady: “I gave you $10.”

Me: “Yes, and your change is $4.50.”

Lady: *now sounding annoyed* “But I gave you $10.”

Me: “May I please see the receipt?”

(She refuses, but I know that avocados are more than $1 each as they are only just coming into season. I politely tell the woman this and she looks at me suspiciously.)

Lady: “It’s one avocado!”

Me: “I understand but they are more than $1 each.”

Lady: “No. You’re wrong. Check it.”

Me: “I don’t work here. I’m a paying customer, like you.”

Lady: “Then why did you help me?”

Me: “You asked, and I don’t feel comfortable pushing in front of others.”

Lady: “Go to check, please.”

Me: “I’m a customer. I don’t work here.”

(The lady looked even more annoyed. It had now been almost ten minutes and I had an appointment to get to. Fortunately, the employee returned. I motioned for her to come over. She came over and assisted, but in the time I’d been helping out, the checkouts had filled and I was asked to proceed to the back of the line. Of course I was late for the appointment, and what should have been a five minute in-and-out took just over twenty minutes.)

A Sure Way To Cheese Them Off

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(Our grocery store recently added coupons to other stores on the back of our receipts. It helps offset the price of till paper, because other companies are paying us for the advertisement space. Apparently this is a brand-new concept to some. A customer places five blocks of cheese on the counter.)

Me: “All righty, sir, that will be $23.54.”

Customer: “I have a coupon.”

(I start looking for anything indicating a discount, which some of our receipts will print, if you buy gas from our adjacent gas bar. He reaches over and tugs the receipt out of my hand, and turns it backwards.)

Me: *immediately aware of where this is going* “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t see anything—”

Customer: “Right there! $20 off in-store purchase!”

Me: “Sorry, sir, this is for [Family-Owned Music Store], not our store.”

Customer: *tugs the receipts over again* “It’s says, ‘[Our Store],’ on the front! Right there!”

(I kept trying to explain the advertisements on the back to him, and he kept getting angrier, until I finally snapped, “It’s not our store!” He then grabbed his cheese and marched off in a huff, and I was forced follow him because I needed to rescan the cheese to get it off my till.)

Regroup When You Can’t Recoup

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(The store I work at has a “super double coupon week” every so often. However, there is a limit of twenty coupons per store card per day.)

Me: “Find everything okay?”

Customer: “Oh, yes.”

(I scan her store card and she tells me how she wishes she had more time to shop, but she has to pick up her grandkids from school. I see her with a big stack of coupons.)

Me: “Are you aware there is a twenty-coupon limit?”

Customer: “There is?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “I didn’t know that. I never coupon, and I don’t have time to go through and pick out what I want.”

Me: “I can get a manager over to void the whole transaction.”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I call the manager on duty over.)

Manager: “What’s the issue?”

Customer: “I didn’t know there was a twenty-coupon limit. I spent over two hours shopping and I need to get my grandkids!”

Me: “She wants the whole transaction voided.”

(The manager voided the transaction, and we gave her overflowing cart to a bagger to put back. The manager ran to catch the woman and give her the coupons back, but she didn’t want any of them back.)


I Don’t Have The Energy To Argue

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(It’s before eight am, and I’m manning the check stand. A man walks up and starts looking at the energy shots. He starts to set down an averaged-sized bottle on the counter, then changes his mind and switches it with a large one.)

Me: “Will that be all for you today?”

Customer: *almost helplessly* “Isn’t that enough?”

Where’s Wallet?

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(I’m watching a guy in front of me in line during this one. He’s wearing cargo pants, with tons of pockets.)

Cashier: “…and that will be $27.10.”

Customer: “Sure. Hold on.”

(He proceeds to reach into his pocket and comes up with a wallet.)

Customer: “Wait, wrong one.”

(He puts the wallet back, reaches into another pocket, and comes up with a second wallet.)

Customer: “Nope. That’s not it, either.”

(He puts that wallet back and retrieves yet another wallet.)

Customer: “S***. Give me one more second.”

(The guy then goes through two more wallets before finding the correct one, completing his purchase, and leaving the store as if nothing has happened. I am now looking at the cashier.)

Cashier: *looking at me bug-eyed* “Am I the only one who has no idea what just happened?”

Me: “I have so many questions.”

(Certainly something you don’t see every day!)