They Get “Cheeky” When The Cheeks Aren’t Slapped

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(I’m working on the tills when a young boy and someone I assume is his mother approach.)

Mum: *to child* “Now, give the lady your sweets and money. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt.”

Child: *tossing sweets onto counter* “Give me the receipt. Now.”

Mum: *laughing* “Wait until she’s scanned them!”

(I scan his sweets and read him the total. He throws a £5 note onto the counter.)

Child: “Here. Take it.”

Mum: *still laughing* “Now don’t be cheeky!”

(I gave him the change, and neither of them thanked me. I’d love to have told the mother that her darling child wasn’t cheeky; he was downright rude!)

Black Friday Cashiers Required! Must Have Computing Degrees

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(It is around Black Friday and we are packed. All of a sudden, all of our registers go down. I immediately get on the phone, which is at the registers, to call the help desk. Customers are generally understanding, but there is always that one. A customer comes up and starts screaming at me:)

Customer: “Why the h*** don’t you do something ? Don’t just stand there… Fix this!”

Me: “I am doing something. I am on line to the help desk.”

Customer: “Just let me pay cash and I will go. I am busy today.”

(All this time, I am trying to hear the person on the phone and follow his instructions. All the noise in the store makes it hard, and I am NOT good with computers.)

Me: “I am sorry, sir, they usually get things fixed in a few minutes, and I am sorry, but this rarely happens. The help desk is working on it.”

(I try to stay calm and smile.)

Customer: *still screaming at me* “You mean this has happened before? Why didn’t you fix the computers before you opened the d*** store?”

(Very shortly after, the registers were rebooted and we rushed to check everyone out. I think it took a total of ten minutes. The “screamer” left the store right before the registers came back online. All the others were annoyed but understanding, and we thanked them for waiting. Never will understand why customers think we have an IT person waiting to fix glitches. We keep one in the closet, for emergencies.)

Fake Coupon Gets You Fake Service

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(I am a manager in a well-known store which has a well-known coffee shop inside. It’s Black Friday, and we are very busy. A woman comes up to the coffee shop counter, and the cashier calls me over to verify a coupon.)

Customer: “I have a coupon from [Web Coupon Company] for a buy-one-get-one-free coffee. See?”

(She shows me her phone and I can tell it’s obviously not a legitimate [Web Coupon Company] coupon. It’s a scanned version of my store’s coupon that was mailed out months ago. Each coupon has a unique barcode, which allows it to be used only once. The coupon states “[Store] coupon” at the top, and the image is crooked as if it was hastily scanned. I inspect it, and knowing it won’t work, ask the cashier to scan it. Unsurprisingly, it shows it’s already been used.)

Me: “Ma’am, this coupon has already been used. We cannot accept it.”

Customer: “It hasn’t already been used. See? You’re just doing that on purpose!”

(She shows me how she just tapped on her screen to bring it up.)

Me: “Ma’am, we aren’t able to accept it. If you want both drinks, you’ll need to pay for them another way.”

Customer: “You’re doing that on purpose! Now you’re doing that on purpose!”

(The line is getting much longer behind the customer, who is quite irate. I know the coupon isn’t legitimate, but I don’t want to directly accuse her of trying to scam us.)

Me: “Ma’am, it does not matter to me personally whether you use a coupon. But this is not a coupon we can accept. I’m sorry.”

(With that, I walked back to my post. She didn’t get the free drink.)

When You’ve Got An Ex To Grind

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(I’m a female on my 20s at the checkout line with a single purchase: an axe.)

Female Cashier: “Is that for firewood or your ex-husband?”

Me: “Firewood. I broke mine earlier this week… My axe, not my ex-husband.”

(Ironically, I had gotten divorced a few months earlier. She really picked up my spirits on a day I was feeling down, and I still laugh about it.)

Tic-Tac-Too Late

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(It’s early Thanksgiving morning, and the rush of people who have forgotten something is beginning. I’m checking out a customer when a young mother and her one-year-old daughter come into my lane. The child is being very fussy. I smile at the mother.)

Mother: “I know. Here.” *grabs some Tic-Tacs and gives them to her daughter* “Instant toy.”

(Another lane opened up and the cashier took the mother and child. The girl had fun shaking her Tic-Tacs while her mom checked out. She started chewing on the box as they left, and I noticed that they were not charged for the mints.)

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