A Plain Attempt At A Scam

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A lady comes stomping in, already looking angry.

Me: “Hi, how can I—”

Customer: “I want a plain hamburger. Get it? Plain, nothing on it. Burger, bun, that’s it. Can you handle that?”

I plaster on my best Customer Service Smile™.

Me: “Yes, indeed. That is one plain burger, nothing on it. Do you want a combo with that or just—”

Customer: “Ah, ah, ah! I said I wanted just a hamburger. No extras!”

Me: “All right. One hamburger, nothing else, will be [price].”

She reaches into her purse and pulls out the exact change for the burger, with tax. After I put that in and hand her her receipt, she keeps standing there, looking at me.

Me: “Was there anything else?”

Customer: “Uh, my cup?

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Here you go.”

I hand her a water cup, which she looks at like it is a giant slug.

Customer: “I need my cup for soda.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. You asked for only a burger. A drink would be [extra price], or [second price] with fries for a combo.”

Customer: *Practically bellowing* “Of course, I want soda and fries! Give me my cup!”

Me: “Okay, that will just be [second price].”

Thanks to so many people doing this sort of thing, our manager has a special program in the register that can put through fries and a drink at the “combo” price without us needing to refund the burger or do something fancy. It helps that we only have one soda and fry size.

Customer: *Still yelling* “Why would I pay for your mistake?! Give me my cup!”

My manager walks over from where he’s been handling shakes for a different order.

Manager: “Ma’am, I’m sorry for the confusion, but I heard you ask for just a burger. If you want the combo, you will need to pay the extra cost.”

She continued to glare at us for a few moments before reaching into her purse and pulling out the exact change, again, for the extra amount that the fries and soda cost, plus tax. I processed it, handed her the cup, and she stomped over the soda fountain. Given how quickly she was able to produce the exact change, I personally think that this was a deliberate attempt at a scam on her part.

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Being Considerate Is Twice The Music To His Ears

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When my son was little, we used to shop at a used record store. The albums were $1 per disc. A double album was $2, and so on.

One night, I notice it is almost 8:00 pm. My son and I are the only customers in the store. I really don’t know the clerk at all; I have just seen him in there.

Me: “What time do you close?”

Clerk: “Eight o’clock, but we have to stay open if we have any customers.”

Me: “I heard the other guys saying you just got married. I’m sure you want to get home to your wife. We’ll leave now.”

Clerk: *Ringing up my purchases* “I’ll count this double-album as one.”

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Dressing Down The Price

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I work in a clothing store with a target audience of mothers and their families. Our clothing is fairly cheap but is actually good quality. We get a fair number of elderly people because of the suburb I’m in.

I’m cleaning up the sleepwear section which is next to the plus-size ladies’ section. I see an older woman seeing how a dress would look on her. As part of customer service, we’re told to ask customers if they need assistance.

Me: “Can I help you with anything?”

Customer: *Seems very disappointed* “This dress is no good. I want this one but it’s broken, see?”

She shows me that there are “missing buttons” at the top of the dress. I’m not exactly sure how to break it to her that she’s wrong.

Me: “Um, that’s part of the design.”

Customer: “No, no, it’s broken. I have to get it tailored. And the stitching is so messy, too.”

She shows me the back’s stitching which is slightly gathered… part of the design.

Me: “I’m so sorry about that. Would you like me to grab another one for y—”

Customer: “There’s none there. They’re all size twenty and I need eighteen.”

Me: “I can have a look—”

Customer: “No. There’s none left. Can you give me a discount for this? It’s all broken and I have to get it tailored.”

Me: “Um, I can ask my manager for you?”

Customer: “It’s okay. I’ll ask them at the registers.” *Walks away*

Sometimes when there are a lot of customers waiting, they’ll call up someone from the shop floor to help serve, so they call me up. On the way there, I decide to see if the customer was correct and that there were no size eighteens left. Turns out, there is one other size eighteen. I bring the dress with me. I walk up to the registers and the first person I serve is the woman.

Customer: “I need a discount for this; it’s broken. It should be around $20 now.”

The original price is $30. Conveniently, my manager just walks behind the counter.

Me: “[Manager], can you help this customer?”

Manager: “What’s wrong?”

The customer tells her what she told me and demands $10 off. I show my manager the other size eighteen I found and show her and the customer that it’s designed like that.

Manager: “I can give you 10% off.”

Customer: “How much is that?”

Manager: “It will be $27.”

Customer: “Can’t you make it $20? I need to pay for tailoring now because of bad making.”

Manager: “I’m sorry, I can only give you 10%”

The customer decided she didn’t want the dress.

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Smile, You’re On Coupon Camera!

, , , , | Right | March 23, 2021

It’s a Friday, which for us means freight, and I’ve been in the stockroom most of the morning. I get called up to registers and tell the next customers in line, a couple, that I can help them on my register. They set four items on my counter, all four of which, technically, shouldn’t be on sale this week.

Wife: “Are these on sale?”

Me: “Well, these two could probably be considered wall or table decor, so I would say yes, they’re half-off this week.”

It’s a gray area, really, with these. They sit flat but also have a hook to hang. Usually, we explain the sale and then give it to them, especially if they’re going to make a big deal of it.

Wife: “Okay, and these?”

The other two items they have are crosses, which clearly hang on a wall and are on a separate sale from things that sit on a table.

Me: “These are considered wall decor and are on a different sale, so they’re not on sale this week.”

Husband: “Do you have that coupon?”

We’re not supposed to give customers coupons unless there’s something wrong with their phone or their printed copy doesn’t scan. I have no coupons in my drawer, and it’s busy enough that I don’t want to interrupt my coworker on the other register; plus, this gentleman has his phone out.

Me: “I don’t, unfortunately.”

The husband asks if I can download the store app to his phone and I tell him that technically I’m not allowed to handle customers’ phones, but they don’t need the app; they just need to navigate to the store website and that will also bring up the coupon. At this point, the line has grown, and there are two of us on registers.

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], do we have anyone else on registers?”

Coworker: “Um, [Coworker #2]?”

Me: “I think she’s on break.”

We paged an assistant manager to the front, which was not ideal today with us being short a few coworkers. Meanwhile, my customers had decided to ignore my suggestion of searching the store website for their coupon and only wanted to buy the two items that I’d rung up as on sale. Oy.

If I hadn’t been in view of a camera and it wasn’t audit season, I probably would have just downloaded the app for the customer, but if I’d done it on camera and that footage had been pulled within the next week, I’d have been in trouble. If I’d been a little more patient with them, maybe they would have taken the time to try my suggestion, but they were kind of holding up the line.

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At Least They’re Being Safe!

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I’m at a store buying things for a weekend away with my girlfriend. I stock up on condoms, soda, snacks, lotion, sunscreen, and, as an afterthought, I grab some pads because her period is irregular.

When I go through the line, I’m given the occasional odd look, which I ignore, until I feel a tap on my shoulder. 

Woman: “Aren’t you a teenager? What are you doing with condoms? Put them back!”

Me: “First of all, I’m twenty-five. Secondly, it’s none of your business what I buy with my own money.” 

Woman: *Turns tomato red* “What about these pads? You don’t need pads; you’re a boy!” 

Me: “But my girlfriend’s not a boy.” 

The woman shut up.

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