Asking For A Tax Hax

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(We are working on trying to price-match an item for a customer:)

Me: “I’ve changed that price for you now.” *turns the screen around to show him the change I’ve made* “Your total is [total].”

(Please keep in mind that he was trying to price-match an item through one of our competitors that was twenty dollars cheaper online and had free shipping with it.)

Customer: “Why is my total so high? I thought you price-matched it!”

Me: “I did. See? Right here.”

(I turn the screen back around to show him the new price.)

Customer: “Then why is that my total?”

Me: “You still have to pay tax on the item.”

Customer: “I want you to price-match!” 

Me: “I did. I changed the price of the item to the price that you showed me online.”

Customer: “Just do whatever you need to do to make it be that price exactly.”

Me: “I can’t just take off the tax, sir.”

Customer: “I’m not asking you to take off the tax.”

Me: “Yes, you are. You’re asking me to change the price of the item to give you that total amount, which would require me taking off the tax.”

Customer: “No, I’m not asking you to take off the tax. I’m just asking you to give me that total.” *points to my computer screen*

Me: “Sir, that would require my taking off the tax. I cannot just take off the tax unless you are tax-exempt.”

Customer: “I’m not asking you to take off the tax.”

Me: “Yes, you are!” 

Customer: “No, I’m not. I’m just asking you to make my total this amount.”

Me: “Sir, that would require me changing the price of the item to some random price that isn’t even the price that our competitor is offering it at; then, we wouldn’t actually be price-matching.”

Customer: “Just do whatever you need to do in order to give me this total.”

Me: *flabbergasted by this point* “I can’t do that, sir.”

Customer: “Then you aren’t price-matching.”

Me: “Yes I am. I changed the price of the item to the price that you showed me.”

Customer: “Then give it to me for that price!”

Me: “I can’t, sir! I cannot just take off the tax!”

Customer: “Then you aren’t price-matching!”

Me: “I don’t think you understand how price-matching works…”

Customer: “Can we get a manager up here?”

Me: “Absolutely. I will definitely call a manager for you!”

(I call the manager and he comes up to my register.)

Manager: “What’s up?”

Me: “This customer wants us to give him this item for this price through a price-match.”

Manager: “Okay…”

Me: “But he’s not understanding that he still has to pay tax on the item.”

Customer: “I’m not asking you to take off the tax; I just want you to give me the item for this price.”

Manager: “Yeah, that’s what we’re doing. See?” *shows the customer the screen*

Customer: “No, why is my total still what it was before?”

Manager: “Because you have to pay tax on the item.”

Customer: “Then you aren’t actually price-matching!”

Manager: “Yes, we are.”

Customer: “No, you’re not!”

Manager: “Okay.”

Customer: “This is terrible customer service! I’m gonna go home and buy it online!”

Manager: “Okay.”

Customer: “You guys are missing out on a sale!”

Manager: “Okay.”

(The customer left the store, and the manager and I both just shook our heads.)


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Karma As Smooth As Butter  

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(I’m working the register on a very busy day. This register happens to have an extra-wide aisle for strollers, wheelchairs, etc., meaning that the one behind me has a slightly tighter aisle. I’ve just finished with a customer when a woman in a mobility scooter comes up next. Because there is a big queue, I immediately start scanning and moving things to the conveyor belt at the end. When I reach item #3, she shoves a bag in my hands.)

Customer: “Put it all in there.”

(Bagging is not a standard service in Holland, but if customers ask politely or clearly would have trouble with it — I get a lot of elderly people with hands disfigured from arthritis or rheumatism — I don’t mind. So, in this case, I swallow my annoyance at her tone and bag everything as I scan it.)

Me: “That will be €45.97, please.” *glancing at the conveyor belt at the end of my register* “It seems one pack of butter slipped through before I received your bag, sorry.”

(The rim of the collection area at the end is maybe 10cm high and the pack is completely in the corner on her side. A person with finger attached to their shoulders could probably pick it up without problems.)

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me? You lazy brat! Can’t you see I’m handicapped?! You really have no manners! How dare you treat suffering people this way?!”

(Grudgingly, I get up and squeeze my way through the 15cm or so between the carts from the line behind me and my conveyor belt. It is either that or wait for several customers to pass since the path behind me is so small. I pick up the pack of butter, give myself a few more bruises squeezing my way back, put the butter in the bag, and notice some liquid coming out of a carton of eggs.)

Me: *with a voice that’s oozing with sugar* “There you go, madam. Have a wonderful day!”

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Identity Crisis On The Dog Food Aisle

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(I frequent a store that sells pet food and farm supplies. Because I have only one dog, I buy food less than once a month. My family members are also customers occasionally, but much less often than I am. I lug my $40 bag of dog food to the counter.)

Cashier: “Your mom was just here!”

Me: *confusedly because my mom works much later than me and lives in a different state* “Really?”

Cashier: “Yeah! Why didn’t you have her buy your dog food?”

Me: “Well, we don’t live together.”

Cashier: “Okay! Your total is $40.”

Me: “Okay. Wait, don’t you need my phone number for the rewards program?”

Cashier: “I already put the number in!”

Me: *even more confusedly because they never remember my number* “Okay.”

Cashier: “You know what, I mistook you for someone else.”

(I took my $40 bag of food, sans rewards for all the cash I had just dropped, and left the store.)

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The Wi-Fi Is Screwed

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(I work at a very popular thrift store. One day, our Wi-Fi goes out so we can’t use our computers. This means that while we wait for the Internet providers to fix it, we have to write up all the receipts by hand and can only take cash. There are signs on the door when you walk in, on each register, and all over the store. My manager makes announcements every 15 minutes, and I apologize to each customer for the inconvenience. But even with all that, this happens multiple times.)

Me: “All right, now that I’ve added in the tax, your total will be [amount].”

Customer: *pulls out a card and tries to hand it to me*

Me: “Um, we can only take cash right now.”

Customer: “Really? Are you sure?”

Me: “Positive.”

Customer: “Well, I really wish someone would’ve told me beforehand.”

Me: “…”

(Also, while most customers are very understanding, patient, and nice about the situation, I still have a couple of these.)

Customer: “Well, this is just very bad business. You need to fix this immediately.” *leaves in an angry huff*

Me: “Oh, sure. Let me just grab my trusty screwdriver and fix the Wi-Fi. I’ll have it up and running in no time.”

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The Next Marvel Movie Will Be Personal

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(Lately, we’ve had an ongoing promo toy giveaway related to a recent major movie release. The toys are called “Marvel Micropopz,” and on the self-checkouts, a screen will appear before the payment options offering one if the purchase qualifies. The message is poorly-worded, and the whole promotion has generally been poorly explained and poorly advertised, so I’ve gotten used to explaining the same things to customers over and over. But when one older gentleman comes up to me after a purchase, his confusion about it really takes the cake.)

Customer: “Hey, there was this message about redeeming points on my register.”

Me: *ready to go into my usual explanations* “Oh, that’s a—”

Customer: “But it wasn’t my name on the screen. It said it was for Marv Mikropovitz or something.”

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