The Male Period, Where He Discharges Whines All Month

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My friend and I popped by a well-known drug store so I could pick up some medicine for my cold. She noticed that tampons were on sale and grabbed a box, along with some chapstick. We got up to the register, I paid for my medicine, and she put the tampons and chapstick on the counter.

The guy at the register visibly paled upon seeing the box and used the chapstick to push the box onto the scanner and then into a bag so that he wouldn’t have to touch an unopened box of tampons. I know periods are bad, but you do realize you don’t magically get them if you touch a box of tampons, right?

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Dollars Of Dumbness

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(I go to the checkout and my total comes to exactly $6, so I hand over a $10 bill. The young man behind the counter starts pulling out $1’s, but quickly notices he only has three. He is also low on change, so he starts pulling out heaps to give me! At this point, I stop him.) 

Me: “Sorry, but I really don’t want all of that change. Could I just give you a $1 and get a $5 back?”

Cashier: *blank look of confusion*

Me: *pulling out a $1* “Here. My change was $4, so if I give you $1, my change should be $5. That way I can just get a $5.”

Cashier: *after a long pause, looking at all the money* “I’m going to have to cancel the transaction and start over.”

Me: “Oh, um… all right. I guess that’s fine.”

(He takes another few minutes to re-ring. Then, he takes the $1 from me, looks around, and realizes the $10 is in the drawer and the other change he had started counting — but hadn’t finished — was outside.) 

Cashier: “This isn’t enough money.”

Me: “That’s because that’s the change you were giving me. I gave you a $10 and a $1. My total was $6, so my change should be $5.”

Cashier: *looking more confused than ever* “I think I should call a manager.”

Me: “That’s probably for the best.”

(It takes a few minutes for the manager to come over. At this point, I’ve been there for ten minutes, and there is a line starting to form. One lady behind me only got there recently, and hasn’t seen the previous interactions. She is starting to get really agitated. )

Manager: “So, what’s going on?”

Me: “My total was $6. I gave him a $10 bill. He didn’t have enough change for me, so I gave him a $1 bill to get a $5 back. The $10 is in the drawer, my $1 is right there, and the original change he was trying to count out is that pile there. With all the money swapping around I think there was some confusion. If it makes it easier, I can take my money back and just pay with a card.”

Cashier: “No, we can’t redo a transaction once we start it.” *to manager* “Can you please count my drawer so we can start over?”

(While the manager starts to count the drawer, and I’m wondering why he could cancel the transaction before but not now, the old lady behind me implodes.) 

Lady: “Oh, my God! I’ll just pay for her if it’s that big of a deal. Jesus, girl. You should have paid by card to begin with instead of wasting our time with your scam!”

(She rants for a while, and I just ignore her. Eventually, the manager is done counting.)

Manager: “She did exactly what she said she did. Just give her her $5, and in the future don’t cater to people who want special attention.”

(I was finally given my change after 20 minutes and upsetting everyone in the store. Was I the wrong one?)

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Cash Back Attack, Part 9

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(On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I’m on register duty when a couple comes in. The woman makes a beeline for me with a very angry look on her face.)

Woman: “You! Where’s the nearest ATM? I’ve been through this whole plaza and not one of them has an ATM!”

(The plaza I work in has four different restaurants and about five different shops. The bank we used to have closed years ago and the ATM went with it.)

Me: “I’m sorry to hear your troubles, ma’am, but the closest ATM is going to be across the street at [Gas Station #1] or [Gas Station #2]. Personally, I prefer [Gas Station #2] as they don’t charge withdrawal fees.”

Woman: “I don’t want to go across the street! That’ll take too long!”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry again, ma’am, but those are the only options I can think of.”

(The woman glares at me a minute and wanders back to her compatriot. They discuss something for a minute and she walks back to me, now with a smug look on her face.)

Woman: “You guys do cashback here, right?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. The options for cashback are $10, $20, or $40.”

Woman: “Any minimum I gotta pay?”

Me: “No, ma’am.”

(She nods and wordlessly grabs a candy bar and slams it onto my table. I ring her up and she goes through the cashback steps, selecting $40. The transaction finishes, the drawer opens, and as I’m grabbing her money, she says the following:)

Woman: “Give me $200.”

(I’m stunned for a moment, but I get the $40, close my drawer, and hand the money to her.)

Me: “No, ma’am. I’m not giving any money out that isn’t counted for on my till. You told it $40; you get $40.”

Woman: “But it’s my money! Just fix it when you count it later!”

Me: “I don’t know how you think cashback works, but that is certainly not how it operates here. Like I said a minute ago, you can head to one of the ATMs across the street if you need more cash.”

Woman: “You’re really gonna make me do this, aren’t you?”

(Before I can ask what she means, she grabs another candy bar and again slams it on my table. I check her out again and again, she gets $40. She proceeded to do five total transactions, totaling about $10 for candy, to pull out $200.)

Woman:That ought to teach you a thing or two.” 

(She then flounced out the door with her companion and candy bars. I just stared after her in silent rage and confusion.)

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When Produce Is Not Productive

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(It’s a busy Sunday morning at the grocery store, with all of the checkout lines but one at least three-deep with full carts. I think I just got lucky because the last line has a customer just about checked out, and then only a lady with a small cart of produce waiting to pay. The first customer leaves as I start unloading, leaving plenty of space on the belt for the items remaining in the lady’s cart, although she’s playing with her cell phone rather than unloading the cart. When the manager moves to the bagging section immediately, I should have known something was up.)

Customer: *mumbling* “$2 dollars, must be $2. I only have $60 this week.”

Cashier: “Your bag of Brussels sprouts is $2.35.”

(The customer grabs the bag, reaches into it, and throws a handful of sprouts in the direction of the manager. She then returns the bag to the cashier and goes back to playing on her phone.)

Customer: “Must be $2.”

Cashier: “Okay, the Brussels sprouts are $1.94 now, but your limes are $2.16.”

Customer: *throws a lime at the manager, and goes back to the phone* “Must be $2.”

(This went on for thirty bags of produce, having the cashier weigh each bag and then tossing anything in excess down the belt, all while barely looking up from the phone. I sympathize with people being on limited budgets, but this was a major grocery store, with at least a dozen scales in the produce area that could have told her the price and printed a label. Once she had paid and the manager took away the shopping basket full of rejected produce, the woman grabbed each produce bag — including light ones with lettuce or herbs — and proceeded to double grocery bag each individually. When she left, the cashier gave me a sympathetic smile, as I’d been waiting in the “short” line for at least a half-hour, but I’d already unloaded my whole cart before realizing that “The Price Is Right” was about to go down ahead of me. Apparently, the woman does this every time she comes to the store, and today was actually a good day because if she buys a melon or other large produce item which can’t be reduced in size, she refuses to put it on the belt until they’ve gone through all the bags. Inevitably, she doesn’t have enough money once the melon is added in, and ends up tossing stuff out of the already run-through bags and insisting they be voided out and re-weighed.)

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Checkout Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

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(It’s 8:30 in the morning on a quiet Monday. Including me and the manager, four people are scheduled to open the front end. One person, however, never shows, so with our eight self-checkouts open and running, we have no regular registers open. A lady comes up to me and hands me her receipt.)

Customer: “Do you see this receipt? Do you see this cart full of items?”

(I look at her cart thinking there is something wrong with her order, but don’t see anything obvious.)

Customer: *rips the receipt out of my hands* “This will be my last trip to [Store]. You have all these registers and only have your self-checkouts open! This is ridiculous! This is not how you run a store; you need to hire more people.”

Me: “We had some call-outs this morning, so we won’t have anyone else come in until nine.”

Customer: “Well, that is just poor managing.”

(With that, she walked off in a huff. The moment her back was turned and she started walking away, I made a face at her and quickly turned away in case she looked back.)

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