Cause For Pregnant Pause, Part 18

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(I’m in my late 20s, but because of my size, I am often mistaken for a teenager. A few months prior to this incident, my husband and I decided to start trying to conceive. I’m very excited and immediately go out and buy a pregnancy test. A few weeks later, the test is negative, and I go to the same store to buy a pack of tests. I am checked out by the same cashier, an older woman. When I approach with the tests, she gives me a disgusted look. The following happens:)

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

Cashier: “I’m fine… Honey, would you like me to show you where we keep the condoms? They’re not hard to find; they’re in the same aisle as the tests.”

Me: *a little taken aback* “No, thank you.”

(The cashier doesn’t ring out the test. She just looks at me.)

Cashier: “Sweetie, the condoms aren’t too expensive. We have some great options, and it would be a lot better than these constant scares.”

Me: “Oh, it’s not a scare—”

Cashier: *cuts me off* “I saw you a few weeks ago, buying a test. I remember because I said a prayer for you, that you wouldn’t be pregnant.”

Me: *getting angry now* “Well, that’s not a very nice thing to pray for! I want to be pregnant”

Cashier: *looks horrified* “Honey, you don’t want to be pregnant; trust me. You want to finish school, get a job, and find a guy who wants you for more than sex. Make the guy marry you first!”

Me: “Pretty sure this is none of your business, but my husband and I both have well-paying jobs, and a baby would be a blessing. Please ring me out.”

Cashier: “I can’t believe your parents let you get married so young!”

Me: “I’m almost 30. And again, this is none of your business.”

(She finally finished ringing me out, and I had a word with the manager about the incident. He promised to speak to her about it. It’s been two weeks, and when I go back she avoids me like the plague.)

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Daddy’s Little Monster

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(I’ve just finished ringing up a teenage girl.)

Me: “Thank you. The bottom of your receipt has a survey. Fill that out for a chance to win a $250 gift card.”

Girl: “Why would I do that when I could just ask Daddy for money?”

Me: “I don’t know?”

Girl: “Exactly.” *flounces off with Waiakea water and Prada purse*

Two Too Much

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(I am walking to my university library and decide to buy a bottle of soda in the corner shop on the way down.They often have “2 bottles for £2 deals”. The deal is on, but they also have bigger bottles of a competitor’s drink for £1 each, and I figure it is a better deal to buy two large ones for the same price, without the deal. At the counter:)

Me: “Just these, please.” *hands him the soda and £2*

Cashier: *a teenage boy* “I’m sorry, ma’am, but those drinks aren’t in the 2-for-£2 deal. They’re full price.”

Me: “I know. But they’re only a £1 each, right?”

Cashier: “Yes, that’s correct.”

Me: “So…”

Cashier: “So, you need to pay the correct amount.”

Me: “But they’re £1 each, and I’m buying two of them. I gave you £2, right?”

Cashier: “Yes, but they’re not on the 2-for-£2 offer. You’ll need to swap them for ones that are if you want to pay £2.”

(At this point, I’m getting frustrated as I can’t seem to get the point cross that two £1 drinks cost £2, so I ask for a manager to authorise the transaction, as this kid is clearly in a different world at the moment.)

Manager: “What seems to be the problem, [Cashier]?”

(After explaining the situation, the manager looked obviously embarrassed at his employee, and immediately let me purchase my drinks and leave. As I left, I could hear the cashier going, “…but they weren’t on the 2-for-£2 offer, though!”)

Two Scams For The Price Of One

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(A customer comes up to my till and drops four items onto the belt. I recognise them as being in a “Buy two, get the third free” offer. Already, I know what he is trying to do.)

Customer: “I’m buying those two and it gets me that one free, and because I’ve got that one and that one, I get the other one free, too, right?”

Me: “No, sir. The offer is that you have to buy two to get the third free.”

Customer: “I am, and because I get that third one, I can add it to one of those and get the last one free, too.”

Me: “No, sir, it has to be two separate groups of three items; we don’t allow you to overlap and use the same item twice.”

Customer: “Why not?! You’re just trying to get more money out of me!”

Me: “Well… Yes, sir. We’re a shop. That’s what we do.”

Ape Versus Giant Sandworm

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(I am out shopping with my mom and brother. My brother decides to get a $50 box set of the “Planet of the Apes” trilogy, while my mom gets a $5 box set out of a bin of cheap movies.)

Mom: *while checking out* “Will the Planet of the Apes box set off the alarm?”

Cashier: “No, it won’t.”

(Once we all pay, we head out. Sure enough, the alarm rings. A greeter comes over to inspect our bags.)

Mom: “And after the cashier assured us it wouldn’t do this!”

Greeter: *tests the $50 box set, which does nothing* “It wasn’t this.”

Mom: “Could it have been this?”

(The $5 box set does make the alarm go off.)

Me: “Seriously? It was the $5 movie?”

Mom: “Who would want to steal Tremors?”

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