Bookworming Your Way Into Her Heart

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My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up. She’s a huge bookworm, so I decide to get her a fifty-dollar gift card for a chain bookstore. The cashier seems very friendly as she rings me up.

Cashier: “Out of curiosity, who’s this for?”

Me: “My girlfriend. Her birthday’s next week.”

Cashier: “Oh, cool. What else are you getting her?”

Me: “Uh, this? This is her gift.”

Suddenly, the cashier is no longer so friendly.

Cashier: “This is it? The only thing you’re getting her is a gift card for a bookstore?”

Me: *Pauses* “Yeah. She loves books.”

Cashier: *Muttering* “Someone’s gonna be single next week.”

I was incredibly shocked. I tried not to let her response bother me, but since this was my first serious relationship, I couldn’t stop thinking about what that cashier had said. Plus, money was tight, so I had already spent time saving up for that gift card. Luckily, my girlfriend absolutely loved it and, knowing my money situation, even chastised me for spending so much money on her! We’re married now, by the way.

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Only Interchangeable If You’re Desperate

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As I’ve advanced in my pregnancy, I’ve found that I need new underwear, and the store I get them from usually has them at good quality for pretty cheap. Imagine my delight when I walk in the day I decide to go shopping, and the prices on certain styles are now on clearance for an even lower price! However, there’s a snafu at the register that leaves me and both cashiers more than a little confused.

Cashier #1: “Huh. This particular pair is ringing up as a sweater. Just go grab another one from that clearance table, I guess.”

Me: “Sure thing.”

I get another pair in the same style and print… and the same thing happens! [Cashier #1] sighs in frustration.

Cashier #1: “I’m worried this is gonna be an issue with the whole batch…”

She calls [Cashier #2] over, and [Cashier #2] sees that the barcodes are the same.

Cashier #2: “Yeah, that’s gonna be a no-go on this particular style if they both rang that way. Ma’am, so that you have the right number of pairs for the sale, can you go pick something different?”

I did just that, and sure enough, it worked. I was very happy with the sale, but I’m glad I was the only one in the store, because as [Cashier #1] rang me up, poor [Cashier #2] then had to go through all the clearance bins and clear out the pairs that had the barcode issue. I don’t even know how you would fix something like that.

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They’ve Been Through So Much More Than Tough Customers

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I’ve recently moved back to my hometown after losing my job. A few months later, my best friend, also from my hometown, passes away unexpectedly of a heart condition that we thought was under control after his last surgery. 

A couple of months after that, I find a retail job. One day, my late friend’s dad comes through my till. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since the funeral, so we have a bit of a heart-to-heart, exchanging memories and stories of his son, which results in some laughter and also some tears. 

Once he goes on his way, I do not call the next customer because another cashier is available and I want to collect myself before helping the next one. She comes to my till anyway. 

Customer: “What are you crying for?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I just had a tough conversation. But I’m happy to help!”

Customer: “What are you, sixteen? You’ve got plenty of tough conversations ahead; you’d better get used to difficult customers instead of crying!”

I am twenty-one but I do look younger.

Me: “Actually, ma’am, my best friend died a few months back. The customer I helped before you was his father. We just shared a few stories and checked in on each other. How will you be paying today?”

She turned bright red and didn’t say another word through the transaction, snatching her bag and hurrying out after.

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Cashiers Really Should Be Better At “That Stuff”

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A friend and I are shopping, and she sees a sweater that I considered purchasing on a previous trip to that store. I passed on buying it because it was pilled on the front. The sweater is very much my friend’s style, and as we are at a store that I know discounts damaged merchandise, I suggest we take the sweater to the front and ask about a discount.

Me: “Can we get a discount on this sweater, since it is damaged?”

Cashier: “Let me check with my manager.” *Coming back* “We can discount it 99 cents.”

Me: “So from $20, $19 is the best you can do?”

I am a bit shocked, since they usually discount more than that for damage.

Cashier: “Sorry, the best we can do is a 10% discount.”

I look from the cashier to my friend and back.

Me: “But… 10% of $20 is $2. So the sweater should be $18.”

Cashier: “Sorry, that’s the best we can do: 10% off.”

Me: “Except that 99 cents is not 10% of $20.”

Cashier: “Sorry, I don’t know about that stuff.”

A manager comes over with an attitude; she’s definitely not going to admit she is wrong.

Manager: “It is 99 cents off; 10% off is the most we do.”

Me: “But 10% of $20 is $2 off.”

After a couple of rounds of this, the manager stalks off and the cashier just stands staring at me. I finally say to my friend:

Me: “It’s not worth it. I will come back next week and buy it on clearance since no one else will buy it in this condition.”

Sure enough, the next week, it was marked down to $15. I did not buy it, and it is still there, on clearance, weeks later.

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No ID, No Idea, Part 43

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I work at a legal cannabis dispensary. When a customer or patient enters the building, the security people scan their IDs to make sure they’re legitimate. Cashiers check IDs again to make sure they’re current and that the visitor is of age to purchase the product.

A woman steps up to my register. I greet her and ask to see her ID. She holds it far enough away that I’m having trouble reading her birth date and the expiration date, and she starts to put it away before I can start squinting at the card.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I need to see your ID again.”

Once again, she held the ID far enough away that I couldn’t read anything, so I reached out to try and take the card so I could read it properly, which is pretty common for us to do. Not only did she not let go of the card, but she snatched it from my hand and told me not to invade her privacy. 

Before I could tell her that state regulations require me to thoroughly check her ID, OR that I see so many IDs during a day and would not remember any of her information if I tried, she marched off back into line and declared that she was going to wait for someone else to help her, never mind that any other cashier would need to see her ID, as well.

She eventually complained to our general manager, who didn’t know how to get it through to her that it’s legally required of us to check her ID.

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