“Never Coming Back Again” Means You’ll See Them Tomorrow

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(I work in a well-known jewelry store, but I’m just a cashier.)

Guest: “Do I have any discounts?”

Me: “Let me check.” *types in her name* “Oh, you had one, but it expired yesterday.”

Guest: “Oh, this always happens. I keep on having discounts but they never show up. This always happens.”

Me: “Oh… Sorry.”

Guest: “Last time, the manager manually put it in.”

Me: “Oh, well, my manager is on break so—”

Guest: “Oh, okay. This happens every time. I’m never shopping here again.”

Me: *printing her receipt* “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

(After the guest left, I typed in her name again and checked her history. Her history would show every discount she had ever gotten. There was only one discount on her history, the one that expired. I rolled my eyes. Did she really expect me to just GIVE her a discount?)

Things Customers Leave In Cars: Their Cash, IDs, And A Million Excuses

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(I work at a custom teddy bear shop where you make your own stuffed animal. It can get pretty pricey, between all the extras and clothing items and whatnot. A young man in his 20s grabs one of our fully-outfitted displays and takes it up to the counter.)

Customer: “I’d like this for my girlfriend, please.”

Me: “Sure thing!” *quickly rings through the display dog with several items of clothing* “That’ll be $70, please.”

Customer: “Umm…”’

(He digs through his wallet slowly, comes up with a $10 bill, and hands it to me.)

Me: “Er… I still need $60.”

Customer: “Oh.” *again makes a show of looking through his wallet* “Uh, I left the rest of my cash in the car; just let me go get it.”

Me: “Sure, no problem.”

(I handed the $10 back. He left hastily and did not return.)

The Boobishly Designed Cash Register

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I used to work at a coffee stand on a college campus. It was run by the college, so our financial paperwork was occasionally audited by state auditors. We had to account for every time we opened the cash register because the register would log the time stamp on a report we had to file.

We weren’t allowed to open the drawer for anything but a shift start, a sale, and shift end. Unfortunately, due to the placement of the register and the stand itself, most of us baristas ended up having to lean in close to the register and its handy “drawer open” button. Also unfortunately, most of us had boobs that got in the way and hit the button. We were instructed to write down a brief note about why the drawer was opened.

And that’s the story about how some state auditor had to handle a file full of little notes that read, “Sorry, hit with boob.”

Adult Illiteracy Overtaken By Adult Stupidity

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(The card payment system is down, so we have a prominent sign on the main counter stating that we are taking cash payments only. We’ve also turned the EFT machine around so it can’t be used and put another sign in front of it stating EFT is down and we can take cash only. This particular customer walks past the first sign and up to the till. She picks up the second sign and, while holding it, turns the EFT machine around to face her.)

Customer: “This isn’t working.”

Me: “No, sorry, it is cash only at the moment.”

Customer: “Why haven’t you got any signs to warn us of this?”

Me: “There is one on top of the counter here.”

Customer: “I didn’t see that; you should have one here by the till.”

Me: “We have.”

Customer: “Where is it, then?”

Me: “Er, right there in your hands.”

Learn To Express Yourself At The Express Checkout

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(After work one night, I quickly run to the supermarket to pick up some things. Since I only have a few items, I go to the line for the express checkout for ten items or less. While the cashier checks out the lady in front of me, a woman and her daughter come up with a loaded trolley, full to the brim with groceries and start piling it onto the belt behind me. The cashier, looking tired and clearly at the end of a long day, notices and visibly winces but says nothing.)

Me: *catching her eye and grins* “Do you want me to tell them?”

Cashier: “Oh, no, it’s fine! I can just fire it through quickly. It won’t take long, and they’ve already put half of it on; it’d be too much of a hassle.”

Me: “I worked retail through university. I had to deal with people who didn’t read huge obvious signs all the time; I would really like to tell them.”

(The cashier insists that it’s fine; she can do it quickly while it’s not busy. Not wanting to cause her trouble, I say nothing while the mother carries on without paying attention to what’s going on. When I pay for my things, she smiles when she hands me the receipt and leans in.)

Cashier: “Thank you for the offer, anyway; it’s nice when people speak up and pay a little attention.”

(Little shows of solidarity do go a long way.)

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