Their Understanding Fell Short

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(My boss treats our office to some fun at a nearby arcade as a holiday treat. I manage to do really well, and the cashier at the prize desk scans my card to show I have quite a lot of tickets. I find a large stuffed dog that I want, well under the total tickets I have, but as I am 5’2”, it’s just out of my reach. I go back to the prize desk.)

Me: “Excuse me. I’ve decided on that dog over there—” *points at stuffed dog on high shelf* “—but I’m too short.”

Cashier: “Well, you can combine your ticket card with another, and maybe that will be enough.”

Me: “Huh?”

Cashier: “If you’re short, you can combine two cards and get more towards prizes.”

Me: “How will that get me the dog? I thought I had enough tickets.”

(Luckily, my boss overhears and realizes what I meant.)

Boss: “Here, [My Name]; I’ll get it for you.”

(He reaches up and grabs the stuffed dog off the shelf, bringing it over to me.)

Cashier: “Oh! You meant you couldn’t reach! Sorry about that.”

Me: “Eh, I’m used to it. Next time I’ll try to win a ladder.”

Never To Old To Be Toothless

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(The movie “How To Train Your Dragon” has come out, and my sister is obsessed with Toothless, the dragon. She loves anything to do with the character, and I often pick her up any memorabilia I can find. One day, I find these awesome action figures of Toothless. I immediately grab them, and they end up being the only thing I’m buying. I get in line behind the dad and his young son, when the following occurs:)

Cashier: *finishes scanning their items, reaches over divider, and grabs the Toothless toy* “Do you want this is the bag or does he want to play with it?”

(I realize she is talking to the dad and his son.)

Dad: “Uh, that’s not mine.”

Me: “Sorry, that’s mine.”

(The cashier looks between us, confused. She apparently thought I was the boy’s mother, even though I’m only in my 20s and haven’t been standing close to them at all. I’m not bothered by it at all, but she starts apologizing profusely.)

Me: “It’s no big deal; it’s an honest mistake. Especially since these toys would’ve been perfect for that little boy.”

Cashier: “I know; I love How To Train Your Dragon! Are these for a little nephew?”

Me: “Yes. Yes they are.”

(I didn’t have the heart to tell her they were for my 22-year-old sister.)

Groundhog Bag

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(I am at the checkout with my purchase.)

Cashier: “Do you want a carrier bag?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

(She spends a couple of minutes trying to fit the item into a carrier bag that is too small for it, before giving up and setting the item on the counter again. She pauses for a few seconds.)

Cashier: “Do you want a carrier bag?”

(I said no, as I wasn’t sure if we were about to repeat the entire sequence of events again!)

Self-Checkout Makes You Want To Drink

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I’m the customer in this story. I am working full time, going to university in the evenings, volunteering at the weekends and, unbeknownst to me at the time, dealing with some pretty heavy depression. I am averaging two or three hours of sleep a night. One night after studying at the university library, I decide to head to the shops to pick up a few bits. My mum’s birthday is coming up and I see a bottle of whisky she likes on sale, so I decide to grab a bottle for her as a mini-present.

I get to the self-service checkout and I get picked for a random check of my bag, which is basically to stop people bagging stuff without scanning it. An employee comes over and checks my bag, and sure enough, the totals don’t match. After rescanning everything in my four bags, it turns out I had missed the 40p pack of sugar sprinkles to go on my mum’s cake! If I were going to steal anything, it would have been the £25 bottle of whisky. Now, anytime I go to the self-scan aisle, I get “randomly selected.”

Not Sure How I Should Take That

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(The credit card readers in our store are finicky. The machine shows a picture indicating which way it takes the card, but it actually reads on both sides of the slider. If it doesn’t read it, we ask them to turn it around. One day, two men come up to my till with a bag of dog food.)

Me: “Your total is [total].”

(The customer slides his card and the machine issues a long beep, which means it didn’t read it.)

Me: “Oh, can you slide that again? It didn’t read it. Just turn it around the other way.”

Customer #1: “Oh, it doesn’t show it that way.”

Me: “I know. It takes it both ways.”

Customer #2: “So does he.”

(At this point, I pause for a moment, wondering if I heard right. Then I laugh awkwardly.)

Customer #1: “Dude!”

Customer #2: “What? She laughed.”

Customer #1: “Her face is all red.”

(I quickly circle the survey on the bottom of the receipt and hand it to [Customer #1].)

Me: “I’m fine.”

(I try to laugh it off as the two customers leave. I see my coworker walking by, grab him, and tell him what just happened. He looks at me for a moment, blinking, then bursts into laughter and starts to walk away.)

Coworker: “I’m glad I’m not a cashier.”

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