She Wants You To Round Waaaaay Down  

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(I work at a retail chain as a cashier. A woman buys a few things and we have a pleasant transaction. A few minutes later, she gets back in line to buy a bottle of water. They’re 99¢, but after tax, they’re $1.12. As I’m finishing up with the customer ahead of her, she asks me how much the water costs.)

Me: “After tax, it’ll be $1.10.”

(Canada doesn’t use pennies, so $1.12 rounds down to $1.10.)

Customer: “Oh, I don’t want to break this toonie…”

(Meaning she doesn’t want to get back 90¢ worth of change, which would consist of at least five coins instead of a tidy loonie.)

Me: *thinking that means she’s decided against buying it* “Oh, okay. Sorry about that!”

Customer: “No, I’m still getting it. Just give it to me for a dollar.”

Me: *taken aback by her presumption* “I can’t.”

Customer: *suddenly angry* “Fine! My God, only ten cents’ difference!”

(My present customer is almost finished by now; the PIN pad is just processing her payment. The woman buying the water bottle apparently doesn’t realize it’s not her turn yet, and gets angry that I’m not scanning her water bottle.)

Customer: “Well, go ahead!”

Me: *gesturing towards the customer ahead of her* “I’m still on this transaction.”

Customer: “Ugh!”

(She was very grumpy for the rest of the transaction. I know it’s frustrating to have to deal with a bunch of change instead of a single coin, but please don’t be rude to people over it!)

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What Price Loyalty?

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(My store has a customer loyalty discount card. Customers can add their phone number to their card so they can still get the discount without their physical card by typing in their phone number at the electronic payment PIN pad. After ringing up the customer’s order:)

Me: “Do you have your loyalty card today?”

Customer: *starts saying her phone number*

Me: “Oh, you can just type that in here.” *points to the PIN pad*

(Its default setting is ready for the customer’s phone number. For me to type it into my register system, I have to switch between several menus, so it’s definitely quicker for customers to do it on the PIN pad.)

Customer: “It won’t work if I do it.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Then it won’t work if I type it in, either.”

Customer: “I know, but they always make me try before using the store card for me.”

Me: “Yes, because we are tracked for using the store card, but you can add your phone number to your existing account by calling customer service.”

(I use the store card and he gets his discount and pays. After receipt prints, I show him the customer service number on bottom of the receipt:)

Me: “Just give them a call and they can fix that up for you. We used to be able to do it in-store, but it’s changed now.”

Customer: “Everything is just getting away from customer service, isn’t it? Online, by phone, not in the store.”

Me: “Sir, it’s so you won’t have to wait around in the store; you can do it at your leisure.”

(Some people are never satisfied. He received excellent customer service, and got his discount with no hassle and information on how to add his phone number to his card at his convenience. What more do people want?)

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They Get The ID-ea!

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(My husband and I stop at a candy shop on our way home. We’ve been there multiple times and the shop has a number of very friendly employees. When paying for our purchases, I hand my credit card to the clerk.)

Clerk: *smiles* “May I please see your ID?”

Me & Husband: “Here you go!”

Me: “Thank you for asking and protecting us.”

(The clerk and the other two behind the counter are staring at us with their mouths open, immediately followed by huge grins.)

Clerk: “I wish our last customer felt that way. He screamed that we were accusing him of theft.”

Me: *shaking my head* “Yeah, you are protecting your interests but you are protecting mine, too. Why can’t people see that?”

(We received a huge round of thanks from the very nice staff and a surprise in our bag. They’d given us a little extra candy to savor on our way home!)

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“I’m Never Shopping Here Again” Is A Blessing

, , , | Right | November 19, 2019

(I’m shopping for art supplies. I go to a mostly empty lane, and I catch what seems to be the end of a conversation.)

Customer: “I’m never shopping here again!” *leaves*

Me: “What was that all about?”

Cashier: “Some people can’t seem to understand the fact that we don’t accept coupons from other stores even if it’s for the same product.”

Me: “Wow.”

Cashier: “Yeah and they say, ‘I’m never shopping here again,’ like it’s a threat. I wouldn’t mind bratty customers never showing their faces again but they come back like a rash.”

(Retail workers deserve more for dealing with crazy, entitled people.)

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A Long Wait Un-Till

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(I sell tickets in a booth at a ski resort. The mic is not working very well and even when we speak loudly, the customers have trouble hearing us. Because of this and the sun’s reflection on the glass, they often have trouble even acknowledging our presence at the till and we have to call them multiple times before they realize there’s a cashier behind the glass. I’m at till #4. One day, my coworker at till #3 gets up and leaves for her lunch break. I see a customer approaching till #3 to get a ticket. I call him a few times so that he can come to my till, instead. He’s not coming and I don’t see him anymore so I assume he went to till #2 or #1, instead. A few minutes later, I see him coming to me to get a ticket:)

Customer: “I was waiting at that till but the cashier left and she didn’t come back!”

(This customer really kept waiting five minutes for her to come back instead of just going to another till like anyone would! Besides, we have to put a sign to indicate that the till is closed when we leave for lunch break, and there was no one else in the queue so he could have gone to another till very quickly. I tried hard not to laugh!)

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