The Centsless State Of The Economy

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I was a cashier in a department store in the 1970s. 

At that time, Connecticut’s sales tax was 8%. One morning, a couple, apparently from another state, came to my register with one item: a battery at 99¢. I rang it up and told them the total: $1.07.

They were incensed and asked me what I was trying to get away with. I told them the sales tax was 8% and they refused to believe me, demanding to speak to the manager. When he came over and verified that the sales tax was indeed 8% and that the total was correct, they slammed the money into my hand, seized the bag, and marched out of the store, announcing, “We are never going to buy anything in the state of Connecticut again!”

I’m sure that made a great impact on our economy.


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I Got 99 Problems And All Of Them Are Unpaid For Items

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(I have been on shift for around eight hours and am scheduled to leave about ten minutes after this takes place. A customer enters my line to check out with a cart full of objects. Knowing this could take a bit, I call over one of my coworkers to help me bag. As I am waiting, I greet the customer.)

Me: “Hello! How are you today? Did you find everything all right?”

Customer: “I guess so.”

(She begins carelessly throwing her items onto the belt. I think nothing of it and begin, still waiting for my coworker. After a few minutes, I can tell she’s getting agitated.)

Customer: “Can’t you hurry the h*** up?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m also bagging myself. I called for one of my coworkers to help, but they haven’t shown up yet.”

(The customer sighs and throws the rest of her things onto the belt. Once she is finished, she starts glaring at me.)

Customer: “Well?!”

Me: “Uh… I’m sorry? Well, what?”

Customer: “Put in your [Rewards Card] number! I came here for the savings!”

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t just give you my card number. Don’t you have your own?”

Customer: *throws her hands up* “What the f***?! You’re supposed to give me your card number! I don’t have a f****** number! I have over 400 dollars worth of s*** here; just give me your card!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I cannot do that. We don’t permit sharing the rewards card between two people, especially cashier to customer. If you want a card, you are free to go to the courtesy desk to get one! It’s free!”

Customer: “No! I am not giving them my number. Just give me yours! I don’t have enough to pay for all of this s***!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I cannot do that.”

(I stop scanning, knowing well that it’s no use. She won’t pay.)

Customer: “Fine! Whatever! You are a slow, s***ty cashier. You can’t even bag properly, and you are nothing short of a selfish, worthless brat! Typical teenagers! I don’t want this s***!” *storms out of the store, leaving me with a half-completed transaction and over a hundred items on either side of me*

(I ring over my coworkers one last time. She walks over, looking annoyed.)

Coworker: “Maybe you should have called us and we could have helped you bag…” 

Me: “I did call, and you never came.”

Coworker: “Not my fault. It’s yours. You were supposed to clock out already… Now, you can either help us put this stuff back, or go up to the manager and explain why you didn’t clock out in time.”

(I just clocked out and left. I was too tired to really fight them. I called out of my shift the next day to relax. As upsetting as their scolding was… it was somewhat pleasing to know they had to return all of the rude customer’s purchases.)

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You’re Not A Typical Off-The-Shelf Customer

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(I’ve just paid for my groceries at my local supermarket. I push my groceries to the end of the checkout region, where there is a small shelf you can pull out to put your bag on when loading your groceries into it. I use this shelf, and after putting my bag back on my back, I push the shelf back in. This makes quite a bit of noise as it doesn’t slide that smoothly anymore and it causes the cashier to look at me and smile. Then, she looks over to the cashier at the checkout opposite of hers.)

Cashier #1: *to the other cashier* “She actually pushed it back in!”

Cashier #2: “Really?”

Cashier #1: “Yep, no one ever does that!”

(I look up, surprised.)

Me: “I always do it.”

Cashier #1: *to me* “Then you’re one of the good ones. Most people leave it sticking out and then I have to get out of my bay to push it back…”

(It might be because I am the clumsy person always walking into them, but I really do always push them in. I don’t want to cause anyone bruises on their hips or thighs!)

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What A Grape Idea

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I work at a grocery store where grapes are sold per pound. Three guys come up to my belt. One puts a bunch of stuff on the belt and says he forgot something. He walks off.

Meanwhile, his buddy is standing just past the end of register eating from a bag of grapes. I get busy with other customers for a minute, and then the guy who walked off comes back. He puts his forgotten item on the belt. As I am ringing them up, the guy with the grapes nearly finishes the bag, so there is only one little grape stem left.

When I put the grapes on the scale, I touch the edge of it with my thumb, making the grapes weigh more than what is left. So in the end, he ended up paying for at the very least all the grapes he ate, if not more.

Serves him right.

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Unfiltered Story #168946

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(I’m looking after the self checkouts)
Customer: How do I pay by card?
Me: Just press the button that says cards.
(The customer’s finger hovers over the button for a second before moving)
Me: You just pressed cash…