Needs To Coin A New Term For That Level Of Lazy

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(I’m buying a few things in a stationery shop. The cashier is in his early 20s, the same age as me.)

Cashier: “£5.70, please.”

(I hand over £6 in cash.)

Cashier: *dramatic sigh* “Can you pay by card today?”

(I’m totally thrown, as I’ve never been asked this question.)

Me: “Umm… no.”

Cashier: *very rudely* “It’s just, if you pay by cash, I have to do change. Give me your card.” *holds his hand out for my card*

Me: “Er… yeah. You have to do change.”

(From where I am standing, I can see that his screen has gone blue and says, “CHANGE = 0.30p” in massive white font.)

Cashier: *snappy, arrogant, and rude* “Look. For future reference, I suggest paying by card. It’s so much easier than cash.”

Me: “I’d like my 30p now, please.”

(He sighs dramatically and looks down at his drawer. He seems to think about it for a bit too long, then presses a button. A manager comes over.)

Cashier: *like the whole thing is beneath him* “It’s 10p three times, isn’t it? Which one is 10p?”

Manager: “Just go.” *to me, while giving me my 30p* “I’d have more time for him if he wasn’t familiar with British currency, but he’s over 20 and doesn’t know the difference between a 2p and a £2 coin. Born here, that kid, and I’ve told him which is which every day for months. He just insists everyone should use cards. So rude to people, too.”

(I’ve been back since and the anti-change guy wasn’t there. What’s so bad about a few coins?)

I Was Looking For A Better Response To That Question

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(In order to not seem pushy or unwelcoming, I have learned certain phrases to use when serving customers at the cash. This is still a frequent problem, though, because most customers expect the ruder option:)

Me: “Was there anything else you were looking for today?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Oh, what else were you looking for?”

Customer: “Just this.”

Me: “…”

Really Wanted That To Be Fake

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(I’m picking up vodka for a party. I’m very tired from working some long, exhausting shifts for the past week. I go to the register and set the bottle on the counter.)

Cashier: “Sorry, you have to be 21.”

Me: “I know.”

Cashier: “How old are you?”

(I hand over my ID. The cashier looks at it and smirks.)

Cashier: “So, how old are you?”

Me: “I’m 22. I have my passport, as well, if you need to see it.”

Cashier: “Oh, that won’t be needed.”

(He scans it through an ID reader. It beeps back that it read it, it’s real, and I’m old enough. He stops and scans it again. Same result. He practically throws it back at me.)

Cashier: “It’s [amount].”

(I get that they need to be sure, but don’t assume everyone who looks 20 is underage.)

Disloyal Foil

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I’m standing behind an idiot customer in my favorite grocery store. The staff are all very friendly, the store is clean and well-stocked, and they always have great deals and specials, providing you sign up for their loyalty card, which is free and even connects to a local gas station, so you can often save tons of money on gas, as well.

A customer has at least 25 items, all of which are on a special two-day sale where you can get everything in the sale, normally around $80, for less than $20, and requires the loyalty card to be scanned to get the price drops.

He is arguing with a cashier, calling her stupid and incompetent, before a manager can get over there. He won’t listen to a word the cashier says even though she is being very patient and kind, but shuts up immediately when the manager gets there. The manager explains everything the cashier was attempting to about the loyalty card and sale pricing, and the man happily agrees and signs up. Then, he nastily turns to the cashier and says, “I wish you could have just told me all of this without making a scene.” The manager leaves to help another cashier but gives the girl a reassuring look.

The cashier just sighs and apologizes, then offers the man the physical card for him along with the receipt.

He puts the card back on her counter, and says, “Oh, I don’t need this. I never shop here, and anyway, I will just sign up again with another fake name. This will teach your store that it’s a dumb policy to require the loyalty cards.”

He walks off, leaving not only the card but all his groceries, as well. The cashier calls the manager back over to deal with the 15 or so bags, and while we are waiting she rings in the card to see what information he put down. For his name, he was Mr. Thisisdumb Stopthis.

Seemed fitting, actually.

Has A Card-Sized Chip On Their Shoulder

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(I am processing a return for a customer. Though we have a chip reader, returns still have to be processed by sliding the card.)

Me: “All right, the machine down there will have you slide your card for this return.”

Customer: *inserts their card*

Me: “It’ll actually have you slide instead of using the chip, since it’s a return.”

Customer: “But my card has a chip!”

Me: “Yes, but for this one, you’ll need to slide.”

Customer: “It’s inserted! I don’t know what you want me to do!”

Me: “The return can’t process with the chip. It can only be processed by sliding the magnetic strip on your card.”


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