That’s A Foreign Concept To Me

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(I am part of a group of Belgian university students on a weekend trip to Dublin. We are aged between 18 and 25. One evening we’re on our way back to our hostel when we stop at a nearby supermarket to buy some snacks and drinks. The store only has self check-out computers and no regular registers. In Belgium, it’s quite unusual to get asked to show an ID when buying alcohol, so we don’t realise that our drinks don’t scan properly. An employee notices and comes up to us.)

Employee: “Can you show me an ID, please? The computer won’t allow you to scan alcohol without your age being checked first.”

(All of us start searching our wallets for ID cards. One of us hands over hers and the employee takes it to his computer. A minute later he returns.)

Employee: “I’m afraid I can’t accept your ID. You won’t be able to buy any alcohol here.”

Student: “But I’m twenty-five!”

Employee: “I know, but our computer only recognises Irish and British IDs. We are not allowed to accept any others.”

Student: “So, you can’t sell alcohol to tourists?”

Employee: “Not unless they hold an Irish or British ID.”

(We pay for the snacks and go searching for a store that will sell us alcohol, which we find quite easily. The employee in this story was very correct, and I understand that policies are in place to prevent under-aged people from buying alcohol. To me, a policy banning foreigners from buying as well seems to go a bit far, though.)

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A New Way For The Kid To Play Tag

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(I’m working the register when a young couple comes up to me. They pile their stuff onto my belt and hand me a price tag of some children’s shoes along with it.)

Mother: *handing me the tag* “Uh, and this. Our son is wearing them and refuses to take them off again, so we thought we’d just give you the price tag.”

(She points to a small boy who is running around happily and playing with the boats we have out for display. He’s completely well-behaved, though, so I decide to let him have his fun.)

Me: “Oh, okay. The only problem I have with this is that the shoes have an alarm tag sewed into them. I need the shoes on my counter in order to deactivate them or you will start an alarm in every store you enter or leave.”

Mother: “Oh. Well, he absolutely doesn’t want to take them off again.”

(Suddenly, the father speaks up.)

Father: “Hey, [Son]. Come here for a second!”

(The boy comes running and the father picks him up.)

Father: “So, where do you need him?”

Me: *trying to contain my laughter* “Here, just have him stand in this spot; that should be enough.”

(Luckily, it did work, and the tags got deactivated. The father set the boy down again, who happily returned to playing as if nothing happened. It was the only time I had a kid on my register, though.)

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Exchange Derange

, , , , | Right | October 28, 2017

(I work at checkout in a department store. Our returns desk is at the back of the store, something I must frequently tell customers. One day I have a man come up to my counter with two red singlets and a receipt.)

Customer: “Hi, I bought this shirt the other day, but it’s the wrong size so I’d like to swap it for this one.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but all exchanges must be done at the returns desk at the back of the store.”

Customer: “Just leave it.”

(He threw both shirts at me in disgust and stormed off. I was left wondering if he knew he’d just let $15 go to waste.)

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Well, Aren’t You A Little Ray Of Sunshine?

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(I’m a cashier at a grocery store. I’m one of those people that dislikes heat and sunlight, and our area is finally experiencing some rain and cloudy weather.)

Customer: “I hope it turns out nice today!”

Me: “Me, too. Hopefully it won’t get too hot, though.”

Customer: *suddenly acts like I’ve insulted him* “Well, why not?

Me: “I’m more for the rain and clouds. That triple digit heat a while back was killing me.”

Customer: “Well, I have to paint today, so I hope it’s sunny!”

Me: *I start to feel a little bad* “Oh! Well, okay, yeah. I hope you don’t get rained on, then. Let’s just hope for light clouds and no hard sun for you, since you’ll be out in it.”

Customer: *gathering up his items to leave, way less uptight now* “Well, it’s okay; I’m painting inside.”

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A Consoling Amount Of Change

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I am the customer here. I was just starting junior high so, naturally, I didn’t have a job at the time, but the announcement of a new game console had me excited. I started saving money from gifts, loose change, etc, and keeping it all in a glorified piggy bank.

Fast forward several months, about one month before the console launches, and I count out my money, and find I have enough for the console plus a couple games, even after tax. However, due to not having a chance to grab coin rolls, and the fact that stores need to manually count change anyway, the majority of this change is unrolled.

The console comes out, and my family brings me in to buy it, and I come in with this tin containing all of my saved-up change. I grab my games and the console and get up to the counter and buy them. The cashier greets me in a friendly manner and rings through my stuff, for a total around $400. I pay with the cash and gift cards I have amassed, leaving still around $200. Then I start having to dump the coins onto the counter, and I see the cashier’s eyes open wide.

They politely help count the change and we go as fast as we can, but it takes about ten minutes, at which point I think we’ve miscounted and I actually only have $350 total, meaning I have to put back one of my games. I start recounting the now-organised money, to make sure I have enough, but in my panic I can’t keep count. The cashier politely says I have enough, and rings me through just fine.

However, to this day I still think they said I had enough just so they could get me out of the store faster. Despite this, I still have that console and it’s my single favourite purchase I’ve ever made.

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