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[It is time for my break. A colleague comes over to relieve me. The next customer is a woman who is only buying 2 packs of sweets.]

Me: [to Woman] We’re just changing over, we’ll just be a few seconds.

Woman: [rudely] Well, I won’t bother then!

[She storms off, with her sweets, and goes to one of the other tills which involves a wait of several minutes. My co-worker, the next customer in line, and myself all stare at each other in shock for a few seconds!]

Sorry I’m Not A Walking, Talking Google Maps

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(The phone rings.)

Me: “Good afternoon. [Restaurant]. [My Name] speaking; how can I help?”

Customer: “Are you the one in Ashford?”

Me: “Yes, we are.”

Customer: “Are you near [Car Rental Place]?”

Me: “Erm, no, I’m sorry; it’s not in the immediate area that I know of.”

Customer: “Oh, how do I get there?”

Me: “Where are you coming from?”

Customer: “[Area I live in, five miles away.]”

Me: “Oh, that’s a simple trip; you need to get either the 116 or 203 bus.”

Customer: “No, not to you. I know how to get to you. I need to get to [Car Rental Place].”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to get there; I don’t know where that is.”

Customer: *interrupts* “But it’s on the same road!”

(This is a major road, many miles long.)

Me: “I think you may be better off calling [Car Rental Place] and asking them for directions. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “But I know how to get to you.”

Me: *getting a little irritated* “If you can hold the line for one moment, I’ll ask my manager if he knows how to get to [Car Rental Place].”

(I ask the manager; he doesn’t know it. We try Google Maps, etc. He goes off to ask other staff members who are more knowledgeable of the local area; they don’t know, either.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we really don’t know where it is. You should be able to call them and get directions, though; I’m sure they’ll know better than we do.”

Customer: “What if I come to you? Can you tell me, then?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, we don’t know where it is. You should call them directly.”

Customer: “Can you call them?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, you’ll have to contact them yourself.”

Customer: “Oh.” *pause* “I can’t believe you don’t know where it is.”

Me: “I don’t pass it on my way in, and we’ve asked everyone else working at the moment and they don’t know, either. I’m sorry. Your best bet is to call them.”

Customer: “But I don’t know where they are. I know how to get to you.”

(It’s been over half an hour and I’m ready to call them myself just to get rid of this woman. My manager Googles the name and can’t find any company of that name, or any car hire places anywhere near us.)

Me: “I really am sorry we can’t help any more, but we can’t find that company locally to us at all. You will have to call them and find out for yourself.”

Customer: “Hmm, okay, then. It’s bad you don’t know. Thanks for looking, though.” *hangs up*

Me: “I’m never answering that phone again.”

What Happens When You Learn From The University Of Facebook

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(The front page of today’s newspaper features the story about 50 million Facebook accounts being hacked. The headline mentions the number. As I’m tidying up the newspapers, a group of teenagers look at the headlines, and then one says, in complete seriousness…)

Teenager #1: “I didn’t even know there were 50 million people in the world!”

Teenager #2: “Yeah, I didn’t know it was that much!”

(I had to turn away to stop myself from laughing!)

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(I’m in the middle of the high street arresting someone who was caught trying to steal a bunch of dvds. As Im about to put him in the car I hear a man comment)

Man: See *child*? thats what happens if you arent a good girl

Girl: (shouts) You shouldnt have been a naughty boy

(The man goes bright red and doesnt look up til I get him into the station)

The Mother Of All Cheap Customers

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(It is Mother’s Day. We have had lots of deliveries of £1 bunches of daffodils. A lot of them are dated today, so to clear them, we have reduced them down to 40p per bunch and put them on the checkouts for customers to see. We have also been told to offer them to all customers. A young man comes up to my till with a nice bouquet of flowers costing £6.)

Me: “Your mum will love these. Would you like a bunch of daffodils to give to her as well?”

Customer: “They’re only 40p?”

Me: “Indeed. A little extra present for Mum?”

Customer: “Actually, I’ll leave these [the £6 bouquet] and buy a bunch of these [the 40p daffodils], instead! Thanks!”

(He pays his 40p and walks off. I realise that instead of getting an extra 40p from him, I’ve lost £5.60 from the sale! As I mull over this…)

Next Customer: “I feel sorry for his mum!”

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