She’s Not Looking To Bare Her Soul

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(I work at a full-service hotel; we do it all for our guests, no matter the request. However, one day an elderly woman asked me to turn off the cameras in her room.)

Me: “What cameras, ma’am?”

Guest: “They’re stealing my soul! You must turn off the cameras in my room!”

Me: “Ma’am, there aren’t any cameras in your room. It is illegal for us to do such a thing.”

(She continued to insist there were cameras stealing her soul, and it was becoming too much. So, I eventually agreed to just deactivate any cameras to her room number. She smiled and said a grateful thank you, then went on to eat her breakfast.)

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So at my families restaurant,An angry customer comes in and
pays, My dad is dealing with this customer and this is what happens.

Irate Customer: Your food was so disgustin’! You better give me a discount or else I’ll call the Health department on you!

My dad: Well okay then,Heres the phone! *hands him the phone* Ill talk to them to if you want me to!

At this point this point the customer just becomes more mad,and throws the money at him and walked out. For some reason my dad walks out after him. Then the customer enters his car.

Irate Customer:What you got something to say to me? GO BACK TO MEXICO!

Irate Customer: *Realizes my dad is chinese*

Irate customer:Errm,Umm, GO BACK TO CHINA!

My Dad: *Trying to hold back the laughter* Okay sir you better step out of the car now.

Irate customer:Okay,When I will come out of the car,I will punch you.

At this point the wife of this huge doucheball of a man steps in


Irate Customer *Starts to drive away*

Remember people,Dont tick of the people who make your food.

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I work at Cell Phone store where I am responsible for selling phones, accessories, and data plans. I deal with rude customers almost every single day but I enjoy my job. I had two encounters with this customer. 1st encounter is a long story so I will stick with the shorter 2nd encounter.

Me: Hello Welcome back to (Cell Phone Store) please give me one second. (Had a customer in front of me.)

(After I finished activating the other customers phone I called Angry customer over)

Me: What can I help you with today?

Angry Customer: Listen man… You sold me a faulty product!

Me: How so?

Angry Customer:This phone doesn’t find my WiFi!

Me: Let me see your phone please. (He gives me the phone) and sure enough his phone found the stores WiFi.

Me: Um sir, Your phone is connected to my stores WiFi so the only thing I can think of is that maybe you will have to call your internet service provider for your home, and tell them that you are unable to connect to your WiFi.

Angry Customer: No No No!!! I am paying for a service that I am not getting, and if I don’t get that service then I should take my business somewhere else.

Me: Sir… We don’t offer WiFi service. We offer cellphone service.

Angry Customer: Listen I don’t think you understand me… (In a demeaning, racist way he says) I. AM. PAAAAYING. FOR. A. SERVICIO ( Spanish for service) AND. I. AM. NOT. GET. TING. THAT. SERVICIO!

Me: Sir you don’t have to talk to me like that, English was my first language. (I was really annoyed at this point and other customers standing around could tell.)

Me: Like I said call your internet service provider they should help you with your issue at your home.

Angry Customer: You see? You are not understanding me… I have WiFi at home but when I’m at that road (Points to the major road our store is located by and starts yelling) I DON’T HAVE WIFI!!

Me: Sir! WiFi is only for a home and or business. It isn’t a cellphone service!

Cool Customer: Yea dude WiFi only works when you’re at home, so you need to chill out.

Angry Customer: (He stupidly scratches his neck and gets close to my counter and says) Give me my damn phone back ya’ll are S***

Me: (I give him his phone back)

Angry Customer: I give you guys one more month to fix this s#**. (Angrily storms toward the door)

Me: Drive safely.

Cool Customer: (walks up to my counter) Bro I don’t know how you do it. You have so much patience.

Me: Thanks it’s part of my job description (jokingly)

Cool Customer: You should be a Coroner, you don’t have to deal with a lot of people.

Me: Not the live ones you mean.

We both laughed it off.

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(I am the furniture manager, at a retail establishment that sells close out items mostly. Our motto is surprising savings in every aisle everyday. On this particular day a customer comes in for the second time in two weeks to buy a couch. His wife is a different breed that is skinny, but has huge boobs. She is wearing extremely short shorts and a halter top.)

Me: “The total for the first order is 748.00 and for the second order is 60.69.”

Husband: “You hear that baby, the total has 69 in it. Looks like we’re breaking in the couch when we get home.”

(The wife grabs his junk and smiles and winks. I just smile mortified, wanting to go home.)

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*Me and my roommate are in North Carolina on vacation. We stop in a local town for coffee. There is no Starbucks, but there is a small coffee shop that we go to instead*

Employee: What can I get you today?

Me: Just a black coffee, thanks.

Employee: *looking at roommate* And for you?

Roommate: *looking at phone* A vanilla frappuccino.

Employee: Excuse me?

Roommate: *still looking at phone* A vanilla frappuccino

Me: (Roomate), this isn’t Starbucks.

Roommate: *looks up, realizing that we are, in fact, not in Starbucks* Oh! I’m so sorry! I’m so used to Starbucks! Can I have a black coffee?

Employee: *smiling* Sure thing!

*(Roommate) apologized again when we got our coffee. Next time, look around!*