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I worked a super difficult job at an art supply retail shop for a tyrannical boss for low pay. My last week there after turning in my notice, I had a difficult interaction with a customer…

THEM: I love this store.
ME: Thanks.
THEM: I could spend all day at this store.
ME: Uh huh…
THEM: Heh, I should work at this store!
ME: Mm-hmm…
THEM: That’s what I’ll do! I’ll quit my high-paying job and work at this store.
ME: (biting my tongue super hard)

I’m already working minimum-wage for a tyrant. Do you have to twist the knife?

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I have a strict personal policy not to touch customer’s personal items things such as phones, id’s and, credit cards. Whenever a customer tries to hand me their credit card I direct them over to the pinpad on the right of them. On this particular day a customer tries to accuse me of stealing her card.

Customer: “Excuse me, you have my card!!”

Me: “Ma’m I can assure you I don’t have your card, nor did I touch or take it.”

Customer:”Well it’s not in pocket, so you must have it!!”

Me: ” I didn’t take your card.”


Me: “I went over to glance at the last four of your card to put it into the computer. I did not touch you card or take it from your hand, in the time I was inputting your information.

Customer: “I KNOW YOU HAVE IT!!”

At this point I start second guessing myself I look under my machine, around the floor, underneath the desk as well as, looking underneath the bags in the case that her card might have possibly fell at some point in the transaction. I tell her again sternly and in a fed up voice “I don’t have your card, it’s not here.” After much fumbling through her bag she finds the card I supposedly stole.

Customer:” Oh never mind, I have it, have a good day.”

After that just I watched her rush out of the store in embarrassment smh.

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A problem I tend encounter with customers on a daily basis is coupons. Most customers understand our policies and don’t get too greedy or argue. Since it is the age of technology our coupons are accessible through smart phone devices and e-mail. The only problem that results in this is that customers fail to pull up the coupon and believe that by just showing me the advertisement it makes them qualified for the coupons. Since you are a customer it is your responsibility to come up to the register prepared with a coupon either that was cut and printed or from the smart phone with a scannable bar code.(If your coupon is taking to long to load, then and only then am I allowed to manually input the coupon.) In addition, another problem that I encounter is my other co-workers, who give every customer an automatic coupon; which is against our policy and really messes up our system when the coupons scanned that day don’t match up with what we have.

me: Hi, did you find everything okay.

customer: yeah

I start scanning her items, when all of sudden she begins yelling at me.

Customer: ” I’M NOT GETTING THOSE! Look I’m in a rush, because I’m late for work here’s my coupon.”

me:” I’m sorry I can’t accept that I have to actually be able to scan it.”

customer: “You have all those coupons right there can’t you scan it.”

I notice she see’s the barcodes of certain discounts. I tried telling her twice these are not the coupons from online but instead specialized coupons that can not be accredited to her purchase. (These coupons are for AARP members, employees, military and educators)

customer: “What are you talking about I was here yesterday and they scanned one of the coupons.”

I assume she’s thinking that those coupons taped to my register were one of the coupons my co-workers must have given out. Again I try to explain and tell her that it against store policy to give out other people’s coupons, but she will not listen and she cuts me off and begins rambling. She finally pulls up the coupon and leaves. I thought this was the last time I would see her, and then she comes in the next day. She’s returning the item she bought yesterday and is talking on the phone. I go to another desk to bring over a stapler  to staple her receipts.  I start multi-tasking by refiling the stapler with staples and handing her the receipt. She says thank you and I just murmur uh huh ( I’m trying to fix the stapler).
She then says: “Excuse me what did you just say?”
Confused my her question, repeated the scenario leading up to the part where I said uh huh.

customer: “Uh huh as in what.”

me: “As in you’re welcome?”

customer: “She then turns around murmuring to herself uh, huh, you’re welcome and so forth.”

This situation made me feel like crap for days because she made me believe that I did something wrong, but I realize now I didn’t do anything wrong, because I was only doing my job. So moral of the story is never let customers make you feel guilty based on their selfish, intolerant, and willfully ignorant attitude and behavior.

Lack Of Register Does Not Register, Part 10

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(Our store has a few floors, and each floor has a counter with registers. Because we’re usually short-staffed on the upper floors, we only put people on the second and third floor registers when it’s really busy. I’m behind an empty register pricing some products.)

Customer: “Hey, can you ring me up?”

Me: “Oh, sorry, only on the first floor.”

Customer: “You know, you should really have a sign that tells me you’re closed!”

(I glance over to the three huge signs in front of every register that say, “REGISTER CLOSED.”)

Me: “Yeah, we probably should.”

(This happens every single day, without fail!)

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Not Very Good On The Parenting Scene

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(I’m at a fairly popular art store, looking for more paints, when I hear this conversation from behind a shelf:)

Mother: “Go put the paints on the counter and ask to put them on hold. It’s fine; people do it all the time.”

Teenager: “Mom, couldn’t you just hold two of them? I’m carrying everything, and you’re just holding your purse.”

(I slowly turn the corner and pretend to look at more paints while eyeing this mother, and this obviously uncomfortable teenager holding five tubes of paint and two bags.)

Mother: “Don’t use that attitude! I’m going to count to ten, and then if you haven’t put the paints on the counter, I’m going to make a scene, because you’re being ridiculous!”

Teenager: “Yeah, and you’re being childish.”

(The teen storms away to put the paints on the counter, and the cashier gives her a sympathetic glance, as the girl is very obviously shy. The mom sees me and whispers under her breath:)

Mother: “Can you believe teens these days? Always disrespectful and rude!”

(I just grimaced. What bad parenting. I feel bad for that kid.)

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