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A “One” Fell Off And All For “One”

, , , | Right | May 20, 2022

We have large plastic price numbers above pallets of groceries. A 1 fell off the $11.88 price for paper towels, so it’s now showing $1.88. A customer appears to buy a couple. She asks me to price check her other items. When I get to the towels showing $11.88, she protests that the price on the wall is $1.88. She has even taken a picture.

Me: “I’m sorry, that’s a mistake. One of the ones fell off.”

Customer: “That’s false advertising! You should honor what you show!”

When I explained more, she asked to talk to my manager.

I went to get her, chuckling at the thought that anyone could be so narrow-minded.

I swear I could see my manager’s brain lag while I explained the situation. When we got back, the customer was gone, leaving her packs of towels. According to another customer, she left cursing the store for lying to her.

I hope she’s doing well.

An Ugly Side Of Society Has Been Unmasked, Part 24

, , , , , | Right | May 16, 2022

I was going through the store, picking up the items customers had left behind in the wrong location so that when we closed we could sort them and put them back in the right location. My store has stopped mandating the wearing of masks, but I continue to wear one because I think it’s kinda nifty not to douse people in germs and micro spit particles when you talk to them.

A customer approaches, so I get ready to ask if she’s finding everything okay.

Mask-less Customer: “Why are you covering your face?”

Me: “I’m trying to be conscientious and take precautions against spreading disease to others.”

Mask-less Customer: *Leans in conspiratorially.* “I seen you before all this happened though, and you didn’t show your face then, either. Maybe you just ain’t got a face worth showin’.”

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The Saga Of The Sister Store

, , , , , , | Right | April 21, 2022

I am an assistant manager at a grocery store, and I answer the phone. I give my usual greeting.

Customer: “I was wondering if you carried [specific flavor] of [Ice Cream].”

I go and confirm that we do, in fact, have that flavor. She says she will be in to buy some. A few hours go by and it’s nearly closing time. I answer the phone as I am the only one to do so.

Customer: “Yes, I think I talked to you earlier. I bought some [Ice Cream], and when I went to eat it, it tasted horrible.”

Me: “All right, I can go ahead and refund it if you bring it in with the receipt.”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll come by shortly.”

A few minutes go by, and the customer calls again.

Customer: “We might have just talked, I think. I just wanted to make sure it was still okay to return it because I took out a lot of it.”

Me: “That’s not a problem if it’s bad. I’ll just need the ice cream and the receipt.”

Customer: “The cashier threw away the receipt. I didn’t think I’d need it.”

Me: *Wrongly assuming this will be quick* “Okay, I can’t do a refund without a receipt, but can you tell me when you came in and I can look it up for you?”

Customer: “I was in just a little while ago and it’s the only thing I bought. I paid $2 on EBT and the rest in cash.”

I search through all of the transactions with just one item and find only one for [Ice Cream], but they paid in cash only. I explain this to her.

Customer: “No, no. I paid with part EBT and part cash. I went through on either the second or third register. The cashier should remember me.”

Me: “I’ll ask the one that’s here still, but my other cashier left for the day.”

Naturally, my cashier does not recall any transactions like this. I explain this to her.

Customer: “Well, I know I was in there earlier. Are you sure you’re looking on the right register?”

Me: “I’m on the computer looking at all of the transactions for the day and I only have one for this ice cream. Are you sure you didn’t pay in all cash?”

Customer: “No, I paid $2 on EBT and the rest in cash.”

Me: “Are you sure you only bought the ice cream?”

Customer: “Yes, that’s the only thing I bought.”

Me: “Are you sure you came to [My Store] on [Street] in [City]?”

Customer: “Yes, I know I did. I went to your store, then I went to [Pizza Place that is not near my store], and then I went home.”

Throughout the rest of the phone call, I repeat these two questions.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do a refund for you without a receipt, and I have no transaction as you’ve described.”

Customer: “Well, can you look on the cameras? I know I was in your store.”

Me: “I can, but again, I don’t have a record for this transaction so it will not show anything.”

Customer: “Well, there must be something wrong with your computer. I am going to come down to the store and I want to see the cameras.”

I repeat that this will accomplish nothing as there is no record that this transaction took place as she is insisting.

Customer: “Well, is the gray-haired lady still there?”

Me: “Ma’am, there is nobody with gray hair here tonight. Are you sure you came to this store and not [Sister Location within the same city]?”

Customer: “No, it was your store. If you won’t let me get my money back for this bad ice cream, then I am going to come down to the store with the police and I want to see the cameras.”

Me: “Ma’am, the police aren’t going to do anything because I have no record of this transaction.”

Customer: “They will do something, because what if this ice cream made someone get sick and die?”

This goes around in circles a few times.

Me: “Okay, give me your description and I will look this up on the cameras.”

Customer: “I was wearing a white shirt and have dark brown hair.”

I go and look up the transaction on the cameras, and the customer on there does not match her self-description.

Me: “I’m sorry, but the person on the cameras doesn’t match what you told me, so there’s nothing I can do. If you would like, you can call in the morning to talk to my store manager.”

Customer: “I would like to come down and look at the cameras.”

I repeat what I have already said and ask again if she is sure she came to my store.

Customer: “Yes, I know I came to your store. You’re one exit past the casino.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m not familiar with that area, so I don’t know.”

Customer: “You’re one exit past the casino, I know it.”

Me: “Are you sure you didn’t go to a [Different Store]?”

Customer: “The [Different Store] in [City], Oklahoma?”

I’m in Arkansas.

Me: “Possibly, but I don’t really know.”

Customer: “Well, for someone who doesn’t know the area, you sure know a lot about [Different Store].”

Me: “Ma’am, that’s because we’re the same company, just different names. I have a store list right in front of me that shows that one.”

Customer: “I know it was your store.”

Me: “Again, if you would like to talk to my store manager, you can call back in the morning.”

Customer: “Well, give me his number.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t give you his number.”

Customer: “Why not? I don’t understand.”

Me: “I am not allowed to give out the personal phone numbers of any employees, even my store manager.”

This starts another loop. I repeat that I can’t do anything without a receipt. I also begin to repeatedly try to end the call.

Me: *Again* “You’re sure that you came to our store and not [Sister Store]? You’re welcome to call them. I can give you their phone number, just not any personal numbers.”

Customer: “I know it’s your store. There’s a liquor store right across from you.”

Me: “There’s no liquor store anywhere near us. Across the street from us is a middle school.”

Customer: “Well, the liquor store is not across from you; it’s in your parking lot.”

Me: “Again, there’s no liquor store across from us. I do not have any record of this transaction, and if you would like to, you may call in the morning to talk to my store manager.”

Customer: “You need to check your cameras. I was in there in the last two hours.”

Me: “Ma’am, it’s almost closing time and I do not have a record of this transaction. There is nothing to find on the cameras and I simply do not have the time to look through that much. What I found was because I had a time that the transaction took place and it was not you. I am going to end this call now because there is nothing I can do. You may call back in the morning to talk to my store manager. I will let him know ahead of time.”

I hang up. The call clocks in at twenty-five minutes. By this point, I am severely behind in everything I have to do before we can all leave. A couple of minutes later, who calls again but the same customer. She starts going into another loop again, once again saying she might have just talked to me.

Me: “Ma’am, I am the only one answering the phone tonight. I have repeatedly told you that I can’t do anything and that you should call back in the morning to talk to my store manager.”

I hung up. She put me behind enough that we clocked out a half-hour after closing, much later than we otherwise would have. My blood pressure started returning to normal around that time.

Maybe They’re Just Bummed They’re Missing The Game

, , , , | Working | January 19, 2022

On the way to a friend’s house to watch a football game, I stop to pick up a pizza. I ordered in advance so it should be ready by the time I get there. I walk in, and the worker has multiple boxes open and is more or less flinging pizzas into them trying to get orders ready. This worker must not be having a good day.

Me: “Hi, I’m here to pick up a pizza.”

Worker: “Well, obviously. Do you know how many pizzas people have ordered today? Look at this! I’ve had forty-five pizzas ordered in the last ten minutes! It’s going to be a wait!”

Me: “Oh, I ordered ahead. My last name is [My Last Name].”

Worker: “Your pizza’s ready, but if you can just wait a minute so I don’t burn three other pizzas while I deal with yours…”

Me: “Take your time.”

I know game days are busy days, but talk about grouchy! I don’t know if there is supposed to be another worker who decided not to show or what, but don’t take it out on me! But I don’t want to say anything until I have my pizza in hand; I don’t want it thrown in the trash or spit on!

Finally, the worker shoves my pizza at me so hard I have to catch it.

Me: “Thank you very much. I’m sorry I had to order a pizza and absolutely ruin your day!”

I won’t be ordering game-day pizza from here again!

Double The Bags, Half The Brain

, , , , , | Working | October 22, 2021

I’m scanning and bagging my almost $300 worth of groceries while the monitor employee comes over.

Employee: “Why are you double-bagging all of your groceries?”

Me: “Excuse me?” 

Employee: “You are wasting our bags!”

Me: “If you don’t like the way I’m bagging the groceries, feel free to come on over here and bag them yourself.”

Employee: “That’s not my job!”

Me: “Okay, then I will bag my groceries how I please if that’s all right with you.”

Employee: “Why are you using two bags?!”

Me: “Because the bags are weak and I don’t want the handles to break or the bottoms to rip out.”

Employee: “Well, that’s because you are putting too much stuff in the bag. If you took half of that stuff out and put it in a different bag, then you wouldn’t need to double-bag.”

This is followed by ten seconds of me just staring at her.

Me: “So, you want me to split these items in half and put half of them in a different bag so that I don’t have to double-bag.”

Employee: “Exactly.”

Me: “So, I would still be using two bags to hold the same number of items.”

Employee: “No, because you wouldn’t be double-bagging.”

I’m pressing two fingers to my left eye in an attempt to make it stop twitching.

Me: “Okay, so here I have a jug of milk and a bottle of juice double-bagged. If I take the milk out and remove the double-bagging and just put the milk in the single bag and the juice in that single bag, I’m still using two bags for these two items.”

Employee: “No, because you are not double-bagging them, so it’s not the same number of bags.”

I’m looking around at about ten other customers who are enjoying the show.

Employee: “Never mind, you just don’t get it.”

And with that, she went back to her little podium.