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A caller submits a self service ticket through email with an attachment. He is having issues logging into one of our services on his iPhone and wants to show the error message.

What does he do? He literally scans his phone and sends it in.

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Me: “Physical Therapy, this is __________.”

Patient: “Hi, I’d like to schedule an appointment with ________. He knows me. I have Medicare and Out of State BCBS secondary.”

Me: “Wonderful, I’ll need your name, address, DOB, and Medicare number.”

*Patients gives requested information.*

Me: “Oh!! I forgot to ask for your BCBS member ID.”

Patient: “You can take a copy of the card when I come in for my appointment.”

Me: “Right. We will, but I also need the member ID to complete your chart.”

Patient. “I’m not giving that to you over the phone! That’s personal information”

Me: “Sir, I have your name, address, date of birth, AND your social security number. We’re beyond personal at this point. I need to verify your secondary benefit before your first appointment and in order to do that, I need your BCBS member ID number.”

Patient: “Then I guess we’re done here.”

Me: “Wonderful! Have a very merry Christmas.”


Some people’s kids, man. This guy then proceeded to call back over and over – possibly to give me a piece of his mind. I didn’t care. I was off the clock at that point and muted the phone.

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At the time I was working at a coffee shop where all the supervisors were really snotty teenagers who did a lot of standing around and delegating.

Customer: “Excuse me! You need to make new coffee.”

Me: “I just put it out ten minutes ago. Is it empty already?”

Customer: “No, it’s ice cold!”

I give the supervisor a puzzled look and she rolls her eyes. Supervisor: “Whatever. Just make a new pot.”

Me.: “Hold on. I would have to dump out fresh coffee to make new coffee. Let’s see what’s going on here.”

The customer marches over to the coffee urn and pulls the handle, letting out a small trickle. “See! It’s cold!”

I test it, and it’s room temperature. I dump the small amount from his cup in the trash and then pull the handle again, and lo and behold, a steaming cup of coffee pours forth.

Me, pointing to the time card on the pot. “See, this was made just ten minutes ago. These insulated pots can keep it hot for an hour at least.”

Customer, not placated. “Then how come it was cold just a moment ago?!”

Me: “The urn is insulated, the spigot isn’t. I think you just based it off the little bit of coffee that was trapped in the pipe. It’s just a thin plastic tube so it would cool quickly.”

Customer: “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would it cool more quickly than the rest of the coffee?”

Supervisor, laughing: “Yeah, what?”

I took a deep breath and explained once again the difference between double wall steel insulation and a thin plastic tube while they both give me incredulous looks.

Customer, rolling his eyes. “Well that doesn’t make any sense, but at least I had coffee so you couldn’t put me to sleep with all that gobbledegook.”

Supervisor, smirking: “That was really overly complicated.”

Me: “Yeah, no, not really.”

Mother Nature Doesn’t Care About Your Convenience

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(I’m facing shelves near the produce section when a frustrated customer approaches me.)

Customer: “Excuse me! Where are your peaches in produce?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but peaches are out of season. We have canned or frozen ones.”

Customer: “No, I want fresh peaches. Can you check in the back?”

Me: “I’m certain we don’t have them. Fresh peaches won’t be available until the fall. We only have preserved peaches until then.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous. How come every single store I go to doesn’t carry fresh peaches? I’ve been driving all over town!”

Me: “No one is going to have them; peach trees only bear fruit in the late summer. At this point in the year, the peaches would just be flowers. Fresh peaches are only available for a limited time each year. “

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! Can’t they make them go faster?”

Me: “Peaches are strictly a cold-climate tree, so they can’t bear fruit year-round. All stone fruit trees need winters, then they bloom in the spring, and the peaches themselves take months to grow. Unfortunately, we just have to go by their schedule.”

Customer: “Well, that’s terrible customer service!”

Me: “Sir, the trees are doing the best they can.”

(He went away grumbling. I can understand a person not knowing about agriculture, but expecting prompt service from plants is really out of touch.)

A Large Cavity In Their Diagnosis

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(Recently I’ve had some tooth pain on the lower left jaw which prompts going to the dentist. As I have severe anxiety and my medication causes some dry mouth, it’s necessary to inform the dentist about it. Note that I’ve had anxiety since about thirteen and am now in my twenties.)

Dentist #1: *after having done nothing more than look in my mouth* “Do you have any medical conditions?”

Me: “I have anxiety.”

Dentist #1: “Okay, so, when you have anxiety and stress you can grind your teeth and since you have some gum disease you must be creating a sore spot. I’m not seeing any evidence of grinding, but let’s go ahead and get you treated for gum disease. We’ll need to schedule four [Expensive Treatments].”

(He then leaves, ‘finished’ with his exam, and cannot be found when I go to leave. I am furious that he’d brushed it off as being my anxiety, and I promptly found another dentist who was able to get me in quickly.)

Dentist #2: *having spent a good ten minutes poking and prodding the teeth along my left side* “Okay, and do you have any medical conditions?”

Me: “I have anxiety and take medication for it.”

Dentist #2: “Do those medications cause any dry mouth or irritation?”

Me: “A little dry mouth.”

Dentist #2: “Okay, that’s probably contributed to the little bit of gum disease I’m seeing, but that can be fixed with a deep cleaning. The biggest problem I’m seeing is that you have a wisdom tooth with a massive cavity. It is possible that wisdom tooth is transferring the pain down to here—” *indicating exactly where I’d showed him it was hurting earlier* “Pulling that should help. We can do either pulling, the cleaning, or do them both today.”

Me: “What about the teeth grinding?”

Dentist #2: “What teeth grinding?”

Me: “Another dentist told me it was just my anxiety making me grind my teeth.”

Dentist #2: “Did he mention the grand-canyon sized cavity in the wisdom tooth?”

Me: “No.”

Dentist #2: “Then you might want to never go there again. That was the first thing I saw, and I can’t find a trace of teeth grinding.”

(I ended up getting the wisdom tooth pulled and aside from the pain of having said tooth pulled, my mouth felt better! He also prescribed some antibiotics to help prevent infection from the cavity and that would help clear up some of the gum disease. The cleaning is scheduled for a few weeks from now to give my mouth plenty of time to heal. He also recommended I look into a dry mouth rinse and asked if there were any special procedures to keep in mind for my next appointment because of my anxiety. It just goes to show that looking at the entire problem and not just a small part of it can fix things a lot faster and easier!)

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