That Age-Old Discount Trick

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(My coworker who normally works in the morning is helping a customer at our donut case. It’s about four in the afternoon.)

Customer: “Why are these donuts so expensive?”

(Donuts are 50 cents each.)

Coworker: “Well, they do go on sale later in the evening.” *to me* “What is the deal with donut sale?”

Me: “Donuts are 50% off after five, but you have to buy a dozen.”

Customer: “I have to wait an hour to buy donuts?!”

Me: “If you want the discount. And you have to buy a dozen.”

Customer: “Can’t you just give me the discount? I only want two. I’m old!”

Me: “I’m sorry. I can’t give you the discount.”

Customer: “Well, who can? I’m old!”

Me: “Maybe the store manager.”

(The customer wanders off and comes back a few minutes later.)

Customer: “The store manager said I could have the donuts for half price.”

Me: “Okay.”

(The customer picks out his two donuts and shakes them angrily at us as he walks away.)

Customer: “I’m old!”

Coworker: “I’m middle-aged! Where’s my discount? You’re young! Where’s your discount?”

Your Team Works Silently

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(I work in the bakery section of a national grocery store chain. As we’re technically understaffed, I’m one of only two closers on the payroll and work closing five or six days a week. This means I’m alone in the bakery from about 4:00 pm until I clean up and shut things down at around 8:00 pm. This takes place while my manager is packing up to leave for the day.)

Manager: “All right, [My Name], I’m out. You’re in charge.”

Me: *looks back at the empty bakery* “You hear that, team?!”

Manager: *starts laughing*

(He told me later that he was still chuckling about it on the way home. Good to know I have good quips sometimes.)

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*I’m about an hour from being done with my 8 hour shift after my second day on the job and this scrawny women approaches my counter.*

Me: “Hi welcome to [Famous fast food company]! What can I get for you today?

Women: “Yes I’d like 6 ice cream cones.”

Me: *Glances over counter to look for kids so I don’t give a four year old a full sized cone and can give them a smaller cone, doesn’t see any so assumes she’s taking them to someone at home.* “Alright 6 ice cream cones to go?”

Women: “No I’d like them here.”

Me: “Okay that’ll be [Total]

*She pays and waits for me to practice my cone making skills and takes all six cones from me and I watch her to see if she has friends or someone waiting already but I see her take a table all by herself and set 5 of the ice creams down. eating one cone entirely, brand paper and all. I just stare because I’m slowly realizing what I’m witnessing and my manager comes over to see what I’m gawking at.

Manager: “Hey [My name] what’s going on a customer giving you troubl–”

*She sees what I’m looking at when I watch the customer repeat this process for the second cone and we stare and watch this seemly average women eat 6 whole ice cream cones without even bothering to take the labeling off first. The craziest part was I couldn’t figure out why she did it, she wasn’t obviously pregnant or anything like that that might’ve given it some reasoning… unfortunately in my now 10-day streak of work days with no weekend this story is pretty mild.. :/

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This happened when I was dropping off shirts to the dry cleaners for them to be washed and pressed in four days. The dry cleaners offer 2 services washing and pressing in 4 days or in by 9 and out by 4 same day service. I am waiting in line with a woman at the counter and a man right behind. The person at the front asks How can i help you? The woman responded I need this shirt washed for a wedding. Ok this shirt will be done in 4 days. 4 days? the woman cried the wedding is today. Ok how about we just dry clean and it will be returned to you at 4PM.4PM I need at 1:00 mind you this is about 9:00 AM. Um I am sorry ma’am but there may be another place that can do it faster but we do not offer it. Fine huffed the woman. The woman then left the place promptly. When I looked at the shirt it just looked like she had just bought it at the store and needed a quick iron. The cashier then asked us do you happen to need to have a shirt pressed for a wedding today. The man said nope i have been married for 30 years haven’t been to a wedding in 20. No wedding for me I responded.

Not A Living State

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(A close friend has recently had a family member pass away. My entire family knows this friend and has offered their condolences. One evening while I’m helping make supper, my niece comes into the kitchen, getting ready for work.)

Niece: “How’s [Friend]?”

Me: “She was okay last I heard from her, but I haven’t spoken with her today. I think she’s driving back down from Tennessee, though.”

Niece: *horrified* “Why is she in Tennessee?”

Me: “For the funeral?”

Niece: “Oh.” *she opens the fridge before scoffing* “Who lives in Tennessee?”

Me: “Well, they’re not living anymore.”

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