A Sad Signs Of The Times

| New Berlin, WI, USA | Right | July 31, 2016

(About two years ago, we switched over to electronic tickets. Whenever a guest plays a game and wins tickets, our system automatically records that their card gets that many tickets, which we scan and subtract appropriately in the prize room. Despite this becoming relatively common among other arcades, the numerous signs we post, and that our cashiers routinely inform guests about the system, we still get asked about it daily. On this day, a boy and his little sister approach me.)

Guest: “Hi, I have a question.”

Me: *already bracing myself for practically the only question I ever get* “Sure, what’s up?”

Guest: “Well, my sister played [Game]. It said she won four tickets, but nothing came out.”

Me: “That’s because we don’t give out physical tickets anymore. It’s all tracked on your game card.”

Guest: “Ooooh! You guys should probably put up a sign or something.”

Me: “Actually, we have many signs, all around the room.”

(The boy hangs his head in defeat, clearly acknowledging his inattentiveness.)

Me: “You see how effective signs are.”

Scanning For Intelligence

| IN, USA | Working | April 11, 2016

(The general manager walks into our office.)

General Manager: “Hey, how’s it going? I just got this letter from [“Important” Person]. I’m going to scan it to my computer and send it to you so you can print it out and bring it to me.”

Me: “Uhm, but, I’m sorry, why?”

General Manager: “I’ll need a copy for my own records.”

Me: “Isn’t the copy in your hands?”

General Manager: “[My Name], haha, you’re right! I’ll email it to you right away.”

Me: “Still not logical!”

Rewarding Knowledge

| OH, USA | Right | February 4, 2016

(I work at an arcade. All prizes are either under a counter or on a wall behind us. While stock changes, I know the ticket cost of each prize, and about how many we have. I’m also relatively good at math, and can add and subtract quickly in my head. A customer comes up on a slow day.)

Customer: “If I got [prize], how much would I have left?”

Me: *without pausing* “400. Did you wanna get it?”

Customer: “Uh, sure. How much is [other prize]?”

Me: “225, but we’re actually out of those.”

Customer: “You sure you don’t have any?”

Me: “I’m sure, sir. We have none in the stock room or in the cabinets.”

Customer: “Okay… how about [third prize]?”

Me: “It’s 400.”

Customer: “You know all the prices?”

Me: “Yup, memorized them by accident. Makes it easier to help people, though.”

Customer: “Oh, wow. Uh, can I get two [fourth prizes]?”

Me: “All right, here you go!”

Customer: “How much do I have left?”

Me: “Fifty, so you can get [candy], a bouncy ball, or some [other candy].”

Customer: “Hmm… do you have [candy] in orange?”

Me: “Nope, we only have these three colors.”

Customer: “You know the stock, too?”

Me: “Yep. I check often enough that I know what we do and don’t have.”

Customer: “Awesome. Can I get five [small candies]?”

Me: “Sure!” *I set them on the counter for him*

Customer: “Take them. Anyone who’s figured out how to run prizes this well deserves something.”

(I thanked him as he left. The rest of the day went a lot better after that.)

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Fear Reaches New Heights

| USA | Related | January 29, 2016

(Mom and I are visiting this arcade, where they have the machines on the floor and a tightrope on the ceiling. You can tightrope walk around the heads of people playing, and it looks cool. Or course, there’s a safety harness to wear in case you fall.)

Me: “Mom, Mom! Let’s do that!”

Mom: “Okay, fine.”

(We get in line to do the tightrope walking, and they put the harness on each of us. Note that neither Mom or I have a fear of heights.)

Me: *dashing around on the rope* “Cool!”

Mom: *has horrified look, panics, and leaves*

Me: “Mom, what are you doing?! Come on, I paid for this!”

Mom: “No way! It’s too much!”

(I have my fun, and then after I get down on the floor again, I turn to her.)

Me: “Why didn’t you go?”

Mom: “Are you kidding? With the… and the… no way.”

Me: “But we had safety harness on if we fell. Which I didn’t.”

Mom: *shaking head no*

Me: *teasing* “Wimp! What about all the time the you made me go on roller coasters when I was six?! I was scared but you made me!”

(Mom was silent, looking away embarrassedly.)

Me: “I never knew you had a fear of heights.”

Mom: “…Neither did I, until just now!”

Playtime Is Over(rated)

| Columbus, OH, USA | Working | October 8, 2015

(During slow days, we’re allowed to get tokens to play games in the arcade. We’ve just gotten Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, so we’ve been playing it a lot. While playing, I suddenly realize nobody is at the front counter.)

Me: “Uh, hey, is anyone at the register?”

Coworker #1: “I think [Manager] is.”

(I look over at Guitar Hero, where the manager and another coworker are playing.)

Me: “[Manager], is anyone at the counter?”

Manager: “Nope!”

Me: “…Shouldn’t there be?”

Manager: “Nah, nobody’s coming in.”

(I run back and check the front, where a man and his son are waiting. I help them, then go back over to my coworkers.)

Me: “You know… we should probably stop playing around when there’s people here.”

Manager: “There’s nothing to do anyway. Might as well hang out and play games.”

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