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A few years ago I worked at the gift shop of an Aquarium. It is a very busy day and I am the only cashier due to staffing shortages and lunch breaks.
There are two tills and the counter but it is very obvious that there is one queue that has been winding round the store.

I serve customers solidly for about 20 minutes always making sure to keep to the happy script. A man comes to stand the opposite side of the counter to the patient queue. a few minutes pass.

Man: Oi! When are you going to serve me I’ve been waiting half an hour.
Me: I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were waiting but if you will join the queue I will be with you as soon as I can.
Man: I’m not joining that f**** queue. I’ve been waiting ages.
Me: I’m sorry but there are people that have been waiting longer than you have in the queue so I cannot serve you first.
Man: Are you blind. I’ve been here for over half an hour. What did you think I was doing standing here for my own health(a lot of people do wait for families to finish their purchases)
Me: Once again I’m really sorry I didn’t see you and tell you where the queue was but you will need to wait like everybody else.
Man:(screaming at me) are you blind? You’re blind that’s why you didn’t see me. Just let me buy this cr*p and then you can deal with everybody else. ( I am close to tears by this point)
Other customer: Mate just shut up and get in line. I’ve been waiting 15 minute 5 minutes of that was waiting for you to end your tantrum. How can she be blind? She’s wearing glasses.
Man: but but I was waiting.
other customer: yeah well get some common sense and join the line.

I thanked the other customer profusely and gave them a 10% discount!

I got to take an extra long lunch break that day.

Gothberries Taste The Sweetest

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(I go to the aquarium with my family when I am a teenager during my goth phase. While I do enjoy the animals, I sport a black studded trench coat and steel-toed boots. We go to my least favorite exhibit — the aviary. I stand in the shade while watching my family and everyone trying to lure the birds to their fingers and hands with nectar. The birds just lean over and lick the nectar while staying away from contact. I am listening to the keeper a few feet away from me talking about the birds. She looks at me.) 

Keeper: “Would you like to try feeding the birds? See if they come to you?”

Me: *shrugs* “I guess so.”

(The birds haven’t been on anyone, anyway, so I don’t think I’ll have better luck nor do I want it; I don’t particularly like birds. But the lady just seems so nice I have to try for her. She gives me the nectar and points out a bird to try to feed. Immediately, it lands on me. Then another. Then another! And they keep coming!)

Keeper: “Oh, they like you!”

(On the other side of the aviary…) 

Mom: “[My Name], come on; we’re ready to go! Your sisters want to see the penguins!”

Me: *screaming in my trench coat and boots while I run away from a flock of candy-colored birds*

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The Earth Will Be Saved By This Generation

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When I was about three, my aunt and her then-boyfriend had just started dating. He was a notorious litterer and was always dropping garbage everywhere. My aunt would get onto him about it, but he wouldn’t stop.

One day, they took me to a local aquarium which I went to a lot, to give my parents a break.

This aquarium had what we called the Trash Tank in the lobby — basically a bunch of tires, plastic, and assorted garbage in an empty tank that simulated a river to tell people not to throw trash in the local river.

For some reason, tiny me was obsessed with this tank, and I would always spend as long as I could, playing I Spy, looking for weird things, etc.

When we passed the tank, I ran to it and began pointing out things in it and talking about not “being a litterbug” and always throwing your trash away. My aunt’s boyfriend was looking around awkwardly.

My aunt later told me that my now-uncle suddenly stopped littering after that day. I wonder why…

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Getting Bitten By A Radioactive Crab Would Suck

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(I’m on vacation in Scotland, visiting an aquarium. We’re getting some info on lobsters and crabs from an employee. I’m deathly afraid of spiders.)

Employee: “Here we have the king crab. Let me get one out of its tank.”

(He takes a huge crab out of the tank, and I jump back a few feet in horror; the thing looks just like a giant spider to me.)

Employee: *still holding the crab* “Er… Something I said?”

Me: *slightly panting* “No, it’s just… eh… Can you put that thing back?”

Employee: “Oh… okaaay…”

(He puts it back.)

Me: “I’m so sorry, but I’m deathly afraid of spiders, and apparently, that fear includes everything with too many protrusions.”

Employee: “Oh, I see. Hmm.. never heard of arachnophobia that includes fear of crabs. That’s a new one!”

(Later on, I hesitantly approach the tank to take a closer look. I come to the conclusion that when it’s underwater it isn’t so bad.)

Employee: “I thought you were afraid of it?”

Me: “It’s okay when it’s just sitting still, I guess.”

Employee: “You want me to take it out again?”


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Thank God He Didn’t Find Nemo

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(I’m an educator at my aquarium, and I work the touch pools very frequently.)

Me: “Welcome to our tide pools! You’re welcome to reach in and touch any of the animals in these two—“

Customer: “Is this the sushi exhibit?”

Me: *clearly not amused* “No.”

Customer: *points at a skunk shrimp* “Is that a crawdad?”

Me: “He’s a skunk shrimp; he helps other animals by cleaning any—“

Customer: “Does he taste good?”

(I just glared at him until he got uncomfortable and walked away.)

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