I Left My Pants In San Francisco

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(I take photos at an aquarium, and during the downtime I reset some of the displays so guests won’t have to reset them themselves. One time, I see a middle-aged to elderly gentleman wearing only a shirt and a diaper. He comes up to me and asks a few questions.)

Guest: “Where is the rest of the aquarium?”

Me: *trying to keep my face calm and not shocked at what’s going on* “The rest of the aquarium is downstairs through the elevator.”

Guest: “Thank you.”

Me: *thinking; only in this area you get the most interesting situations* “Have a great day.”

(After he went down the elevator, I walked up to a few coworkers. Sadly, I don’t remember what words were said. We talked about how he was able to get into the aquarium and why, oh why was he only wearing a shirt and a diaper? Five minutes later, we heard on the radio that the guest was being escorted out with a refund, and we found out that he was doing a social experiment. The ticket booth had warned the front desk not to let him in, and the person running the front desk ignored the warning.)

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(I’m dealing qith quite a lot of visitors in my job and sometimes, one can get a little distracted with all the cute animals around. I’m just watching our pair of otters while explaining them to a nice couple besides me when something touches my hand. I look down to see a little boy standing next to me, crying.)

Boy: “I don’t know where my daddy is!”
Me (without thinking): “Me neither.”

(Luckily, after saying this, I quickly gut my senses together and took the boy to our register, where we did a center-wide-anouncement on little Timmy missing his father)

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On a behind-the-scenes tour of a tropical gallery at the local aquarium, this happened…(I’m female.)
Coworker: We get a lot of our coral from Logan airport as people smuggle it in for exotic fish tanks in the illegal pet trade.
Guest: I didn’t know people did that!
Me: Yeah, I’ve heard stories of guys coming through customs with baby snakes, baby fish, baby parrots stuck in their pants to get through security! I would never do anything like that!
Guest: I know! And it’d hurt for me even more than it would hurt for you!!!!
(reference to male and female anatomy).
Guest: *creepy wink*

The Stinging Realization Of What You Just Did

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(I’m outing myself as the stupid customer here. A new aquarium opens a few towns over from where I live, and being a nature enthusiast, I decide to give it a visit. Midway through, I come upon a touch tank with horseshoe crabs and sea urchins inside it. I bend down to touch them, but I hesitate and turn to the attendant.)

Me: “These urchins won’t sting, will they?”

Attendant: “No, they’re pencil urchins. They’re perfectly safe, but they can grab your finger if you stick it between their spines.”

(I did that and felt the urchin trying to hold on. Satisfied, I headed off to the next exhibit. Five minutes later, I realized that I had actually asked if the TOUCH TANK contained stinging urchins. I had to sit on a bench for a few minutes, contemplating what I had become.)

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A few years ago I worked at the gift shop of an Aquarium. It is a very busy day and I am the only cashier due to staffing shortages and lunch breaks.
There are two tills and the counter but it is very obvious that there is one queue that has been winding round the store.

I serve customers solidly for about 20 minutes always making sure to keep to the happy script. A man comes to stand the opposite side of the counter to the patient queue. a few minutes pass.

Man: Oi! When are you going to serve me I’ve been waiting half an hour.
Me: I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were waiting but if you will join the queue I will be with you as soon as I can.
Man: I’m not joining that f**** queue. I’ve been waiting ages.
Me: I’m sorry but there are people that have been waiting longer than you have in the queue so I cannot serve you first.
Man: Are you blind. I’ve been here for over half an hour. What did you think I was doing standing here for my own health(a lot of people do wait for families to finish their purchases)
Me: Once again I’m really sorry I didn’t see you and tell you where the queue was but you will need to wait like everybody else.
Man:(screaming at me) are you blind? You’re blind that’s why you didn’t see me. Just let me buy this cr*p and then you can deal with everybody else. ( I am close to tears by this point)
Other customer: Mate just shut up and get in line. I’ve been waiting 15 minute 5 minutes of that was waiting for you to end your tantrum. How can she be blind? She’s wearing glasses.
Man: but but I was waiting.
other customer: yeah well get some common sense and join the line.

I thanked the other customer profusely and gave them a 10% discount!

I got to take an extra long lunch break that day.