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Someone Had A Long Day

, , , , , , | Friendly | April 15, 2022

This story takes place when I first moved out entirely on my own. I’d lived with roommates previously, but this was my first apartment that was 100% truly JUST mine. I had been living there for about a week and was still in the unpacking process, but I had all the essentials up and running. That basically boiled down to TV, game consoles, Internet, and computer.

At around 9:30 pm, I was settling in for a nice night of quality PC gaming when I suddenly heard someone at my door. Keys jangled, the knob was turned, different keys jangled, and the knob turned again. Someone was thumping at the door, trying to force it open. I screwed my courage to the sticking post as it were and went over to the door.

Looking through the peephole, I saw a young lady trying desperately to get the door open. There was nobody else in the hall I could see, so I opened the door.

Me: “Um… Can I help you?”

The lady looked suddenly very alarmed.

Lady: “What are you doing in my apartment?!”

Me: “Er… I think you’re confused. This is my apartment. I moved in a week ago.”

Lady: “NO! This is my apartment! I’ve lived here for months!”

Me: “Are… you sure? Because I’ve been here for a week, and the last guy who rented this place only left because his work visa expired. So…”

She finally paused for a moment. She looked at me, then at the apartment number on the door, then back at me, and then back at the number. She sort of nudged her head and shoulder under my arm and looked into the apartment. She ever-so-slowly pulled back out into the hallway, looked at me, and looked back at the apartment number.

Lady: “Oh. This isn’t my apartment. Maybe that’s why my keys didn’t work.”

Me: “That.. makes sense. So… um… Did you need anything else?”

Lady: “This is building 300, isn’t it?”

Me: “No. This is 500. Thus the… you know.”

And I gestured at the apartment number on my door, which, of course, started with a five.

Lady: “Oh.”

And off she trotted, back to the stairs and outside — presumably. I never actually ended up seeing her again, and I did mention it to the landlord. Since I didn’t have a name, and only the vaguest of descriptions, there wasn’t anything they could actually do about it. I hope wherever you are, you figured out where you live!

Feel Three To Come In!

, , , , | Right | April 14, 2022

Several years ago, my coworker and I were looking to save some money and generally improve our living situations by becoming roommates. I was currently in a one-bedroom apartment with my two cats, and my coworker had one cat of his own, so we were in the market for a two-bedroom apartment that would accept three cats.

We came to discover, to our dismay, that the standard apartment lease had a two-pet maximum. Apparently, it didn’t matter if the two pets were small cats or giant dogs; two was the limit. We called so many places hoping they would lease to us, but none could be swayed. Of course, there was always the option of trying to skirt the rules and simply not telling them our true pet total, but I’ve always been fairly wary of breaking the rules. What would happen the first time a maintenance person came to change our AC filter and saw three cats? Even being fined wouldn’t be great, tight as money tended to be.

Eventually, I reconsidered my current apartment complex. It was fairly nice, the people were friendly, and at the time, they even offered sweet perks like free pet sitting. I’d been there for four years, so they knew my cats well and loved them, and I was really hoping that I could convince them to bend the rules just this once.

I call their office.

Me: “Hi, I’m one of your current residents, and I’m looking to move to a two or three-bedroom apartment with a new roommate. The problem is, between us, we have three cats, and everywhere we’ve looked, there’s a two-pet limit. But I was hoping that since you know me, and you know my cats, maybe you might let it slide in this case? I would really be happy to continue living here.”

Office Lady: “Oh, I see. Yes, unfortunately, we do have a two-pet maximum. But you should come into the office and we could talk about it.”

I am at work, twenty minutes away, and don’t really want to try to make time to visit their office that day. Why can’t they just tell me yes or no?

Me: “But you have that policy, right? So you couldn’t accept a new roommate with a third cat? That’s really all I need to know. I can keep looking.”

Office Lady: “We do have that policy, but I still think you should come into the office so we can give you more details.”

Call me naïve, but I can’t see the point of doing so.

Me: “I’ll see if I can find the time, I guess. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking at other places. Thank you.”

Office Lady: “Really, you should just come on by!”

Days pass, and eventually, I do find the time to visit their office since the lady had seemed so oddly insistent. I guess they just really don’t want to lose me as a tenant.

Me: “Hi. I’m [My Name]. I called earlier about moving into a new unit but having three cats? You told me your policy wouldn’t allow it, but you also said I should come in, so… here I am.”

Office Lady: *All smiles* “Yes, of course, [My Name]! We can absolutely let you guys stay here with three cats! We don’t mind at all! Your cats are the best!”

Me: “Oh, well… that’s great! But then what’s with the policy? And why couldn’t you just tell me that earlier?”

Office Lady: “We just couldn’t tell you over the phone! The upper management can monitor our calls, you know, and we just couldn’t risk them hearing us tell you we’re bending the rules. But three cats are really no problem at all! We’d love to have you and your new roommate live here!”

I did feel foolish for not realizing that’s what was happening. It made sense as soon as she said it. It made me wonder how many other apartments we’d tried would have said the same if we’d asked in person. But with that, my roommate and I found a nice two-bedroom in the same complex, moved in with no trouble, and then spent most of the next three years keeping our cats separated so they wouldn’t try to kill each other!

There’s a further happy ending: my roommate and I are now in a solid relationship, we’ve recently moved into a house, and the cats all get along fine!

Pre-Ordering Is The Key

, , , | Right | March 7, 2022

When you rent flats/apartments, you usually have two keys: a key to your private residence and a key to the front door that you share with different tenants. Private keys can be duplicated anywhere; front door keys need a license.

Our company gave the license to a key maker that has shops all over the Netherlands. They usually ship the key within the week to the person who ordered it. You can also go to a store and get one while you wait. I get a call.

Client: “I ordered a key and they told me it can take up a month before they send me my key!”

Me: “That is indeed a long while. Did they explain to you why it would take so long?”

Client: “They said something about having a backlog. I don’t care about backlogs; I need that key!”

Me: “Well, you can also go to one of their stores and get one there.”

Client: “I don’t have time for that! Don’t you know how busy I am?!”

Me: “I apologise if I insulted you with my suggestion. Let me call the key company and ask what is going on.”

I put the client on hold and call the key company. It turns out that in the past two days, they suddenly had a lot of orders. Because the clients rent our homes, they have to give a reason why they want a new key. Most reasons are “I lost my keys during vacation” or “my child is going to high school and will need their own key”. High school will start one week from now.

I thank the key company for their information and return to my client.

Me: “Thank you for waiting. I found out the reason for their backlog. It turns out that quite a few people returned from vacation and are ordering replacements or extra keys. The key company didn’t expect that and are doing the best they can to handle all the orders as quickly as possible.”

Client: “But I need that key! It is an emergency!”

Me: “There is an emergency? What kind?”

Client: “My daughter needs that key before Monday!”

Me: *Having a hunch* “And why does she need a key?”

Client: “She will be starting high school then!”

Me: “I understand, but how is that an emergency? And why couldn’t you order one sooner?”

Client: “We returned from vacation two days ago; we couldn’t order it any time sooner! So, I expect that key this Friday!”

Me: “I understand you want that, but that is impossible. A lot of people ordered for the same reason, and they ordered it earlier.”

Client: “You don’t have children, do you?”

Me: “Sir, schools closed two months ago for summer vacation. You could have ordered it then or perhaps even earlier. I’m sorry, but this is not an emergency, and you’ll just have to wait your turn.”

Client: “Then let me talk to someone who knows what he’s talking about.”

Me: “You are free to file a complaint through [email address]. I got my information from the key company themselves. If there is any… aaand, he hung up.”

I made a note. I later found out that he called three more times and all my coworkers gave him the same information.

Snow Neighborly Attitude Here

, , , , , , | Friendly | February 17, 2022

We had a horrible snowstorm one year that had drifts of snow everywhere, and we lived on a side street which meant that the city would plow our street last, if at all.

This year, in the apartment building where I lived, the whole building went out to shovel out all the cars parked there. We lived near the end of the block, about three or so buildings from the corner, so we started in front of our building and worked our way down to uncover all of our cars. On a whim, we started shoveling other cars out. Other neighbors saw us, grabbed their shovels, and came out to help. Another guy had a snow blower and helped get the snow off the street. It was a beautiful thing.

Then, some a**hat came driving up.

Jerk: “Hurry up and shovel out those spots over there so I can park!”

They lived in the building next to ours. We told them to grab a shovel and help, and they refused. We just looked at them and then turned back to what we were doing, completely ignoring them. We didn’t shovel out their spot.

It would have been one thing if they asked us nicely, but to rudely demand we do it? Uh, no.

What A Fun Coincidence

, , , , , | Working | February 16, 2022

During my internship, I live in a rental complex paid for by the company I am interning with. One day, I check my voicemail from them.

Woman: “Hello, this is [Woman] from [Rental Complex]. I’m just calling to tell you that you won employee of the month. You can claim your prize at our office any time.”

I’m a bit confused by this since I’m not their employee. I originally write it off as a wrong number until I get a second call saying the same thing. I figure I’ll stop by their office when I’m free to sort out the confusion.

Me: “Hello. I’m sorry to bother you. I’m a little confused, but I’ve gotten two calls from you saying I won employee of the month?”

Woman: “Oh, do you work for us?”

Me: “No, I’m a tenant, thus my confusion. I thought it was a wrong number, but you called me twice now so thought I’d try to figure it out.”

Woman: “Umm, I’m sorry for the confusion. I’m not certain why they would be calling you, but if you give me your name, I can check if we have anything on record about a call.” 

I give her my name and she looks something up on her computer.

Woman: “Oh, yes, it looks like you did win a prize.”

Me: “I did? But I’m not your employee.”

Woman: “No, it wasn’t for that. It was for the raffle we had as part of our tenant appreciation party. Your name was picked.”

I vaguely recall that they had a tiny party. I showed up long enough to get some free hotdogs and then got bored and wandered off. Apparently, I had put my name in a raffle and forgotten all about it.

Me: “Oh. I forgot about that. That makes a bit more sense.”

Woman: “Just give me one second to find what your prize was.”

She digs around under the desk for a minute before suddenly laughing

Woman: “Ahh, I think I understand our confusion now. Here is your prize.”

She handed me a DVD copy of a movie called “Employee Of The Month”. It turned out that I actually managed to win “Employee Of The Month” without needing to be an employee. We both had a bit of a chuckle at the confusion as I thanked her for my unexpected prize.