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During my first experience working in a call center, I was assigned to handle a very specific, niche technical product that didn’t receive many calls. To keep from getting bored during known downtimes (under the guise of “research on excellent customer service”), we would prank call the other hotlines in the call center (it housed popular consumer products as well as  some one-off things like political campaign hotlines.)

One call was so memorable I have used it as an example in customer service training ever since:

Them: “Thank you for calling Betty Crocker. How can I bake your day?”

(I maintain to this day she said “bake”.)

Me: My Bisquick is broken.

Them: I’m so sorry to hear that! Can you tell me what happened?

Me: It doesn’t work. I tried making muffins and they didn’t rise. Then I tried making biscuits like on the box and they were just a big sticky mess.

Them: That’s terrible! Muffins should be fluffy, and biscuits flakey! It is definitely not expected nor acceptable for our product to do that.

Do you have the box with you?

Me: Yes, although I was tempted to throw it in the trash.

Them: I would too, to be honest! Lets get a little bit of information from you, and we’ll send out a replacement right away, and a recipe book, and some other goodies. We wouldn’t want a baker like yourself to have a bad taste (chuckles) in their mouth. Lets get you back to baking right away!


Now, in this particular instance, I was the asshole antagonist (I went on with my story a bit about how i was ready to swear off all general foods products, etc), and the Betty Crocker agent countered me at every turn, never lost her cheery attitude, and sympathized with me the whole turn. Top marks entirely.

After the call I went over and found her and brought her some candy from the vending machine.

A few days later I got everything she’d promised in the mail from General Foods. Great service team.

I highly recommend you call their 800 number if you want to see some agents at the top of their game sometime :)

Making A Return You Can’t Refuse

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(This happens around Christmas back in late 2001 when DVDs are just starting to overtake VHS tapes. I am with my younger sister doing Christmas shopping in the mall. I have only been to one store so far to get items for my family. I walk into a now-defunct video store that is connected to a music store. My dad is upgrading his VHS tapes to DVDs and wants me to buy a number of movies. One movie that he wants me to get is “The Godfather” DVD set that recently came out. The price is over 100 dollars, but he also wants me to get a number of other DVDs that are on his list. I get most of everything he wants except “The Godfather” and one other DVD set as it is behind the counter due to the high price. Since it’s Christmas, the mall is a zoo and this store is no different; people are walking all over the place, the security alarm is going off non-stop when people walk by it, and the checkout line is long. I get in line behind seven other people. I get to the front and meet the cashier, a girl who is around the same age as me — I am 19. I can tell she is trying her best to be happy but she’s clearly tired.)

Cashier: *smiling* “Hi. How are you doing today?”

Me: “I’m doing just fine.” *places about ten DVDs on the counter* “I would also like to get The Godfather and [Other DVD Set] that are behind you.”

Cashier: “No problem.”

(She turns around and grabs the two DVD sets.)

Me: “Thanks. My dad is upgrading his VHS tapes and wants these for Christmas.”

Cashier: “That is getting pretty common nowadays.”

(She is ringing me up fast as there is still a long line. Another employee comes over and asks her for something. Due to the number of DVDs she has to scan into the computer, putting them into the bag as fast as she can, and how busy it is, she appears to be swamped.)

Cashier: “Your total comes up to $389.45.”

(I knew it would be a lot of money. My dad gave me a lot of cash that day to pay for everything. I give her the money, say thanks, and walk out of the store. About an hour later, my sister and I are sitting in the food court eating lunch. I go over everything we bought while I’m eating and notice that “The Godfather” is missing from the receipt.)

Me: “Hey, sis, can you look this over while I dig through the bag? I think a movie is missing.”

Sister: “Let me see.”

(I give her the receipt and tell her what movie it is. She reads it over while I’m digging through our seven bags.)

Sister: “Do you have anything else? I don’t see it here.”

Me: “Yeah, I don’t see it, either.”

Sister: “Well, you got it for free, then.”

(My sister laughs, but I just don’t feel right about it. I decide to go back to the video store. The line isn’t as long this time; there are only two people. I get the same cashier. I know she won’t remember me, as it has been so busy.)

Cashier: “Hi. Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I came in earlier for a number of DVDs and this here earlier.” *pulls out “The Godfather”* “It appears that you forgot to scan it in.”

Cashier: “Oh, my God.” *her eyes start to water and her attitude changes a bit* “Thank you so much for coming back. You don’t know what this means to me. Here, let me get that for you. I’ll let you use my employee discount.”

Me: *taken aback a bit* “No, no, that’s okay. You don’t have to do that. It’s okay. It was just a mistake.”

Cashier: “Well, I’ll let you use this coupon I have for 5% off.” *also puts a few other coupons in the bag* “I really thank you for coming back. A high-price item that big would have gotten me in a lot of trouble.”

(I didn’t get much else about the trouble from her until I saw her about a week later when she was off duty at the mall. She remembered me and told me that she had been working there for less than a month and that her boss was a very hard-nosed guy who blames everyone for everything and would have gotten her in serious trouble for letting a high-ticket item walk out of the store like that. The store closed down in the mall years later when the parent company downsized, but I kept in contact with her throughout the years. I still have the original receipt as a joke nowadays whenever we see each other.)

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(I received a call.)

Caller: “Do you guys sell—“ *unintelligible mumble* “—ear plugs?”

Me: “Do we sell ear plugs? Yes, we sell generic ear plugs.”

Caller: “Well what kind are they?”

Me: “Um… they’re ear plugs.”

Caller: “Well what do they look like?”

Me: “They’re small and brown…”

Caller: “Hmm… let me see what they look like. Do you have pictures of them on your website?”

Me: “…No. We just sell them in store, since they’re only like $3.”

Caller: “Huh. Well that isn’t helpful. These sound like just generic cheap ear plugs.”

Me: “That’s exactly what I said they were.”

Caller: “Ah… well that’s too simple for me. I need something more complex.”

Me: “Sorry, this is all we have.”

Caller: *click*

Customers Like To Keep It Real

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(We sell a fair amount of our products online on our website, as well as on sites like eBay and Amazon. We do not use stock photos; instead, we take photos of our products in our store and use those images for our online postings. Because of this, we post the following on ALL of our online listings: “Photos of actual product (no stock photos).” However, this is still a weekly occurrence.)

Customer #1: “Can you send me pictures of the actual product?”

Customer #2: “I want to see real pictures, not stock photos.”

Customer #3: “I need pictures of what you’re actually selling. Not the pictures those companies provide.”

Me: *facepalm*

TV Killed The Music Store

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(I’m working the front desk register alone at my guitar store, when a customer comes in asking about guitar stands. After spending fifteen minutes looking for the particular stand he’s asking about, I realize we’re out of stock.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t have that particular stand in stock right now. Would you be interested in one of our other stands?”

Customer: “Well, no. It’s actually for a TV, so none of your other ones would work.”

Me: *facepalm*

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