Money Talks

, , , , , , , | Right | December 5, 2017

(My friends and I are at [Amusement Park]. We stop at a shop that sells sweatshirts so my friend can buy one. We have gotten some of the currency that [Amusement Park] produces; we have $20 dollar bills with popular cartoon characters on the backs.)

Friend: *going up to the counter to pay for the sweatshirt* “Do you guys take [Park Currency]?”

Employee #1: “Yes, we do!”

(While the first employee is behind the counter, a second employee comes up next to my friend and takes the money out of my friend’s hand and holds it up for all to see.)

Employee #2: “Look! Real Money!”

Friend: *confused* “Uh…”

Employee #2: *pulls his pant leg tight so we can see the outline of his knee brace* “Don’t worry; I can’t run away with it, anyway. I probably can’t even run to the end of this counter!” *gives back the money*

(My friend and I had a good laugh with him and all employees at that store. They were great! The store was pretty empty, so we stayed and chatted awhile while browsing.)

Their Memory Needs Caffeine

, , , , | Working | October 6, 2017

(My mom and I go to a diner around the corner from our hotel, and get seated right away.)

Waitress: “Hi, folks. What would you like to drink?”

Mom: “Hot tea.”

Me: “Coffee, please.”

(Ten minutes later:)

Waitress: “Here’s your hot tea. And what was your drink?”

Me: “Coffee.”

Waitress: “Okay, let me drop off this other order and I’ll be back with your… Coffee…?”

Me: *mentally facepalms very hard*