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A Rollercoaster Of Emotions That Day

, , , , , | Right | January 3, 2020

I have a summer job at an amusement park. I run the controls for an older rollercoaster. It is a normal day; a train has just come in full of guests and I release the locks on the seats so they can get off. As new passengers load, I realize the computer screen has gone to the dreaded “blue screen of death.”

The computer is locked in a cabinet, and I have never had this issue before, so I make an announcement and pull the switch that manually cuts power off to the ride. Then, I make a quick call to maintenance over the walkie talkie. Meanwhile, a group of guests gets upset that the ride is being cut off, refuses to leave the train and go back in line, and have started yelling at and pushing my coworkers. I step out to try to get the other guests away from them. Over the screaming and fighting, I don’t hear maintenance responding on the walkie talkie.

We are still trying to deal with the fight, calm screaming guests, and get other guests away from them when we look over and see several maintenance workers rushing up the path, along with managers, security, and first aid. There is a confused moment where we think they are here to help stop the fight, and they seem panicked and are asking weird questions.

It takes a minute for the misunderstanding to come out. My walkie talkie message, “The rollercoaster’s computer crashed; we need maintenance,” somehow was heard by everyone as just, “The rollercoaster crashed,” with a background of screaming, and no further response. They thought they were dealing with a much different scenario!

Thankfully, security was able to deal with the fighting guests, and we had high-up witnesses to their behavior resulting in a lifetime ban for the fighters. The computer was a simple reboot and maintenance had it running again in fifteen minutes. And, all ride operators were coached to say, “The computer has an error,” from that point on.

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Boris The Ride Operator

, , , , | Working | December 30, 2019

(I work as a ride operator at an amusement park. Our company has a sort of exchange program overseas; we get international workers to come in and work for the company. I am working an older ride with one of the international exchange employees from Russia. The ride we are working on is based on a popular movie and was made in the mid-1990s. This means that because of the way it was manufactured, some people may have trouble fitting in the ride. The ride requires the operators to push down on a lap bar and then buckle a seatbelt on the side. If someone is too tall, or their thighs push on the lap bar, we cannot close it and therefore cannot let them ride. I am not the strongest person, but I always try my best to let all of our guests at the park ride. My Russian coworker has a bit of trouble speaking English, so he will often use shorter sentences to get to the point. The day in question is hot, and it is near the end of both of our shifts. I have been doing my best to fit people in, often having to use my legs to push down on the bar so I can get people buckled. I don’t want to ask my coworker for help, because I am embarrassed. However, I am having difficulty pushing down one lap bar. If he comes over and pushes, I can buckle it, but it is nearly impossible to do myself. I call him over and he walks up to the car in question.)

Me: “Can you help me push?”

(He looks at the guest and shakes his head.)

Coworker: “Too fat to ride.” *turns around to open the lap bar*

(I was mortified and had to tell the guest that “for their own safety, they could not ride.” Fortunately, the guest was very nice and accepted all of my numerous apologies. Looking back on it, I feel really bad for the guest, but at the same time I find, from a viewer’s standpoint, the entire ordeal amusing. I quit two months later.)

In Soviet Russia, Accent Speaks You!

Come And Ride The Karma Wheel

, , , , , , | Friendly | December 20, 2019

(On a very hot day, I am operating a ride which spins and goes side to side… which makes people sick. Very often. The ride seats about 32 people at a time and seating can be difficult once in a while. On this particularly hot day, we have been struggling to seat a taller but very fit guest and have to do some moving around to get him in a more comfortable spot.)

Other Rider: “Dude, suck in your gut! You’re wasting our time!”

Me: “Don’t listen; you’re just taller so we need to switch your seat so your shoulders fit better.”

Coworker: “Hey! No need to be rude; we’ll get it started soon enough.”

(The rude rider then thought it was funny to start chanting with two of his buddies, saying, “Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in!” My co-operator and I started the ride and, as usual, everyone was having fun… until we heard a loud gasp and screaming… followed by a ton of puke hitting the center platform. I hit the emergency brake and waited for the ride to stop. It took a few minutes for it to stop completely turning and for the platform to rise… and then, like music to our ears… the taller guest and some strangers around him could be heard chanting, “He ate puke, he ate puke, he ate puke!” A kid decided to eat too many snacks before riding and puked all over that rude guy. Cleaning that vomit was definitely worth watching him do his walk of shame!)

Sick Of Your Lack Of Telepathy  

, , , , | Right | December 6, 2019

(I am working a ride at a local amusement park that spins decently fast. The park is busy so the line is long. Someone throws up on the ride, so we need to close the ride and have it cleaned and disinfected. I go to inform the long line.)

Me: “Sorry, guys, the ride is temporarily closed for cleaning because someone got sick; come back in about thirty minutes.”

Customer: “What the f***?! Why is the ride closed?!”

Me: “Someone got sick, sir, so we have to clean the ride.”

Customer: “You should have told us before making us wait in this f****** line!”

(The customer storms off while flipping me off.)

The Sky Will Fall Before I Get Taken Advantage Of!  

, , , | Working | November 25, 2019

(During my family’s trip to the waterpark, the aqua photographers take pictures of us. On our way out, we go to the stall, look at the computer, find our photo, and purchase it.)

Checkout Guy: “Here’s your picture.”

(The picture looks nothing like the computers and barely has any colour.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I don’t usually do this, but the picture doesn’t look like what I ordered.”

Checkout Guy: “Can you not see?! It’s clearly the same photograph.”

(I don’t like confrontation, so my cousin swoops in.)

Cousin: “Excuse me. My cousin paid €15 for this photo, and you can’t see the colour of the sky.”

Checkout Guy: *obviously not local* “Ugh, you’re just as bad as your country. THE PHOTO IS THE F****** SAME!”

Me: “Well, I don’t want a photo with no colour.”

Checkout Guy: “Not my problem.” *turns back and starts talking with another customer*

(We ended up complaining to the front office and later learned that the printer ran out of ink and the cashier guy was supposed to change it, but at least I got my money back.)